Book 3: Chapter 45 - Transform!

“You’re crazy!” I extended my hand to my light sword.

“I advise you to collaborate.” He glanced at me coldly. He flipped the blade and a flash of cold light twinkled.

I glared at him coldly too. Now I recalled that this was Honeycomb. The chances of winning weren’t high if I had to fight my way down, and it would be exhausting to boot.

I reined back my gaze and took a step back. He put away his sword and closed the door behind him.

Just as he closed the door, our eyes met at the door gap. I saw jealousy in his eyes. He was jealous of me. He was jealous that his lover had invited me to her room. He was jealous that his lover took the initiative to throw herself at me. He was jealous that I could touch his baby as I wished.

Somehow, I felt a tinge of happiness when I saw the suffering in his eyes. His cold arrogant attitude had upset me.

The door in front of me closed and I tried to calm myself while still facing the door. There was a cold night breeze from behind me that brought refreshing air from outside.

“There is hardly anyone like you. You are so cute.” I could hear the friction of her dress against the bedsheet.

I turned around and looked at her calmly. She was lying on the bed and had let herself remain naked. Her behavior was as natural as someone who was properly dressed. It was as if she didn’t care whether she was wearing clothes. Maybe, she was used to being naked in front of people.

She lay on the bed like a lazy Egyptian queen. The gold dress fell to her waist and her legs bent below the hem of the dress. The dress became a layer of cloth that covered the private area between her legs.

Gently, she flipped over and lay on the bed. She supported her head on one hand, her long pink hair scattering on the bed and spreading out the flower petals on the bed. The rose petals set off her long pink hair and her smooth naked body. It made her look like a flower fairy. There was no longer an obscene mood but an innocent European oil painting instead.

Her hip was curvy and seductive under her dress. She casually lifted her calves. “I understand now.” She smiled. “You like men.” Her smile grew even wider.

I glanced at her and walked to the balcony. It’d be faster to jump off.

Her gaze followed me, “No man would remain composed after seeing me, unless you like men. Humph. That’s easy.” Her voice suddenly changed at the end of the sentence and sounded like a guy’s hoarse voice.

Stunned, I stopped my footsteps. I was only one step away from the balcony.

I turned to look at her. She maintained her posture on the bed and slowly flipped the long hair hanging by the side of her neck. As she extended her hand, it naturally revealed her chest behind her hair. In that moment, I saw her boob shrinking in size!

I was frightened. Her boobs began to flatten. Her waistline, leg lines began to lengthen. Then, her body began to take shape of the solid muscles of a man. I could vaguely see his chest muscles and abs. 

He sat up and it was still the gold dress hanging on his waist. However, the dress didn’t look awkward on him; rather, he looked like a sexy prince who had wrapped a bath towel around his waist. He was so sexy that he made my heart race and my blood boil.

He’d turned from an Egyptian Queen to a Desert Prince in an instant!

“Huh? You blushed. You really like men.” A magnetic voice that belonged to a man came from him.

I lifted my eyes in surprise along his abs, chest muscles, shoulders, neck, a man’s Adam apple and then a sharp jawline, sexy lips, tall nose, deep eye sockets and the pair of enchanting eyes came into sight.

All of a sudden, she had become a he!

All of a sudden, I saw the young man in the picture!

The young man before me looked older, taller and more mature than the young man in the photo!

He got up and supported himself on his hands behind him. He smiled. “My superpower is to become a girl. However, that’s only my outer appearance. I can’t reproduce. I am not a hermaphrodite. However, even so, my family sold me at a good price so that they raised the others. Aren’t I great? Hahaha…” he said casually. It was as if it didn’t matter that his family had sold him off as a gigolo. His voice had yet to mature but I could faintly tell that he had a voice that was enough to get someone pregnant.

He laughed hysterically as though he was thankful for being sold back then so that he didn’t have to starve with his family, or fight for a living at the end of the world and constantly be worried about food for the next day.

“Every man used their most precious thing to exchange for a chance to see me touch myself. Hahaha… Don’t you think they are silly? Hahaha… They are so idiotic. They don’t know that I am a man. Hahaha…” He shook with laughter and his laughter was filled with disdain. 

“They were actually watching another man touching himself. Moan, moan, moan, moan. Like this.” He touched himself and his gaze began to turn blurry. He lifted his chin and his long pink hair hung behind his head like a fountain. As he raised his chest and stretched out his neck, it outlined his beautiful neckline under the gentle lighting. He was as charming and slender as a swan.

Mm.” He touched himself for a while, then lowered his face. He stared at me with a burning gaze. “I have seen many men. When I saw you, I knew that you are special. I could smell that you are a strong person.” His stare started burning with passion again. “Even Zi Yi couldn’t protect me but you noticed their abnormality. You saved me. You have such great observation skills. You are very strong, very smart. I have never seen anyone so smart. I really like you.” His gaze began to burn and his breathing began to speed up. His upper body started turning an enchanting pink. “You made me so excited. No one has ever made me feel this excited. I am so excited that I want you.”

I was shocked into coming back to my senses. After I had come back to reality, I felt disgusted by his hoarse, shivery voice. I started retreating.

He was a transformer. There were many metahumans with transformation superpowers but his transformation superpower was for him to turn into a girl’s appearance.

He stared at my face anxiously and impatiently. “I really want to see your face. I can’t wait to see your face. I am really excited. Mm, you’ve made me hard.” He slowly moved his hand down and I immediately saw an object erect under the dress, forming a small golden tent.


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