Book 3: Chapter 44 - Flirted With By A Girl

I walked forward and saw that it was a spacious and dainty room. The entrance was actually a pair of double doors but Pink Baby had only opened one side of the doors. 

The room was as luxurious as a presidential suite, and covered with a soft red carpet. On the carpet was a huge, blossoming fiery red rose, fueled with passion and romance.

The entire room was set up like a honeymoon suite.

On the left was a huge round bed that could almost fit four to five people. Rose petals were scattered all around on the carpet. I had yet to enter but I could already smell the same scent that was on Pink Baby.

I took a step forward and Zi Yi suddenly seized my arm. I gave him a look and he let go of my hand. He gripped the crystal hilt of his sword and glared at me coldly. “Don’t touch her,” he commanded coldly. His deep purple eyes were murderous. “If you were to touch even a strand of her hair, I’ll chop your hands off!”

I looked at him for a while then looked to the front. There was a huge balcony with a pink curtain fluttering under the moonlight. The moonlight outside was charming.

“I wouldn’t,” I replied. I am a girl. I am not interested in girls.

Humph,” he humphed. “I have seen many men like you!”

“Leave the door open then,” I said coldly. I glanced at him coolly and said, “I am afraid that you might frame me.” There were so many policemen uncles who had shared this tactic with me.

Zi Yi glared at me coldly. “Humph, I will leave the door open and I will watch over you.” He stared at me as though his gaze was a sharp sword that could pierce me.

I suddenly understood why he hated me. He was jealous.

Out of curiosity, I stepped through the open door. I stayed by the door so that I could enter and leave as I wished.

I started to look around the room. Pink Baby had disappeared.

Suddenly the door next to me closed. At once, I dodged to the side with the unopened door.

*Bang!* As the door slammed shut, the wind from its movement blew at my fringe. When my fringe fell down, I saw Pink Baby standing in front of me.

She placed one hand by the side of my face against the door that she had slammed shut. Her beautiful eyes were burning with some kind of desire. Her gaze fell upon my face and started almost burning my face with its intensity again.

She smiled and looked at my mask coquettishly. “Ignore him. He loves me too much.” Her hoarse voice was like a lover muttering in my ear.

I looked at her in shock. She knew Zi Yi’s feelings for her but she acted like she didn’t care at all. As if she was the future Queen of Honeycomb and it wasn’t strange nor rare that the men loved her.

She continued to gaze upon me unscrupulously, like she could see through my mask to see my features.

I immediately felt uncomfortable all over. Extending my left hand to grab the doorknob, I said, “I’m heading back.”

“Have you touched a girl before?” She suddenly asked. I was stunned. “What?”

Just as I was dumbfounded, she suddenly grabbed my right hand and pressed it on her boobs. Frightened, my hair stood on end. 

“Isn’t it soft?” She smiled and said, “I also like a girl’s body. It smells nice and is soft.” She pressed on my hand and started to rub the softness below her thin dress. It felt like a delicate white rabbit, warm and bouncy.

I retracted my hand in shock and my head buzzed.

*Vroom.* My head stopped functioning for a while. I couldn’t respond to the situation that had just happened. I was as flustered and dumbfounded as the first time I’d gotten into a battle.

She closed her eyes as if she was enjoying it. She moved my hand up from her boob as though it was another man’s hand rubbing her. The hand glided down her slender neck, rubbed her naked shoulder and pushed off the strap on her shoulder. The strap fell off her shoulder and her dress fell. In an instant, the snow bunny that belonged to a girl was exposed before me.

*Hong!* My head exploded!

A girl is trying to seduce me!?

So, would her burning gaze be…?!

For… Me… To… F*ck… Her?!

I was disgusted!

“Although Her Highness doesn’t allow anyone to touch me, you…” She leaned onto me. “I think you can be an exception. You are so attractive!” She opened her pair of enchanting eyes wide and stared at my face passionately and excitedly. That gaze didn’t belong to a desperate woman but a man!

“You are so mysterious and so charming. I couldn’t resist the temptation of your body.” Her voice was shivering. She sounded like a woman who had been alone for too long and desired to get satisfaction from a man’s body. “I really like you. I really, really liked you fighting for me. Stay. Stay with me.” She extended her hand to touch my face.

“Go away!” I lost control and pushed her off forcefully. She stumbled and took a step back.

I rubbed my arms as I was filled with indescribable disgust!

It wasn’t because a girl had tried to seduce me but because the girl in front of me had no self-respect and didn’t know what shame was. I couldn’t take it as I was a girl myself. I was furious!

“You are a girl!” I roared in anger as I stared at her in disbelief.

She laughed in confusion. “Yeah, I am a girl. Don’t you like me?” She spread her hands shamelessly and the strap on the other side fell too. She stood with her torso bare before me.

Biting her lip softly, she retreated as she laughed. She took step after step until she reached the edge of the bed and sat on it.

She cocked her head to the side and smiled at me. “I understand now. You’ve definitely never tried any girl before. If you had, you’d be addicted!” Her pink long hair fell on her face and hung before her chest, covering her snow-white body. “Do you want to try?” She started lifting the hem of her dress and her slender thighs slowly came into sight. Her enchanting thigh slowly spread under the dress that was rising up.

I turned at once to open the door without hesitation.

“Zi Yi, I want him,” a soft voice resounded from behind me and a silver light immediately swung down. A silver sword blocked before me and there was chilliness from the side. Zi Yi stood by the side of the door, tall and straight. He looked at me coldly. “Go back in.”

I stared in surprise at the man who had never looked me in the eye. “Don’t you like her? How could you let her lose self-respect?!”

Zi Yi remained quiet and only glanced at me coldly. “She wants you. Give it to her,” he told me with a commanding tone.

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