Book 3: Chapter 49 - Fat-Two’s Superpower

Not long after, the spaceship descended to allow He Lei and Fat-Two to return to their own spaceship.

I dried myself and braided my hair before I entered the cockpit. Harry, Raffles and the others stood before the observation deck. They watched as He Lei and Fat-Two entered their spaceship.

“Raffles, connect to their signal,” Harry instructed Raffles solemnly, like a true Captain.

I liked it when he was serious but unfortunately, he was rarely in that  state.

It was clear that the Blue Shield City was a real threat to us.

Raffles returned to his deck and started connecting to He Lei’s spaceship.

Raffles had designed Ice Dragon meticulously. It could be dissected, restructured and also connected. Ice Dragon was a living heart. Ice Dragon could fly any spaceship that it was plugged into.

Right now, we were riding Snowstorm and some other day we might be in another bigger spaceship. I was looking forward to seeing Ice Dragon fly a grand spaceship like those in Star Wars.

“Fat-Two’s superpower is so magical!” Xiao Ying was still full of admiration. “Why is he skinny? Why was he naked? What happened in Honeycomb? What did they do in Honeycomb?” Xiao Ying continuously asked, making me feel awkward.

“What else could he do in Honeycomb?” Sis Cannon smiled maliciously. “Must be…”

“Ew!” Xiao Ying stuck her tongue out in disgust.

“Don’t make wild guesses.” Arsenal became solemn. “They went to Honeycomb to exchange for information. They are the Revolutionary Army. They wouldn’t do something like that.” Arsenal lectured with awe-inspiring righteousness. She believed in their principles and had extended the same faith to their actions.

Sis Cannon and Xiao Ying stuck their tongues out and returned to their own seats.

Xue Gie had sat down long ago. She took out her mask, touched it and put it on. Then, she slowly reached her arm out before herself and muttered softly, as if she was preparing to take action.

“Why did he need to take off his clothes to exchange for information?” Ming You looked at me confusedly as she sat before the pilot deck.

Arsenal looked at me too. She also needed a reasonable explanation from me. Otherwise, her belief in the Revolutionary Army would be tainted with suspicion.

The Revolutionary Army was righteous. Why would they visit a gigolo?

I furrowed my eyebrows embarrassedly. Harry watched me walk to my seat as I said, “Fat-Two was…” My goodness! What do I say?

“Sacrificing himself,” Harry cut in.

I instantly gave him a grateful look.

He looked at ease with a tinge of solemnity, as if Fat-Two really had been making sacrifices for the Revolutionary Army. “Blue Shield City received Silver Moon City’s assistance and protection. They would receive information that we couldn’t get our hands on. However, in order to trade for information from Queen Bee, one has to satisfy her.” He returned to his seat next to me. We were like the Captain and Vice-Captain on a starship.

“Satisfy her?” Xiao Ying asked confusedly.

“He meant physical satisfaction,” Raffles turned to explain. “Queen Bee determines how much information you can get according to the time one could satisfy her for. Hence, I am guessing Fat-Two’s superpower has something to do with endurance,” Raffles said as he gestured. He didn’t notice at all that the girls in the cabin were all blushing in embarrassment!

“Raffles!” Harry called Raffles to remind him.

But it was obvious that Raffles was immersed in his study of Fat-Two and didn’t hear Harry’s admonishment. He continued to speak, his talking speed increasing out of excitement. “His endurance must have needed to be accumulated over time and it would have enlarged his body too. The external symptom would be obesity. His cells have absorption power, like a sponge. Of course, he has his limit too. When he reaches his limit, he wouldn’t continue to grow in size but instead maintain his body shape like a fat guy. When he performs physical sport between man and woman, he would burn out his energy. Hence, he would shrink in size gradually.” Raffles mimed how a balloon would shrink. “So, that’s his superpower! He had to be able to do it for very long because the time given to see the information relied on his time with the Queen…”

“Raffles!” I finally shouted at him. We really shouldn’t have gone to Honeycomb! One trip to Honeycomb had brought all the bad influences to us. Even Raffles who had been so innocent, who would blush whenever he saw a girl, could talk about sex between men and women so shamelessly.

Stunned, Raffles looked at me then at everyone else. Harry was holding his forehead but not looking at him, Sis Cannon was blushing, Xiao Ying was covering her ears and blushing, Arsenal and Ming You looked away embarrassedly and pretended not to hear.

Xue Gie stared at him directly and she was blushing too. She hardly blushed, which was related to her superpower as Snow Queen.

“You’re not embarrassed at all, huh,” Harry muttered.

Instantaneously Raffles blushed really hard. He quickly turned around and started fiddling with the equipment on the control deck.

He kept quiet as the entire cockpit descended into a strange awkwardness.

The temperature in the cabin was rising. It was a strange mood transmitting between the young men and women.

Harry and Raffles were two men. They were with so many girls and all of us had been given a lesson in physical exercise earlier. It turned out that Raffles had not only been thinking about circuits, machines, programming, but also about physical anatomy and exercise!

“Oh, I can detect everyone’s heartbeat going faster and body temperature rising. What’s wrong?” Ice Dragon suddenly spoke up!

“Shut up!” I roared.

Ice Dragon didn’t appear. He hardly ever remained invisible before us. “Everyone’s hormones are running wild too!”

“Go away!” Now I finally believed that Ice Dragon had been designed by Raffles.

“Snowstorm, Snowstorm, Night Warrior calling Snowstorm.” It was He Lei. They were connecting to us now. 

Raffles quickly tapped on the control desk in front of him. “Snowstorm received. The signal is great.”

It seemed that the technology in He Lei’s spaceship was far behind ours, hence it had taken a while for our signal to connect.

“Take off first. We will leave in the opposite direction to mislead Blue Shield City’s spaceship,” He Lei said.

Harry replied, “Well received, Night Warrior.”

“We won’t fly far, so that we’ll be able to monitor Blue Shield City. Once their spaceship takes off, we will follow behind it and be your back up,” He Lei planned out loud. First, we would be the bait. We were finally taking action to go from being in the open ot being in the shadows.

“Alright, see you later. I am looking forward to working together with you again.” Harry seemed to be excited. It was obvious that he hadn’t had enough fun working with He Lei for that short while earlier.

He Lei had a kind of charm to him. He could attract and gather everyone around to him to perform missions together. That was the charm of a leader.

“Me too, Harry. See you later.” Then, the spaceship rumbled above us. From the rumbling of their engine, we could tell that their spaceship was old.

I looked at Raffles and asked, “Can’t we get He Lei’s image?”

Raffles turned towards me but didn’t dare to look at me. He replied, “There isn’t an imaging device in their spaceship and they are running on an old program. Theirs is pretty much the same as our precious transporting vehicle.” Then, he turned back.

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