Book 3: Chapter 56 - Anyone Who Hugs Me, Dies!

“Luo Bing!” Harry grasped my arm tightly.

I glanced at him and he stared back at me anxiously. “What are you trying to do?!”

“You’ll find out later. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” I held the hand he’d placed on my arm with my free hand. Glancing at my hand holding his, he frowned and hesitantly let go of my arm.

“Luo Bing, you must call us no matter what happens!” He Lei exhorted solemnly.

I nodded and took large strides out of the cockpit.

Snowstorm’s exit door slid open before me and I stepped out onto the steel catwalk that extended from their spaceship.

In the silence, the moonlight poured over me like a white gauze veil. Step by step, I walked to them as the night breeze blew at my hair. The fringe shielding my forehead swayed before my eyes.

Then, the door of the enemy spaceship opened in the dark. Light shone into the darkness, illuminating a corridor that led into shadows within their spaceship. A slender figure walked out from the light, his pink hair highlighted with silver streaks of light.

As he walked to me, his black windbreaker fluttered in the night breeze, revealing his skin-tight leather pants. Under the windbreaker, he wore a violet see-through top. In the dim cabin lighting, the pink buds on his chest were vaguely visible, making him look even more seductive.

“You came back.” He rested one hand on his waist and smiled charmingly at me, his calmness apparent in that relaxed grin.

The guys who stood on the wings of the spaceship leaped down and walked up next to him. Gently they leaned against his shoulders, saying not a word as they watched me. Like him, they were beautiful looking men but behaved like women.

Pink Baby was the guy that could turn into a girl. However, in that moment, there wasn’t a trace of femininity on him. On the contrary, the feminine behaviour of the two guys framing him seemed to set him up as a Prince Charming in the dark night.

I studied him calmly. Time and time again, he’d never failed to surprise me. This time he’d taught me that both him and his men were all well-trained warriors.

I couldn’t underestimate them anymore, not to mention letting my guard down. Now, I should focus on keeping my cool.

He spread his arms to welcome me as I walked up to him. The two guys leaning on him moved away accordingly, eyeing me up and down in curiosity.

I stopped an arm’s length away from him. He leaned his head to the side and smiled at me.

“Let my people go first,” I said.

He looked at me for a while but didn’t drop his outstretched arms. “Hug.” He was acting spoiled with me.

I frowned and resisted the urge to kick him.

Clenching my fists, I tried to calm myself down. I looked at him. “You have to pay a price to hug me. Even if it was death, would you still want to hug me?”

He smiled sweetly. “Even if it was death… I am willing… Let me hug you…” He spread his arms wider and moved closer to me.

As he approached me, his perfume suffused the air before me. His vaguely visible chest moved closer, taking up my field of vision. Gently he hugged me within his arms, his long pink hair hanging next to my face. Leaning on my shoulder, he took a deep breath. “Isn’t it great…” He caressed the back of my head very gently, as if he was rubbing his favorite feather.

My face was against his neck and I could feel the movements of his throat and torso. I leaned on his shoulder as he breathed in the scent of my hair. “You smell good… Like a girl…” His hoarse voice seemed to be a sign of his enjoyment.

I was stunned. Oh yeah, I am a girl. I keep forgetting that. Now I really had to forget about it. If I’d reacted, it might have stirred his suspicion.

That’s strange. How could he smell it? Do guys and girls smell different?

As I lifted my gaze, I could see Zi Yi walking out from their spaceship.

He cast a glum look over at us, his gaze turned into a sharp blade once again. He was practically dying to pierce me with his eyes. The wound on his face had disappeared. Seemed like they had a healer with them too.

Just then, his purple hair swayed as though a breeze had blown past him. A hand materialized out of the air to hug Zi Yi’s shoulders, followed by the rest of the body: a black-haired man who slowly appeared in the air and leaned against Zi Yi’s shoulder as he smiled maliciously at us.

That guy… He’s the fifth metahuman!

His superpower seems to be similar to He Lei’s! So he’s also good at speed?!

He doesn’t seem like it though. His power appeared to be more like Moorim’s invisibility because he’d appeared out of the air bit by bit.

Blue Shield City has so many powerful metahumans!

Now I couldn’t help but admit that their metahumans were all very powerful.

“What’s so special about that kid that makes Pink Baby like him so much?” The black-haired man asked as he leaned against Zi Yi’s shoulder.

Zi Yi glared at me coldly, his gaze sharp as a sword. As if I’d been fighting with him to be Pink Baby’s favorite. “Humph!” He humphed angrily and looked away.

“Let them go.” Pink Baby leaned on my shoulder and said gently. He rubbed his ears against my face, his pink hair between our faces; he was just like a cat rubbing himself against me.

The blue-haired guy glanced at the guy with silver-black hair. When he lifted his hand, I heard the sound of water splashing behind me, like a fountain.


I pushed Pink Baby’s chest gently and said, “Let me see.”

He loosened his hold but his arms remained twined around me. I turned in his embrace so that he now stood behind me. He persistently hung onto me like a clingy snake, hugging my shoulders with both his arms, unwilling to let me leave.

Looking at Snowstorm, I saw that the steel wall in front of it had vanished but it continued to remain where it was without leaving. As if it had been stubbornly waiting for its master’s return; it was as stubborn as Raffles.

I waved at them. “Go ahead, the skin will rot,” I said.

In the dark night, Snowstorm watched me. Then, blue lights started twinkling under its body. Harry had understood; he knew what I meant to do. He started up and drove Snowstorm away, bringing He Lei’s spaceship with him. Both spaceships paused in the night sky for a while, as though they had wanted to continue waiting for me. Then, the launcher blinked blue and in an instant they had vanished into the night sky. 

“Your spaceship uses blue crystal energy too… Pink Baby rubbed my ear as he remarked in a hoarse voice. His hand that was around my shoulder curled back slowly, just like the tip of his finger had when we had been in the corridor. Gliding past my neck, his hand flicked the collar of my shirt, like a thirsty snake that wanted to sneak under my collar. “Tell me… your name…” His hot breath tickled my ear as he spoke intimately into my ear.

I immediately grabbed his hand that was entering my collar. His hand was burning like fire.


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