Book 3: Chapter 51 - Our Enemy Is Strong

“Night Warrior, Night Warrior, they want Luo Bing. They won’t launch a fatal attack at us. Let’s see what their next move is,” Harry said.

“Ah, please allow me to cut in. Ice Dragon appeared before us and raised his right hand for our attention. “I just noticed that the other party is aiming at Night Warrior.”


Just as we exclaimed in surprise, a flash of white appeared in the night sky before us!

“Turn around!” I roared at once.

As we turned, another flash of white pierced through the night from afar, cutting through the darkness as it soared straight up into the sky above. 

“He Lei!” I shouted, leaping to my feet. Now I understood that our enemy was far from stupid like we had imagined them to be.

We had underestimated them. We’d put He Lei in danger because of our inexperience.

That ray of light tore the dark night apart, abruptly lighting up the scene as bright as day, only to be quickly swallowed by the night again. Then, a spaceship fell out of the sky, twinkling as it dropped.

“Full speed!” Harry commanded. “Change to manual!” Quickly he took over the controls at the holographic screen.

Everyone was dumbfounded by the sudden attack.

Blue Shield City’s attack had been beyond our expectations. They were swift in action, and launched an attack towards He Lei without hesitation. They struck clean and brutal, leaving their enemy no chance to counter!

Harry drove Snowstorm at a charge towards the falling spaceship.

“Scan for signs of life!” I quickly commanded. I couldn’t keep a cool head when faced with brutal war. My mind kept buzzing and I couldn’t think calmly like usual.

This wasn’t a mock battle but a real war that could result in death!

“Don’t worry, master. They didn’t hit the main cockpit. The two people in the main cockpit are fine,” Ice Dragon reported with a smile. I finally relaxed at his words. If anything had happened to them, I wouldn’t have been able to forgive myself because they had acted to help us.

“Ice Dragon, prepare the claw!” Harry commanded. We were charging towards the falling Night Warrior. The other party wanted me alive, hence Harry was gambling on the chance that they wouldn’t attack us.

We got closer to Night Warrior and saw a large opening on its body. The goods inside were falling out from its cargo hold.

“Harry! They’re falling at high speed. It’d be difficult for us to catch them! The body of their spaceship might break and the shock of impact might cause the people inside to get hurt!” Raffles said anxiously.

Harry focused on the screen in front of him, his hands moving slowly on the balls of light that were Ice Dragon’s controls. “Steady, steady, steady! Catch it!” Harry shouted and Ice Dragon’s claw grabbed the falling Night Warrior!

Upon catching Night Warrior, he didn’t pull up immediately. Instead, he straightened the arms of the claw and fell along with Night Warrior. Then he gradually advanced, slowing down Night Warrior’s falling speed. In the end, he managed to hold on to Night Warrior and maneuver to a stop in the night sky.


“Brother Harry is so cool!” Everyone clapped excitedly.

Raffles nodded in admiration and let out a breath of relief.

“The other party’s electronic devices are out of order. We can’t contact them temporarily,” Ice Dragon announced solemnly. For once, he was completely serious.

“Captain! Look!” Xiao Ying pointed past us in surprise.

We looked up and saw a black spaceship appear before us in the stretch of night sky between water and the heavens above, dark as the night itself. Slowly it descended in front of us, like a fierce beast stepping out of the concealment of night. Its windshield flashed in the cold moonlight, glimmering like the merciless eyes of a predator fixed on its prey.

They were like a poisonous snake slithering under the cover of night. Without a single sound, they hovered before us. They did not move, yet the icy and dark aura cloaking their ship sent chills down our spines.

“Help He Lei and Fat-Two out first.” I took a deep breath to calm myself down from the sudden attack. 

“Alright, I will go and get them.” Harry strode out of the cabin.

“I’ll go with you.” Xue Gie fell into step next to him.

Looking at them, I urged, “Be careful!”

They nodded and left the main cockpit together.

Ice Dragon’s claw started pulling upwards. The other party didn’t move at all and neither did we. Both of us were locked in silent confrontation. I walked to the front of the windshield, intending to get their attention so that Harry and Xue Gie could get He Lei and Fat-Two up into Ice Dragon.

I glared at the Blue Shield City spaceship for a while before I said, “Open the occluder."

“They will be able to see you,” Raffles said.

“Luo Bing wants to be seen,” Arsenal pointed out.

“Alright. Opening the occluder."

The occluder slowly raised before me, the screen projected onto the occluder disappearing with it as it gave way to the scenery outside our spaceship.

I stood at the front of our cockpit, allowing the light to shine on my face so the other party could see me clearly.

Just then, the other party’s black occluder gradually rose as well, revealing a figure clad in a black body-hugging leather suit. The leather windbreaker reflected silver shimmers under the faint lighting of their cabin. Below, a silver vest was clearly visible.

Somehow, my scalp went numb. It wouldn’t be him, right?

He’s a Honeycomb gigolo. How could he walk out from Honeycomb and become the captain of an attacking force? When I spotted his pink hair, my temple tightened. It really was him! We’d never expected that a Honeycomb boy, the legendary Pink Baby that charmed everyone, to not only be a money-making tool for Queen Bee but also the male bee next to her. He was a battle bee!

His pink long hair was set off by his black leather suit. When his face came into sight, he waved at me with a charming smile.

“Luo Bing, my master, he requests to speak to you,” Ice Dragon said.

I narrowed my eyes. “Connect.”

“Why are you running away? I like you so much!” His voice came through the moment the signal connected. That melodious voice was so magnetic that it made everyone’s limbs grow weak and made them loathed to turn his voice off.

He smiled sweetly across from me, his slender form clad in a black leather windbreaker seemingly imbuing the uniform with seductiveness. He could make any clothing appear seductive and charm anyone so that you would go crazy for him.

“Go away! Stop bothering our captain!” I had yet to speak before Raffles shouted at him.

Stunned, I looked to the side. Raffles supported himself on the control deck and shouted furiously, “You are a gigolo and you are not qualified to say you like her! Nor are you qualified to talk to her! Don’t dirty our captain’s ears!” Raffles screamed angrily at the top of his lungs.


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