Book 3: Chapter 55 - Do Not Underestimate

“His superpower is to turn water into steel!” Raffles exclaimed in shock. He spun around to face us, thrilled with excitement. “Did you see that?! He can change the structure of the molecule! No, his control is at the level of the atom!” Raffles’ eyes shimmered with delight at seeing a new superpower.

However, we weren’t in the mood to study the other’s superpower, unlike him the scientist.

We didn’t need to know the origins of a metahuman’s superpower or how their genes had mutated. We only needed to know their weakness and if we could win against him.

Harry knitted his eyebrows tightly. “Let’s leave!” We sped up at once. Their spaceship had already collapsed so they wouldn’t have been able to catch up with us.

Just as we plunged forward, there was suddenly a loud splash. *Whoosh!* A tall wall of water shot up in front of us, instantly turning into steel as it rose!

In the blink of an eye, a towering steel wall had blocked off our escape. In front of that immense wall, we were as small as an ant!

“Prepare for attack!” Harry instantly attacked.

“Ugh… I don’t want to interrupt, but.” Ice Dragon popped up again. “The air pressure outside is growing stronger and we will be turning into a compressed biscuit very soon…”

“What?!” Everyone exclaimed simultaneously.

Harry immediately looked at me. “That purple-haired guy?!”

Arsenal and the other girls turned towards me.

“I should have killed Zi Yi,” He Lei muttered.

“What’s going on?” Arsenal asked.

“Someone is changing the air pressure outside!” Raffles got excited again. “It’s a superpower that controls air! Blue Shield City has so many hidden experts!” Raffles stared at the data in front of him. “He’s controlling it very well. He didn’t compress us in an instant.”

*Squeak.* The entire spaceship was squeaking as if someone had been crushing a can. At the same time, we were descending. Our spaceship was now being controlled by someone else! 

“I’ll go!” Xue Gie stood up.

“I’ll go too!” Sis Cannon rubbed her palms together as well.

I furrowed my eyebrows. As the spaceship descended, I raised my hand. “Sit down. You two are not suitable for this battle.”

Xue Gie’s superpower was to control Snowstorm, and she could also turn water into snow and hail. However, her superpower was restricted by the weather. The worse the weather, the greater her power. 

If she could only turn water into snow and hail, her superpower was far behind the water manipulator’s.

On the other hand, Sis Cannon was more suitable for a long-distance attack. Her attack held great power but she could only hit one target. Hence, her superpower was limited by range. She would be at a disadvantage if she had to fight against many people. Let alone the fact that the other party wouldn’t just stand there to be her target. Sis Cannon was more suitable for attacking cities, machinery and crowds.

Sis Cannon and Xue Gie looked at me. Xue Gie’s eyes were burning in passion under her mask. I knew that she was dying to fight a battle.

“We should believe in our captain’s judgment,” Arsenal told them.

Xue Gie turned aside and returned to her seat. Taking off her mask, she began to daydream again while holding her mask.

“This is so frustrating!” Sis Cannon returned to her seat impatiently, supporting her face with one hand.

*Squeak.* Our spaceship was facing a terrifying, pressuring attack.

“Luo Bing, my master, if you don’t have any plan in mind, I am really going to change in shape.” Ice Dragon held his hands together and gave me a fearful look.

I thought for a while, then glanced at him. “Stop everything.”


“Luo Bing, what do you want to do?” Harry immediately asked.

I looked in front with a glum look. The huge black bird had paused on the screen like an oversized stingray.

“Stop first. Then, they will stop attacking.” As I spoke, Ice Dragon smiled at me. “The other party has stopped their pressuring attack.”

Snowstorm gradually descended in the other party’s control and we came to a stop before the huge black bird. Again we were face to face with them. The windshield at the front of the black bird looked like a pair of huge eyes staring at us, just like Pink Baby’s eyes saying, You can’t run away.

I stood up in the cabin.

Harry stood up at once when he saw me stand. “Luo Bing, what are you going to do?”

I looked at him calmly, “To see Pink Baby.”

Harry’s face instantly grew grave as he stared at me in distress. “I do not allow you to leave Snowstorm! This is an order!” he yelled furiously.

“Luo Bing, it’s too dangerous! Listen to Harry. Let Harry go!” Raffles got up anxiously too.

I glanced at the two metahumans standing on the black bird across from us and said, “I am the captain of Snowstorm. You listen to my order and keep in touch.” I turned and walked to the door.

“Luo Bing.” He Lei immediately stood up and blocked my way, giving me a glum look. “You are not a metahuman. You’re not their match. Let Harry and I go.”

“Yeah, let us go!” Harry took huge strides to stand next to He Lei, teaming up to stop me together.

I looked at them. “They already know your superpower and they’ve definitely prepared countermeasures. Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.” I turned to glance at Arsenal. “Arsenal, take a look for me. How many metahumans came on their side?”

Arsenal nodded and closed her eyes. Her movement caught the eye of He Lei and Fat-Two.

“What is she doing?” Fat-Two extended his neck curiously.

Xiao Ying who was seated near him answered him softly, “She is checking how many metahumans there are in the opponent’s forces.”

“Wow…” Fat-Two exclaimed softly as if he was worried he would interrupt Arsenal’s probing.

Arsenal opened her eyes and looked at me. “They have five people and there is one of them who has yet to perform his superpower. So, he’s still an unknown factor.”

The unknown metahuman was most likely meant to fight against He Lei. Unlike Harry who was an enemy they could aim at, He Lei’s speed was their biggest threat. 

Everyone immediately faced me with anxious looks.

Arsenal got up and expressed her concern. “Luo Bing, I think you should listen to Harry and He Lei this time.”

“Yeah, Captain. Don’t take the risk.”

“Captain, don’t go.”

Everyone got up simultaneously and stared at me anxiously.

Ming You came before me. “Captain, your superpower… How would you fight with it? You can’t sacrifice yourself for us! We won’t part ways with you!” Ming You held my arm tightly and was unwilling to let me go.

I smiled faintly. “Who says that I am going to sacrifice myself? I am taking the opportunity to try my superpower. To see if my superpower…,” I held my fist tightly, “can be used in a battle.” I glanced at Harry and He Lei, Ming You and the rest. “Listen to my command. I will call you when I need you. Now, let me hold them off.” I revealed a comforting smile and gently pulled Ming You’s hand off me, before walking past in between Harry and He Lei who both wore solemn faces.


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