Book 3: Chapter 58 - Evolved Into Man

I took his handkerchief and wiped the corners of my lips. The handkerchief carried the scent of orchids.

A miniature robot ran out from a wall and started cleaning up my puke. It even covered up the pungent smell with a refreshing perfume, to refresh the air in the cabin.

“I’m okay…” I patted the door and the cabin door opened. Behind the door, a small room lit up, revealing a clean bedroom. It was small yet furnished well, a nice cozy place to rest in during our journey.

I walked in and sat on the bed. Holding the handkerchief in my hand, I fell into a daze.

“I… Can I come in?” Raffles asked at the door.

I didn’t speak, only moving to rub my arms. I could faintly feel Snowstorm descending.

Raffles walked in softly. As the cabin door closed, I felt my body tense up. Somehow, I became alert when I was alone with a guy.

Careful as always, Raffles sat next to me, but I instantly moved to the side away from him. His grayish-blue long hair swayed at the edge of my vision.

He watched me quietly, concerned. Then, he took out his booklet and started writing. In the quiet room, the only noise was that of his scribbling.

He put the booklet and pen before me.

I looked, reading his beautiful handwriting on the book. What’s wrong?

Shaking my head, I continued to hold my arms.

He sighed softly and wrote again on his booklet. But after a while, he crossed off his words. Then, he wrote again only to cross it off again. He repeated this until the page was filled with black lines. Only after he tore out the page was there no longer anymore noise.

In the quiet room, I could hear his anxious breathing. He was panicking. He wanted to find out what had happened to me but he didn’t know how to ask.

I took a glance at him and somehow I felt better.

It had been a right decision to send Raffles in. His androgynous appearance that was in between a man and woman made me feel less rejective of him. Additionally, he also had a place in my heart as my best friend who listened to me.

When I had first arrived in Noah City, I had been falling asleep to his voice and it had always been him who stayed with me and Second Sis. I was better able to accept his voice because his voice soothed me.

Grasping my arms, I slowly extended one hand to reach for the booklet.

Stunned, he glanced at me.

I lowered my face and reached out my hand. He quickly passed me the pen and I started writing. That b*stard Pink Baby’s… lower part touched me… I instantly blushed and hurriedly finished writing, I just don’t want to see any guys right now! I wrote in one go and pushed the booklet towards Raffles.

Raffles lowered his head and read. His body instantly stiffened

I stole a glance at him. Sometimes, there were things that you couldn’t say, which made you appreciate notes as a great invention.

His grayish-blue long hair hung by the side of his face, and I couldn’t see his expression. He didn’t move an inch and even his breathing had stopped after those words.

My head was growing heavier and my temples started hurting from constant twitching. It was bound to be a torturous night.

“I’m- I’m sorry!” Raffles abruptly stood up and left hastily. He practically jumped from my bed and stumbled as he rushed out the door.

He hadn’t done anything wrong but he had still apologized to me.

“Raffles,” I called, still using my male voice.

His back went stiff. He stood at the door holding his booklet but didn’t turn around. “Yes?”

“Tell… Tell Harry to not misunderstand. I… I… I’ll be fine in a bit.” Harry had been showing his concern but I had roared at him. I used to yell, “Don’t touch me!” at him all the time. Would he be worried that I’d started hating him again?

This is so frustrating!

“He- he will be fine. We are going to repair He Lei’s spaceship. You- you go ahead and sleep,” Raffles stuttered and left my cabin. The cabin door shut behind him.

I lay down on the bed and the light began to dim on its own. However, I couldn’t sleep.

I had won but they had left a terrifying mark at the bottom of my heart. The moment I closed my eyes, I’d see them rotting and covered in blisters, and hear them retching in pain.

This was the terrifying power of radiation!

They were metahumans and hence had a certain level of radiation resistance.

But I had been able to hurt Harry with radiation. Hence, the radiation volume that I had released should have exceeded the level five radiation volume that Harry could endure.

Should I even use such a terrifying power?

Pink Baby had taught me something today. In the battles of this world, I absolutely couldn’t let my guard down before my opponent was dead for sure. As long as they had their last breath, they would counter-attack and continue to hang on to you.

I sat up again and looked to the side. There was a dim brightness outside the round window.

Walking up to the window, I saw the girls helping Raffles to fix He Lei’s spaceship.

When I saw He Lei and Harry, I still felt uneasy but the feeling had faded a lot compared to earlier. Since I couldn’t sleep, I needed to look for something to do.

I walked out of my cabin. It was extremely quiet inside Snowstorm.

Snowstorm had stopped within a level one radiation zone because Raffles’ radiation resistance power was low.

Snowstorm’s huge back cargo hold stood wide open. Outside, the light was glaring to the eyes; it was already almost dawn. The night was finally over. I hoped that I could turn to a new chapter in my life too.

I could faintly hear people talking.

“Brother Bing’s power is so scary… So terrifying…” Fat-Two repeated like he had been charmed by some spell. “So terrifying… So amazing…”

“Are you done?!” Xiao Ying roared angrily. “Didn’t you see that our Captain is suffering too?!”

“Fat-Two!” He Lei roared.

“So- sorry… I am actually not afraid but I really think Brother Bing is amazing. I have never seen such a superpower. I- I… I’d better keep quiet.”

“You should have shut up long ago!”

“Fatty!” Sis Cannon called. Xiao Ying too kept quiet.

I popped my head out and looked outside. They had started a bonfire to the left of Snowstorm. Data cables lay scattered all over the ground. Harry was busy removing a plate from our cargo to use to cover up the hole on He Lei’s spaceship.

Xue Gie was hammering by the side. Sis Cannon cleaned up the parts that had been pierced through, her body covered in black engine oil. Ming You was arranging the goods on the ground. Arsenal was holding the holographic computer while she checked the circuits for Raffles. Raffles himself was busy repairing the system in He Lei’s spaceship.

Our Desert Rose sisters were great. They could safeguard our home back in Noah City and they could repair a spaceship when they were outside.

Compared to them, my practical work ability was the lowest.

I took a deep breath. I am the captain of the DR team. I can’t be emotionally unstable because of some minor incidents and make everyone else worried. It would also affect the team’s morale.

This is a major fault for a captain!


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