Book 3: Chapter 46 - Danger

“D*mn!” I turned to walk to the balcony without hesitation. It was an open balcony and the pool was right below. At about five to six floors in height, it was as though the balcony had been designed to be a diving platform. Back then, there had definitely been some higher technology. Otherwise, any ordinary person would definitely be knocked out from the impact of jumping from so high above!

“Where are you going?” he asked slowly.

I turned to look at him and he was leaning against the balcony door frame lazily. He behaved just like when he had been a girl, like a loose and unrestrained woman. His long pink hair was swaying along with the night breeze.

“Let me teach you about true happiness.” He smiled. Then, he used the hand that he’d put on his waist into the dress hanging on his waist and pulled outwards. The dress slid down his waist as the night breeze blew. The thin dress then flew towards me.

The gold dress slowly fell before me under the moonlight and revealed his eyes that were blue and yellow, his charming smile, enchanting neck, seductive body, curvy body line and a pink stem that one couldn’t look straight at.

“You disgust me!” I turned and jumped off the balcony without hesitation. I leaped to the bright moon in the night sky with my hands stretched out. Then, I spun as I descended.

As I was nearing the clear pool water, I could see the balcony in the reflection below me as well as the figure standing at the balcony. However, his pink long hair was as clear in the moonlight like a blooming pink daisy, its pink florets giving out a seductive scent and bewitching temptation. 

*Bang!* I dived into the water and shattered his reflection when my hands pierced into the water. Turning, I swam upwards as my momentum slowed down.

There were no Honeycomb boys in the pool anymore but only clear moonlight that shone on the surface of the water, which helped to guide the way.

I vaguely saw someone extend his hand from the shore through rippling water. In the broken moonlight, I saw familiar brown hair. It’s Harry! I quickly swam to him.

“Luo Bing! Luo Bing!” He extended his arm as he called to me by the shore.

I appeared above the water. My mask stuck on my face because of the water and I spat. “Pfft!

“Hurry up! Let’s go!” Harry came to pull my hand.

I extended my hand to him. Just as the tip of our fingers were about to come into contact and he was about to grab me, I was suddenly floating in the air!

What’s going on?!

“Wow!” The water around me began to float together with me ! Harry looked up at me in surprise.

“Harry!” I extended my hand to him hurriedly.

His eyes dilated in shock and he took a few steps back. Then, he started running very quickly. When he stepped on the edge of the pool, his foot suddenly grew in size and *bang!* He cracked the ground near the pool and leaped into the air. 

He leaped at me with his hands stretched out to me under the night sky, as if he was soaring nearer and nearer to me.

*Pak!* Our hands clasped together in the air and his body began to float too. He looked at the surroundings suspiciously then at me. “There must be someone who can control the air!”

The water around me became a round ball. It was like an invisible air pocket had wrapped up my body and the water around me.

I floated on the surface of the water and gripped Harry’s hands tightly. We were elevating at top speed to the room that I’d left earlier.

Suddenly, there was someone who ran out from the room on the left below Pink Baby’s room. He stared at me and Harry in shock. It was He Lei! The dark room behind him was twinkling with data that floated in the air.

Seeing him, I looked at Harry. “I will throw you over first. We can’t go up together. I will wait for you in the room upstairs.”

“Alright.” Harry looked up and confirmed the location of the room.

Now, we were acting in the open while our enemy was acting in the shadows. We didn’t know how many metahumans were hidden in Honeycomb.

Judging from the situation then, the young men near Queen Bee in the picture might not have been the Honeycomb boys. There should also have been the descendants of the metahumans, including those girls.

But the girls had been sent to Silver Moon City whereas for the boys, only the stronger ones would have been selected and brought back to Silver Moon City. The remaining ones would have stayed to protect Honeycomb. 

Hence, we were at a disadvantage.

We could only pull a fast one over our enemies if we sent Harry away. Then, they would stand a chance to launch a surprise attack to save me. After that, we would have to leave Blue Shield City as soon as possible.

I held his hand and spun. There was no supporting point in the water and it would have required a lot of effort. Fortunately, Harry was affected by the air and had started floating too. Hence, his body was also light.

I swung him in He Lei’s direction and let go of his hand. He flew out and He Lei caught and lifted him. Harry leaped over the balcony and stood next to He Lei as they watched me ascend.

“We’re in trouble!” Harry told He Lei and He Lei immediately looked at me with a meaningful look.

Harry started running into the room while He Lei took another look at me before he turned. Just as he lifted Harry’s hand, the two of them already disappeared before my eyes.

I was getting closer and closer to the balcony I had jumped off from. When I was above the edge of the balcony, I was pulled into the room by an irresistible force. I saw Zi Yi wielding his sword and slashing the air. It was him. It turned out that his true power was to control the air! 

*Whoosh!* The huge water ball instantly shattered. I fell on the huge rose carpet along with the water. I was in a fix. My fringe was stuck above my eyebrows and eyes.

The debauched man was still sitting on his bed with a smile. He didn’t look surprised at all. As if he’d known that I couldn’t run away from him and all my struggle would be in vain. His Zi Yi would definitely bring me back before him, and put me under his legs to satisfy him. 

He was in a white silk sleeping robe. The sleeping robe hung open and revealed his smooth chest. Under his sleeping robe was a matching pair of pants. The silky sleepwear hugged his legs and the erect object on his lower body was visible.

He stood up from his bed and walked towards me. In his eyes, there was a disgusting grin. He stared at me as he neared me, his bare feet stepping on the drenched rose carpet as though he was squeezing out honey from the stigma to the petals.

“You like having a lovers’ bath?” He smiled and looked at me. His long pink hair draped against his silk sleepwear and hung before me. “Such a coincidence. I like it too.” He extended his hand to me.

I wanted to stand up but I suddenly felt that I couldn’t breathe as though someone had taken away all the air. I was filled with fear of suffocation. My body was losing its strength from the lack of oxygen.


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