Book 3: Chapter 52 - Hang On Tightly

Raffles was panting from fury. It was my first time seeing him so emotional, as if he’d just roared out all the anger he’d felt in his entire life. Unable to calm himself down, his eyebrows were tightly knitted and his chest was heaving up and down from anger. Both his hands were tightly clenched too. If it wasn’t because we had to communicate, he definitely would have cut off Pink Baby’s voice.

Arsenal, Ming You and Sis Cannon stared at Raffles in shock. Everyone was dumbfounded. It seemed that they had never seen Raffles so angry before.

“Seems like there are many men that like you!” Pink Baby didn’t sound angry at all; he was calm and relaxed.

I swiveled to look at him. He continued to smile sweetly and cocked his head sideways. “This makes me like you even more. Everyone likes you. You must be a good one!” He squinted his eyes and smiled. “Stay with me. I will let them go. I promise not to kill them. They can still come in and out of Blue Shield…”

Pak! Raffles abruptly cut off the signal. At the same time, the occluder started descending before me, shielding my face and body from Pink Baby’s eyes.

I looked at Raffles. His hand was still on the holographic control desk, his face all tensed up as he kept quiet.

“We are back.” Harry’s voice came from behind. I spun to see He Lei and Fat-Two, both of whom were fine. They were surprised at the sight of our cockpit in Snowstorm.

Xue Gie took her seat calmly.

“He Lei! Are you okay?” I walked up to him.

“They are fine.” Harry smirked and hugged He Lei’s shoulders. He was always quick to befriend other guys.

“Wow! You stole this spaceship from Silver Moon City?!” Fat-Two stepped into our cockpit slowly, touching it all over. He was so impressed that he looked like he’d discovered a brand new piece of land. He happened to come to a stop next to Xiao Ying’s seat, and started to rub and look over the seat curiously.

Seemingly embarrassed about what we’d talked about earlier, Xiao Ying looked away.

He Lei turned to me, a flash of concern in his eyes. “I’m okay. Did you really steal Silver Moon City’s spaceship?” He was suspicious too.

I shook my head and pointed at Raffles. “Raffles built these.”

Raffles turned around as I spoke. He’d calmed down and now nodded at He Lei.

He Lei immediately looked at Raffles. His expression going from initial admiration to outright praise, even showing a trace of longing, he said excitedly, “Raffles, can you do one for us…”

*Rumble.* Our spaceship shook vigorously. Fat-Two hugged Xiao Ying’s seat capsule to steady himself.

He Lei and I weren’t able to get our footing in time. I ended up leaping at him and he swiftly grabbed me by my waist. His body stiffened at the impact of my body, and he fell backward with me in his arms. Suddenly Harry appeared behind us and supported He Lei’s back, propping his other hand on the control deck.

As he steadied He Lei, He Lei steadied me. He Lei looked down at me. “Are you okay?”

I nodded but his hands were still on my waist.

“Luo Bing, my master, we are under attack by the pink brainless man,” Ice Dragon reported, surprising He Lei and Fat-Two even further.

“This is AI, right?!” Fat-Two looked up in the air. Ice Dragon didn’t show himself. I reckoned they would have been even more surprised if he’d appeared.

They weren’t shocked from never having seen advanced technology. Rather, they were shocked by the fact that at the end of the world, there were actually people outside of Silver Moon City who possessed technology on par with Silver Moon City’s.

“Let’s go!” Harry leaped into his seat.

I wanted to go but He Lei was still holding me tightly in his arms as he glanced to his left and right in shock.

“He Lei,” I reminded him softly. He looked down at me and I patted his hand on my waist. He blushed and let go at once. “I’m sorry.”

I nodded and quickly returned to my seat. I activated all the programs. “Ice Dragon, prepare seats for He Lei and Fat-Two.”

“Alright.” Two seats descended from above. He Lei and Fat-Two got into their seats in surprise and instantly their seats molded to their bodies, holding them fast.

The windshield before us had become a screen again, now showing the other party’s black spaceship. Pink Baby was still smiling at me before his windshield.

“Sit tight! It’ll be bumpy at the back!” Harry swiftly pulled up our spaceship and flew directly at the other party’s spaceship.

“He requested to speak to you again,” Ice Dragon said.

“No,” Raffles said coldly before I could respond.

“No. Connect and see what they want to say,” Harry said solemnly. He hadn’t heard my conversation with Pink Baby earlier.

Raffles turned to look at him. Not only Raffles but Arsenal, Sis Cannon and the other girls also stared at him.

Harry was confused. “What’s wrong?”

“Let him listen. We can’t be the only ones disgusted,” Arsenal suddenly commanded.

At Arsenal’s words, Harry became hesitant.

Raffles nodded and turned back. Then, Pink Baby’s voice resounded throughout the cockpit. “You can’t escape. Your spaceship is too heavy and you brought a broken one with you too. I won’t hurt your friends. I didn’t aim at them in the main cockpit because you’d be angry if I hurt them. I like you and I wouldn’t do things that make you hate me.”

Harry’s face turned green.

“Can you turn it off?” He Lei said with a glum look.

“The other party is aiming at us,” Ice Dragon teased. “They are using miniature energy bombs, which won’t hurt us. I think they are trying to warn us. But it’s not nice to be rammed, it makes me feel uncomfortable too. I am a man after all, I don’t like to be pounded.”

“Shut up!” I couldn’t take it anymore. “Raffles, was Ice Dragon’s vocabulary inputted by you?”

Raffles’s back stiffened. He turned around to look at me embarrassedly. “No, AI have their own hobbies. He downloaded a lot of movies back then.”


I blushed at once. Ice Dragon’s face surfaced on the protective shield in front of me. He smiled wickedly at me and murmured, “Did you like them too?”

“Shut up!” I glared at him.

Under Harry’s control, our spaceship nimbly avoided the other party’s attack. As he dodged, we could clearly see silver light balls flying past our spaceship. Every time they flew past us, the other party would close the distance between us by a bit more. It was as though they were enjoying the excitement of being a cat toying with a mouse. Instantly we felt like we were being fooled around with.

“Can’t we counter-attack?” I glanced at Harry by the side. He’d been merely dodging their attacks. We’d had many opportunities to counter-attack.

“No. Once we counter-attack, it means that we are declaring war against Silver Moon City,” Arsenal said calmly.

I felt frustrated and furious. Blue Shield City was Silver Moon City’s dog. Before you could hit a dog, you had to first look at who its master was.

“This is so irritating.” Sis Cannon crossed her arms impatiently.

Everyone else looked irritated too.


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