Book 3: Chapter 50 - The Law of The Jungle

Our previous transporting vehicle, which had also been the flying vehicle that Harry and the other guys had driven to Blue Shield City before, hadn’t had imaging technology either. Back then, resources had been limited, prompting them to save as much energy as possible. In short, they had used as few pieces of equipment as possible when they assembled a flying vehicle, so that they could keep the weight of the vehicle light.

“Let’s go and lure the fish out.” Harry smirked. Our Snowstorm took off from the ground.

If Blue Shield City’s spaceship was as shabby as He Lei’s, we didn’t need to be worried at all. Snowstorm’s speed could easily shake them off.

However, Silver Moon City had given them a few good spaceships. That was why Pink Baby could tell that ours used Silver Moon City’s technology.

Blue Shield City seemed to have gained many great things as part of Silver Moon City’s favor towards them.

Similarly, they had become Silver Moon City’s warehouse on land. They regularly sent resources as well as powerful metahumans to Silver Moon City.

Yeah, the metahumans on land could enter Silver Moon City via Blue Shield City. The only thing was that one might not be chosen by Silver Moon City. In recent years, it was said that the requirement to be chosen by Silver Moon City had become stricter. It could be said that only the strongest among the strong would be chosen.

“I heard from He Lei that Ghost Eclipsers are expanding their forces.” I looked at everyone in the cabin.

Arsenal’s expression became solemn. “If that’s true, we can’t just sit and wait.”

“I heard that there are many metahumans among Ghost Eclipsers, with all kinds of superpowers. Which means that they are all-rounded.” Ming You looked worried.

“Because Ghost Eclipsers are on the other side of the planet, the people on our side are living too peacefully and loosening our guard against them.” Raffles turned around again, returning to his normal manner. He looked at Harry with concern. “Should we report it to Elder Alufa when we return and start making preparations?”

Harry furrowed his eyebrows and nodded. “I never expected them to expand so quickly. It doesn’t make sense. The radiation circles are so huge. If they want to expand, they have to march across the entire land. This would require a large number of spaceships, resources and energy. Where would they find such great resources?”

“Unless, they’ve found a blue crystal energy mine!” Raffles’ face was pale.

The mood in the cabin instantly grew tense. When a fascist controlled the most important energy source, it was no doubt a disaster for the rest of the world. If Germany had created an atomic bomb, the layout of the entire world would have changed tremendously. 

“I hope that’s not true.” Xiao Ying patted her chest nervously. “It wouldn’t be true. It wouldn’t be. It definitely wouldn’t. If there is a blue crystal energy mine, how would Silver Moon not know?”

“That’s right. Silver Moon City would definitely know,” Ming You said anxiously too.

“You are worrying for nothing. We are on the other side of the planet. They wouldn’t reach us,” Sis Cannon said calmly. “If they were to expand so aggressively, would Silver Moon City just sit back and watch?”

“Regardless of whether it’s true, we have to be well-prepared. With preparation, we could deal with any changes.” Arsenal’s stern reply calmed everyone down. We looked at Arsenal simultaneously. Our Princess looked at every one of us. “I’m sorry. Everyone’s peaceful life might have to come to an end.”

We became quiet. I could faintly feel that war was going to start.

The world had just gone through the end of the world and had yet to recover. But now they had to deal with another war against the devil.

“Oh, I see the remains of a spaceship,” Ice Dragon said and our observation window turned into a huge screen.

 On the screen, there was a spaceship’s remains floating in the water. The large region of water was the lake that was as huge as an ocean, which acted as Blue Shield City’s water source. Another three thousand meters further would be the border of the livable zone and the radiation zone. Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to survive there.

The goods in the remains scattered all across the surface of the lake. There was no one who had come to take the goods. There were many birds that had flown down from the night sky and gathered among the goods.

Ice Dragon zoomed in and we saw that the water below the birds was red! It was blood! Blood! Ice Dragon shone light over the area and the birds flew away in surprise. We immediately saw the two dead bodies floating in the water.

Ah!” Frightened, Xiao Ying covered her eyes.

“It’s them.” Arsenal furrowed her eyebrows and looked away, but she had already recognized the two dead bodies.

One had been eaten by the birds beyond recognition while the other’s face could still barely be made out. It was the guy with fish gills.

My body went cold. He Lei had once said that the two people who had taken Pink Baby wouldn’t live; it was only a matter of time since it had been hard to take action within Blue Shield City.

What He Lei had said had become reality. The two persons hadn’t lived.

This was Blue Shield City’s doing!

“You know them?” Ming You asked. She furrowed her eyebrows and looked away as well.

“So disgusting! Who killed them?!” Sis Cannon complained that it was disgusting but she was still staring at them.

Raffles turned to look at Harry. Harry supported his face with one hand and his expression grew solemn. “It’s Blue Shield City.”

“What?!” Sis Cannon exclaimed in surprise. Xiao Ying, Ming You and Xue Gie looked at Harry.

Harry frowned and clasped his hands together below his chin. He sighed emotionally in the cabin. “I heard that Blue Shield City isn’t as friendly as it looks. They would hunt people down. These people either stole from Blue Shield City, or offended the people in Blue Shield City, or they had good stuff that Queen Bee was eyeing. It turns out that these are not rumors.”

Although these two had deserved to die, I still felt heavy-hearted. Blue Shield City was extremely brutal. They had showed no mercy. 

This was a world where nice people were relative but bad people weren’t definite. The kind and the wicked were labels we gave out according to our own judgements.

The end of the world had made the law of the jungle even clearer to us.

You stole from me. Alright, I would kill you to remove the root so that you wouldn’t stand a chance to form a new group to come and steal from me again. This was also the principle that every city had applied against Ghost Eclipsers.

In order to prevent Ghost Eclipsers from taking revenge, they killed each and every one of them brutally.

But, was it right?

“Oh, your fish is hooked!” Ice Dragon finally appeared before us and smiled politely. “And I’ve already secretly touched it. I realized that they have the most advanced high energy particle bomb from Silver Moon City in storage. It could pierce the body of our spaceship and lead to the malfunction of all our electronic devices.”

They had come. All the members immediately prepared for battle.

“Activate protective shield,” Harry instructed at once.

No matter which kind of high tech weapon the other party was using, we had to take precautions!

“Snowstorm, Snowstorm, there is a spaceship from Blue Shield City behind you,” He Lei’s voice resounded. “We are eight hundred meters above them. What are your plans?” He Lei and Fat-Two had arrived. In order to tempt the fish, we hadn’t left at full speed but had flown slowly.

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