Book 3: Chapter 57 - Repugnance At Guys

“Let me in…” His hand wanted to slide under my collar.

He leaned closer to me, plastering himself onto my back and waist. Suddenly, I could feel something shaped like a dagger press against my lower back. Instantly my heart started racing and my head buzzed!

It turned out that while I had still been thinking about how to activate my superpower, he had activated it himself so easily! Almost as if he’d pressed a button, I was instantly activated.

At once I felt a huge amount of energy flowing into all my limbs, clamoring to burst out of my body. It was even more intense when I had been with Harry. 

Blue light spots instantly flowed out of my palms, entangling my fingers!

“Ah!” Pink Baby immediately groaned in pain and stumbled away from my body.

I began to glow with blue light. As I raised my hands, blue light spots surrounded my fingers, with more and more emerging from my clothes and cloaking my arm and my body!

I spun on the spot, and the blue light spots started dancing around me.

As I waved my arms, the blue light spots flowed like liquid and formed a rippling blue ribbon.

*Retch.* Retching sounds came to my ears.

I stared in front of me coldly and watched as Pink Baby’s hands rotted. His beautiful delicate face was also covered in blisters, and he covered it in agony with his rotting hand. The pain brought by radiation wasn’t something that ordinary people could bear!

The blue-haired guy and silver-haired guy next to him had begun to vomit as well, and a pungent foul smell wafted to my nose.

*Phew!* A strong night breeze blew, instantly sweeping away a few tufts of pink hair.

Pink Baby clutched at his head with shivering hands, pulling out another handful of hair. Staring at his shedding beautiful hair in horror, he asked, “You, what did you do to me?!”

I smirked coldly as I started retreating. “I said it earlier. You’ll die if you hug me.” I spread my arms and the glow grew stronger.

“Ah Zong!” Zi Yi instantly ran to Pink Baby. However, when he got closer, he touched his neck as if he was suffocating, only to bend over and throw up. *Retch.* It took all his strength just for him to stand up and draw his sword at me.

Just as I thought he would take away the air I breathed, something strange happened. I didn’t feel anything at all. The blue light spots around me were still dancing like elves. I hadn’t been hit by any attack; or rather, Zi Yi hadn’t managed to use any of his superpowers. 

I stared at him. Zi Yi supported himself with all his strength while he stared back at me in similar disbelief.

“Ha… Ha….” Pink Baby gasped for air as he watched me. His blue and yellow eyes were filled with even more excitement than before. “You really are powerful… I didn’t judge wrongly at all… I want you… I want you…” He extended his arms towards me as he continued to walk over to me. His skin was already rotting severely, drenching his purple see-through shirt in blood.

Quickly I stepped backward and shouted, “You’ll die if you come any closer!”

“Hehehehe…” He laughed hysterically. “Like I said… Even if I die… I still want to hug you.” He pounced at me.

Suddenly, the black-haired man appeared behind him. Clenching his teeth as though he was suffering vigorous pain, he pulled Pink Baby into his embrace. The moment he caught Pink Baby, terrifying blisters rose across his face. Soon, he’d disappeared before me with Pink Baby in his arms.

One by one, the blue-haired guy, the silver-haired guy and Zi Yi too vanished in the night sky. The black-haired man had saved them all.

Blue starlights surfaced on the enemy spaceship and flowed into my hands. My superpower worked both ways. Just like how I released radiation, I could also absorb the surrounding blue crystal energy to supplement my power too. 

Looking up, I saw the sturdy steel begin to disappear below me and revert back into water. Then, both the black spaceship and I started falling through. Only two rays of blue crystal light connected me to the spaceship. 

Suddenly, a brightly shining blue light swept across the night sky, flying straight for me. It was Ice Dragon, my capsule cabin!

*Bang!* It caught me and cut off the two rays of blue crystal energy.

Seated in the cabin, I looked down at my hands. The blue light spots had begun to submerge under my skin. My arms were shining blue. Pulling up my sleeves, I saw that my arms had turned almost translucent, just like the spirits in Kro!

But I could recover. I could regain my humanity but they had been unable to.

Gradually the blue light spots disappeared, as my normal skin emerged again. Everything had returned to normal.

Now I understood my superpower better. I had a better grasp on how dangerous and terrifying it was. The image of Pink Baby’s rotting face stayed in my head and I was unable to brush it aside.

That terrifying face, those tufts of hair that had been falling out, those excited eyes… They would no doubt become my nightmare.

Pink Baby struck fear in me like the darkness in an abyss.

Ice Dragon soared high into the sky, as if someone was driving it on my behalf. Ice Dragon couldn’t fly so well by himself; it must be Harry.

I stared at my hands for very long; I could almost see Pink Baby’s rotting excited face reflected in my palms, which sent shivers down my spine. My reaction was not only because of him, but also because of this terrifying power of mine.

Somehow, I flew out from the safe zone and the water below started shimmering in a familiar purple luster.

Under the silver moon stood Snowstorm, quietly waiting. Slowly, the back cabin door opened and blue light shone out into the surroundings.

Ice Dragon brought me into the blue light and stopped.

I sat in the capsule cabin for a while, before the protective shield opened and I walked out from my cabin.

“Luo Bing!” Harry suddenly came forward to grab my arm. I slapped his arm away in terror. “Don’t touch me!”

The entire cabin became pitch silent.

My head buzzed as I stared down at everyone’s shadows on the ground. “I’m sorry… I’d like to be alone for a while…” Especially now, when I really didn’t want to see any guys or listen to any guy’s voice. Just their bodily reactions made me feel disgusted.

*Retch!* I vomited in front of my cabin door.

It turned out that watching was different from touching.

In the snowstorm back then, Ice Dragon had played that video for me to watch. I hadn’t felt disgusted then, but that might have been because Ice Dragon had pixelated the private parts. However, when Pink Baby had touched me, I had felt extremely disgusted. Even now, I didn’t want to look at any guys at all.

“Here…” Raffles’ gentle voice came to my ears. A clean handkerchief appeared before me, stitched with a beautiful blooming blue flower. It looked just like the blue flowers that had been blooming in Kro.

It was Raffles again. Just like back then when they had sent him to speak to me because he’d looked harmless and wouldn’t have caused girls to feel repulsed by him.


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