Book 3: Chapter 53 - Xiao Ying’s Superpower.

“Throw our spaceship out,” He Lei suddenly said with a solemn look. “It’s a burden."

“There’s no need. Snowstorm is a cargo ship, not a battleship. It’s already heavy by itself.” Raffles faced him seriously. “We will not throw your spaceship away.”

He Lei’s gaze at Raffles became even more impressed then.

“Let me fight!” Xiao Ying abruptly stood out.

I stared at her in shock. Xiao Ying had never been one to show off her superpower. Now, she had volunteered. What exactly was her superpower?

“Yeah! We have Xiao…!” Raffles suddenly paused, then continued, “Fatty!”

Fat-Two immediately looked at Xiao Ying. “Little fat one, show me what you’ve got!”

Humph!” Xiao Ying looked away proudly. 

“Fatty! All the best!” Sis Cannon cheered.

“Be careful,” Xue Gie calmly reminded.

“Fatty, go quickly and return quickly!” Ming You said. Everyone was concerned for Xiao Ying.

Ming You had told Xiao Ying to come back quickly. Did it mean that Xiao Ying was heading out to fight? Now I could finally see Xiao Ying’s mysterious superpower. 

Xiao Ying looked at me. “Captain! Please let me head out for battle!”

“Alright! Be careful!” I believed in each and every one of my members. Requesting to fight must have meant that she was confident.

Raffles looked at me. “Luo Bing, fatty’s superpower requires our telecommunications to be connected. So…” He furrowed his eyebrows and said uncomfortably, “Please keep the connection to the other party open.” 

My eyes widened while Harry looked away grumpily. “Connect!” His impatient tone seemed to be telling us that he was forced to listen to the worst voice in the world and could only bear with it.

I furrowed my eyebrows too. I wished Bill was there. Then, he could have sung and made all of them throw up once the call was connected.

“Prepare to transmit Fatty,” Raffles instructed. That’s strange. The word ‘transmit’ would normally be used during file transfer.

But Xiao Ying was a human. How do we transmit her?

At that moment, Xiao Ying’s seat capsule shifted. A fine silver tube descended from above, ending in a suction disc. Xiao Ying extended her hand and touched her finger to the suction disc. Then, she nodded at Raffles. “I’m ready.”

Raffles turned around and commanded, “Start connecting the signal.”

When the signal reconnected, Pink Baby appeared on our screen. Seated on the pilot seat with his legs crossed, he now raised his hand to halt the attack.

I glared at him coldly. “When are you going to stop?!”

He smiled and replied, “I will chase you all over the world until you are willing to return with me.”

Instantly I went numb all over.

“Captain, this little pinkie is so crazy about you.” Sis Cannon made fun of me. “Why not ask him if he is willing to leave with us instead?” The connection had been set up so that Pink Baby wouldn’t be able to hear our internal conversation.

I glanced at Sis Cannon out of the corner of my eye. You want to keep him for yourself, right?

Raffles signaled with his hands. Three, Two, One. Then, he pointed at Xiao Ying.

I stared as Xiao Ying morphed into rays of white light, before disappearing from her seat capsule. Light spots traveled up the tube.

I was surprised as this was my first time seeing Xiao Ying’s superpower in action. What exactly is Xiao Ying’s superpower?

Now I realized that my imagination had been limited by the world I’d come from. There were too many superpowers that I couldn’t imagine nor even begin to guess at.

“What are you looking at?” Pink Baby asked, I turned back to see him looking me up and down. From his end, he could only see me and nothing else.

I glared at him coldly. “I won’t go with you. I don’t like you!”

“How do you know that you don’t like me before you even try?” He cocked his head to the side, his pink hair gliding along his fair face. His peach lips smiled sweetly, his blue and yellow eyes enchanting to look at. “I am confident. I believe that I can make you like me. I will give you everything. Everything that the Queen gives me, I will share with you. If I have it, you will definitely have it too. Why suffer in the outside world? It’s so dangerous outside. You’ll only be safe in Blue Shield City,”

Suddenly, his image blurred and his voice disappeared.

Raffles got excited. “Fatty is in!”

“That’s great! Turn it off!” Harry shouted eagerly. Then, he turned to look at me. “Luo Bing, what kind of person are you! Why are you such a man magnet!”

I looked at him coldly. “What are you trying to say?!”

Harry pushed away the protective shield of his seat capsule and stood up. He pointed at me and said, “It’s troublesome enough that you’ve provoked Xing Chuan to come after you. And now, we have to deal with a gigolo. Ah!” Harry clenched his fists and his body stiffened. “I can’t take this anymore. First, he said he likes you. Then, he said that he is going to chase you all over the world. That’s so disgusting. How am I going to have an appetite to eat?!”

He Lei’s face grew glum too. He clenched his hands into fists, resting them on his knees.

“That’s why we didn’t want to be the only one who were disgusted.” Sis Cannon covered her mouth and sniggered.

Harry held his head and muttered, “I was fooled!”

I glared at him darkly. “Do you think I want it? Xing Chuan put up notices all over the world and wants me dead. Now, I can’t even shake off this wretch! If I could, I’d give him to you.”

“I don’t want him!” Harry jumped up and rubbed his arms. He stole a glance at me. “I’d consider if he was a girl.”

“He can turn into a girl,” I said calmly, stunning Harry at once. We had been rushing to escape, so I hadn’t told them about Pink Baby’s superpower.

I smirked at Harry as everyone looked over in shock. “His superpower is to morph his body into a girl’s. So, what do you think? Do you want him? His body is not too shabby when he is a girl. You should consider.”

Harry gawked in surprise.

Sis Cannon and Ming You exchanged a glance in shock, turning in unison with Xue Gie to stare at Arsenal, who had seen Pink Baby’s appearance as a girl.

“Is he pretty when he’s a girl?” they asked softly.

Arsenal nodded. The three of them started exchanging meaningful glances among themselves.

“No wonder you said that he was a girl!” Raffles had been there too but he hadn’t even seen clearly if Pink Baby was a man or woman. He had been too focused on the tubes and circuits. *Sigh.* Such a beautiful girl didn’t manage to catch our scientist’s attention. How is he going to marry anyone as his wife?

“Yeah! He was a girl at the beginning.” Fat-Two realized it too. “When we were eating at the Queen’s place, he was a girl. He’d been wearing a dress. I was so confused that he’d turned into a man in the end. Chief, you saw him too right?”

“I didn’t notice,” He Lei replied. Fat-Two was shocked. “What were you looking at? A girl who was so beautiful was right in front of you yet you didn’t notice at all? He was seated right next to Brother Bing! I understand now, you must have been looking at…”

He Lei immediately glared at Fat-Two coldly, causing Fat-Two to stop with his mouth hanging open, the remainder of his sentence trapped in his throat.


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