Book 3: Chapter 54 - Water To Steel

After a pause, Fat-Two stuttered as he finished, “... looking at … at Queen Bee’s information… that was the most important task...” Fat-Two shut up and lowered his head, before He Lei was willing to rein back his gaze.

However, I remembered that He Lei had been surprised when he’d first seen Pink Baby.

It must have been a man’s ego that made him not want to admit it. He hadn’t wanted to admit that he had once been attracted to Pink Baby too. Most men wouldn’t have been willing to admit to being perverts. 

However, He Lei’s gaze hadn’t lingered on Pink Baby for very long. He had taken a look at Pink Baby before he’d quickly switched his attention to Queen Bee. From this, it could be seen that He Lei was obviously a responsible man.

“A man that can turn into a woman...” Harry hugged himself as if he was shivering at the sheer unacceptability of it all. He looked at his chest as he continued, “That’s even more disgusting. You shouldn’t have gotten involved with him!” Harry yelled at me again like he was lecturing me. “Disgusting superpower and disgusting speech!”

He thought I didn’t find it disgusting? I am disgusted!

I rolled my eyes at him. “Those words were directed at me anyway, why do you have to be disgusted on my behalf?!”

*Pak!* Harry slapped himself to calm himself down from his anger.

“Honeycomb boys are smooth talkers,” He Lei said in a deep voice. His face was extremely gloomy. “That has nothing to do with Luo Bing.”

“Why not?” Harry put his hands on his waist. “If she didn’t rescue Pink Baby, she wouldn’t have attracted his attention!”

“Harry, I think Pink Baby is much braver than some people,” Sis Cannon interrupted. “He likes Captain and said it straightforwardly. How impressive! Unlike some people who like our Captain, they only hide their feelings and don't have the guts to admit. Hahahaha…” Sis Cannon burst into laughter.

Who likes me?

Maybe it was true. There were hardly any girls at the end of the world. Many guys in Noah City liked Sis Cannon, Xiao Ying, Xue Gie, Ming You, and Arsenal. Even ordinary girls, like Xiao Jing and the others, had many admirers too.

Many of them didn’t have the courage to confess their feelings to the girls, because of their metahuman identity. They were the most outstanding girls in Noah City.

Harry was stunned. For some reason, his face reddened, although I couldn’t tell if it was out of anger or embarrassment.

“Be serious!” Arsenal suddenly reprimanded. Sis Cannon covered her mouth at once, not daring to laugh anymore

Raffles looked down and turned back too. Only Harry stood alone awkwardly. “How is that the same?” He seemed unwilling to back down as he refuted, “That’s right! It’s different! How can a feeling that’s so easily disclosed be the same as truly liking someone? I bet Pink Baby has said ‘I like you’ to countless people.”

Harry shared a similar view to mine. As a girl, I wouldn’t have believed in the things that a gigolo had said.

“I agree with Harry,” He Lei said while Fat-Two sniggered next to him. Unaware of Fat-Two’s sniggering, he continued, “A gigolo’s love is so cheap. It is not trustworthy at all.”

“Forget about the gigolo. Fatty did it!” Raffles exclaimed excitedly. He extended his hand to spin parts of the holographic control desk. Before us, the image too spun with his movements; now it showed us what was happening behind Snowstorm.

In the dark night, the black bird that had been hunting us was now all of a sudden gradually falling without a sound. No one could understand how Xiao Ying had done it!

She was like an assassin in the night, suddenly appearing behind the enemy and slitting their neck with her sharp blade. Clean and smooth, and completely unexpected. Her target had died without even knowing what’d killed it.

What is Xiao Ying’s superpower? What did she do that caused the flying bird to suddenly fall?

Pink Baby’s spaceship seemed to have gone entirely out of control.

“Fatty’s superpower is to enter the virtual world,” Raffles explained. I stared at him in shock while He Lei and Fat-Two looked surprised too. Raffles continued proudly, “As soon as the signal is connected, she can enter any internet and destroy their system. She can also destroy their data center!” Raffles was excited and proud. “His spaceship belongs to Silver Moon City. So, it’d be best to destroy their data center. Otherwise, our battle against them would be uploaded to Silver Moon City for sure!”

That’s impressive! She is simply a living virus!

Her magical superpower couldn’t be explained by science. Did she turn herself into a photon or an electron?

“That’s so impressive!” Fat-Two exclaimed loudly, astounded.

“Who is saying I’m impressive?” Xiao Ying’s voice suddenly came from the back and Fat-Two immediately swiveled to look. Xiao Ying was already seated back in her seat capsule. The silver tube was slowly retracting back into the ceiling.

“Well done!” Sis Cannon was the first to applaud. Everyone was clapping for the victory that Xiao Ying had achieved.

I finally knew what Xiao Ying’s superpower was - it was simply a killer move for the other party’s spaceship!

Now all data had been destroyed and Silver Moon City would never know of the battle. After all, Harry and He Lei’s superpowers were too easily identified.

Xiao Ying looked up, smug with success. “Now, they will definitely die!”

Arsenal smiled proudly too. This was a reflection of Noah City’s power, a victory politically and militarily. To Noah City, it was an important message on Noah City’s position in the world!

At the end of the world, every city in each livable zone was like a small nation. The current condition didn’t provide enough resources and economic growth that could support close connections between cities, but one day the world would reconnect. By then, Noah City’s power would play a major role in political strategy!

In simpler terms, the others would look up to us and ally with us only if we were powerful. Thus with power, we would have standing in the world in future.

According to the current situation, everyone was still looking at Silver Moon City as their leader.

“You are so impressive!” He Lei complimented sincerely.

“Oh, I don’t wish to interrupt but your enemy isn’t that simple,” Ice Dragon cut in as an image was displayed before us. Instantly, our happiness was flushed away. Our victory had been flipped in seconds. The balance of victory and defeat had shifted again.

*Whoosh!* A huge water pillar soared up from below, supporting the falling black bird. Two men stood on the wings on either side, dressed in leather windbreakers similar to Pink Baby’s that fluttered in the night breeze. Under the black windbreaker was the same black body-hugging shirt. It was just like a uniform for them.

One of them sported blue long hair. He had his arms up, and seemed to be the one controlling the water. He was a water manipulator.

After the huge water pillar had steadied the bird, the guy with silver and black short hair on the other wing knelt on one knee, his windbreaker fluttering, and pressed his right hand down. As his hand reached the wings, the water below the spaceship instantly condensed into steel.

In an instant, a hangar had materialized above the water!


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