Book 3: Chapter 48 - Baby That Couldn’t Be Shaken Off

“Who are you exactly?” He looked at me. His eyes held reexamination and excitement, as though my mystery was a vital temptation to him that he couldn’t resist. He was excited because he was unveiling my mask slowly.

Raffles quickly walked out from the cabin and extended his hand to me. He looked at me with concern. “Hurry up! Let’s leave as soon as possible!”

I held his hand and quickly entered the spaceship. Harry pulled Pink Baby to the cabin door while he maintained his hand on Pink Baby’s neck and turned his back to the cabin.

Pink Baby wanted to turn to look at our cabin but Harry held his neck. “What are you looking at?!”

Pink Baby couldn’t be bothered and only smiled. He peeked at me below his pink hair while I turned away in disdain.

“Don’t look at her!” Harry roared!

“Be nice to him!” Zi Yi roared furiously, his eyes seemingly spurting out flame. His hand that was gripping his sword hilt tightly looked like he was going to break the crystal.

“Wait for me. I will get the fat guy,” He Lei said and disappeared before us at a speed that blew against Pink Baby’s long pink hair.

“He’s awesome,” Pink Baby leaned sideways and complimented.

Harry panicked. “How long do we need to wait for?”

“I’m back.” There was another gust of wind. He Lei had already grabbed the fat guy and returned. His Superman-like speed shocked Harry, who was gawking at the sight.

“So powerful!” Pink Baby said softly. Then, he looked at He Lei. Why? You want He Lei to f*ck you too?

“What’s going on?” The fat guy used his clothes to cover his lower body. He was blushing awkwardly. On top of that, the fat guy had become skinny! His flabby meat was all gone. His chest and his eight ab muscles were clearly visible!

In Noah City, only Williams and Khai had such bodies. However, they weren’t as tall as the fat guy. Hence, they didn’t look as brawny as the fat guy.

“Forget about it.” He Lei pushed the naked fat guy in my direction. Raffles and I moved aside at once. The fat guy stumbled and entered through the cabin door. His curvy ass looked extremely solid because of his glute muscles too.

Raffles quickly stood in front of me to block my view.

When the fat guy had stumbled past us, there had been an indescribable smell. A kind of smell that combined a man’s sweat, a woman’s perfume and an unknown fishy smell.

He Lei quickly leaped onto the spaceship behind the fat guy. Raffles immediately instructed, “Take off!”

Harry walked back through the cabin door. When he was about to push Pink Baby, I couldn’t help but say, “Let me do it!”

Pink Baby turned back and flashed me a smile. The corners of his red lips lifted and his charming smile would have made anyone’s heart ache at the thought of hurting him.

“You can’t run away from me,” his enchanting voice resounded from his red lips.

I kicked Pink Baby’s butt that was hidden under the thin sleeping robe. His bouncy ass made me feel like I’d kicked a ball!

“I am returning your lover to you!” I stared at Zi Yi coldly as I kicked Pink Baby off the spaceship as it took off.

He leaped out and his pink long hair swayed in the moonlight, shimmering with a charming light.

Zi Yi flew up at once and caught Pink Baby in his arms. His gaze turned into a sharp sword and stabbed at me in the air.

I stood at the cabin door and stared at him coldly and fearlessly. Pink Baby put his arms around Zi Yi’s neck in his arm while he smiled charmingly at me. That smile sent chills down my spine. As though I would never escape his hand ever and I would return to his side in the end.

*Pak!* I slammed on the button next to the cabin door and Ice Dragon’s cabin door began to shut.

The night breeze was chilly but it was far from the chills I’d gotten from Pink Baby’s unscrupulous gaze that had looked like he was going to eat me.

Ah!” Suddenly, Xiao Ying screamed from another tunnel.

Sis Cannon, Ming You, Xue Gi and Arsenal were there too.

They had seen the fat guy naked.

Ming You immediately spun around and looked like she’d gone through a great shock. She was a healer. Theoretically, a doctor in Noah City should have seen anything and everything. But she was obviously reserved and conservative.

Sis Cannon stared at the fat guy’s muscular body in shock while Xue Gie looked at him expressionlessly.

Arsenal looked away and held her forehead.

“Why are you so skinny?!” Xiao Ying exclaimed in surprise.

“Hehe,” the fat guy chuckled bashfully. He turned around to put on his pants. Harry saw and quickly stood behind the fat guy to block his ass, pretending to act natural.

“What happened?” Raffles looked at me anxiously, his words distracting He Lei and everyone else.

He Lei’s eyes grew glum. There was chilliness in his eyes. “Did they find out that you are Luo Bing?”

I rubbed my arms uncontrollably. “No, Pink Baby wanted me to do him!” He Lei thought they’d realized that I was Luo Bing and had wanted to send me to Silver Moon City.

Cough. Cough, cough.” He Lei and Harry spluttered at my reply.

Raffles gawked at me as though his brain had gone dumb from my reply.

“What?! Pink Baby wanted you to do her?!” The fat guy who’d just put on his pants was thrilled. He looked envious as he asked, “How was it?”

“Fat-Two!” He Lei roared.

“Fat-Two?” I glanced at the fat guy in surprise.

He Lei had on a glum look. “Yes, his name is Fat-Two.”

“Chief, Pink Baby is the legendary rare beauty! She took the initiative to serve Brother Bing and let him do her. That’s…”

“Are you done?!” He Lei’s face was extremely cold. He pulled down his mask and glared at Fat-Two as if he was worried that Fat-Two couldn’t see his expression clearly.

Fat-Two smiled. “Oh, I know now. I know!” Fat-Two wriggled his eyebrows and pouted. “Your man. Of course, you wouldn’t allow the filthy hand of the gigolo to touch. Am I right? I know you!”

“Nonsense!” He Lei was furious. He pushed Fat-Two and roared, “Step aside!”

“You live up to your position as our captain! You are extremely attractive!” He Lei had finally shooed Fat-Two away only for Sis Cannon to start up again. She gave me a thumbs-up and said, “Even the legendary Pink Baby is crazy about our Captain! Hahaha…”

“Sis Cannon!” Harry roared with a stern look too.

“Are you okay?” Raffles looked worried. He extended his hand and wanted to touch my arm, only to quickly retract his hand before he touched me. “Did he touch…” He paused and became embarrassed. He furrowed his eyebrows and pinched my drenched sleeve. “Go and dry yourself up. Don’t fall sick.”

I touched my body and nodded. “Mm.

“Let’s return to our spaceship first,” He Lei said with a cold look. “They wouldn’t stop here.”

Harry’s deep look became highly guarded. He pulled down his mask. The tension seemed to make his breathing shallow. Looking at all of us, he said in a deep voice, “Prepare for battle!”

“Yes!” Everyone’s reply reverberated throughout the cabin.

I’d never thought Pink Baby would be so difficult to shake off. I really regretted saving him.


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