Book 3: Chapter 47 - A Punch

“Ha! Ha!” Despite taking deep breaths, I couldn’t breathe in any air.

Everything had happened too suddenly.

When I had jumped, I’d been able to prepare ahead of time before I dove. I could take a deep breath first to adjust my lung capacity.

I wasn’t prepared for this and I’d never gone through any suffocation training because the training was too difficult for me and too dangerous. My dad wouldn’t have been so cruel and my mom wouldn’t have allowed it.

I panicked. This was the first time I’d felt the fear of death!

I had never experienced death because the uncles that I had trained with had never really shot at me. It was merely paint bullets that had hit me. They had been using a plastic knife during training too. The moment it had slid against my neck, it had meant I was killed but I would never have really died.

But now, I was terrified. I had not even been that terrified or fearful when Xing Chuan had thrown me from high air like a ball.

Am I really dying?

He slowly squatted down an arm’s length away. As though should he enter the right range, he would suffocate along with me.

My heart started beating because of the lack of oxygen and my face started growing red. The scenery before my eyes became blurry before turning dark.

I saw Zi Yi’s disdainful gaze. His sword was raised high as if he was about to slash my head off the very next moment, so that my blood would flow out and soak his lover, allowing his lover to maintain his youthfulness and smooth skin.

“Zi Yi, that’s enough.” A warm hand touched my face.

Oxygen instantly entered through my nostrils. I started coughing and covered my chest. I touched my apple logo and said, “Cough. Cough, cough. Cough. Purple hair. Cough. Cough. Can control air."

“That’s right. That’s Zi Yi’s superpower.” I felt someone tugging my mask and I slowly gained consciousness as oxygen entered my body system again. I breathed and coughed. Then, I saw his blue and yellow eyes that were slowly dilating under his pink fringe. His fingers gently pushed away my wet hair that blocked his sight.

*Pak!* I slapped his hand away and glared at him coldly.

*Swoosh!* The silver sword light appeared before me at once, followed by a whiff of murderous intent. I looked up and glared at Zi Yi coldly while he glared back at me. He looked surprised too when he saw my face.

“Don’t hurt him!” Pink Baby pushed Zi Yi’s sword, and Zi Yi quickly put his sword away as though he was worried that Pink Baby’s hand would be hurt by the blade.

Pink Baby continued to look at my face and smiled favorably. “He’s mine.” His gaze that was measuring me up and down began to burn again. It was so hot that it almost dried up the water on my face. “You are as cute as how I’d imagined you to be.” He supported himself against the ground with his hands like a cat. Slowly, he crawled to me and the silver sleeping robe slid down from his shoulders, which were instantly covered by his pink hair again.

He lay prostrate in front of me and asked, “How old are you? You are so good looking. Your eyes are so bright, like stars. Why do you hate me? But I really, really like you. Stay with me and I will make you happy every day.” He extended his hand, ready to give me heavenly happiness that no one could resist.

Suddenly, a burst of night wind filled with murderous intent brushed past my side. At once, an arm appeared before me to catch Ping Baby’s hand mid-air, while at the same time hugging me close to their body in protection. 

“A gigolo like you, is not qualified to touch him!” He Lei’s deep voice resounded as he pushed Pink Baby away.

Everything had happened so quickly that Zi Yi couldn’t respond in time.

“Ah Zong!” Zi Yi drew his sword and wielded it at He Lei. “Nor are you qualified to touch him!”

Then, a huge punch broke into the room and hit Zi Yi. Immediately Zi Yi was sent flying off and hit an exquisite glass door at the balcony.

The ocean blue glass door instantly shattered into pieces, shimmering like blue crystal under the moonlight as it fell from the balcony with Zi Yi in the night sky.

“I’ve disliked you for very long!” Harry reined back his hand and He Lei looked at him in surprise. When Harry had dug up the cobblestone for me earlier, He Lei had been slightly surprised. But now, the punch had showed He Lei Harry’s true power.

On the battlefield, speed was the number one factor. However, no matter how fast one’s speed was, it wouldn’t flip the enemy’s tank nor break the enemy’s city wall. However, Harry could. He had such great strength, like the force of a meteor landing on the ground.

“Are you okay?!” Harry came at once to see me.

I nodded. As I lifted my head, I could see that Pink Baby wasn’t terrified. On the contrary, he measured Harry and He Lei up and down. There was a tinge of chilliness in his blue and yellow eyes.

I’d heard Zi Yi calling him Ah Zong earlier. It turned out that he had a name.

Suddenly, I saw purple hair floating outside the balcony. “Zi Yi is back!”

Harry immediately turned back. The moment he saw Zi Yi drawing his sword, he grabbed Ah Zong by the arm without hesitation and pulled Ah Zong into his arm, while his other hand turned into a claw and seized Ah Zong’s neck.

“Let him go!” Zi Yi roared furiously, his face covered in blood from the cuts by the shattered glass, as if he was a devil that had crawled out from hell.

He Lei helped me up while Harry smirked at Zi Yi coldly. “Draw your sword and I will break this pink gigolo’s neck!” Harry meant what he said. I had never seen him filled with such an intense murderous vibe. His cold back was enough to strike fear.

“Zi Yi, I’ll be okay.” Ah Zong smiled leisurely in front of Harry. Ah Zong was a man that was hard to see through. He seemed rather at ease.

Zi Yi stared at Harry and clenched the sword hilt by his waist.

Just then, I saw Ice Dragon flying in the night sky outside the balcony! As Ice Dragon came closer, there was a huge air current that made Zi Yi’s short hair sway and the curtain on the balcony flutter.

Harry seized control of Pink Baby while He Lei helped me to the balcony. I’d already almost recovered but my limbs were still weak.

Zi Yi glared at us furiously while Pink Baby looked at our spaceship leisurely. He seemed like he was never nervous. Was he calmer than any ordinary person or had he thrown his own life and death into the dustbin? Only a person who didn’t care about his life would never panic nor be afraid at all times. 

The cabin door opened and blue light shone from the cabin door. The white and clean space beyond gave off a high technology vibe.

From the door alone, the cabin couldn’t hide its brilliance. Even Hei Lei was dumbfounded at the sight. As if he’d never imagined that our spaceship would be that advanced and fashionable.

“Among the spaceships that I have seen, only Silver Moon City’s spaceship has such high technology.” Ah Zong’s neck was seized by Harry but he still had the mood to peep at our cabin through the door. He really was a man who was good at and liked observing what was around him.


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