Book 3: Chapter 43 - The Past

Pink Baby raised her slender arm before me as she glided her fingers across the pictures on the wall. As she walked forward, her finger directed my attention from one picture to another. Now, more than half of the people who had been in the first picture were gone. There was only a middle-aged man left at the entrance of the theme park with a few male and female workers.

The middle-aged man should be the owner of the theme park. He appeared in the middle of every single picture along the corridor. As we walked further, he looked older and older through the pictures. Pink Baby’s finger drew an invisible timeline, along which the people in the theme park constantly changed.

“This was during the year when the end of the world came.” Pink Baby turned to look at me. Looking back at her, I remarked, “There were so few of them."

Humph.” She smirked. “Because many idiots wanted to head home to see their families. But little did they know that there was invisible radiation waiting for them outside. Those people died on their way home. Humph.” She turned around enticingly with a smile. Then, her finger brushed across the faces that were forcing a smile but had eyes welling up with tears. 

Their sorrowful expressions were a strong contrast to Pink Baby’s teasing. It was so saddening. I glared coldly at Pink Baby’s graceful back. “Is it funny that they died because they wanted to look for their families?”

She glanced at me out of the corner of her eyes and revealed a cold smile. “Family? Humph. Didn’t your family sell you off for something to eat?”

I was stunned. She turned back and continued to brush her finger across the pictures. But her fingers now seemed like vampire’s sharp fingernails that scraped along their preys’ throats, causing fresh blood to flow out from the wounds and taint their fair neck red. 

“I’d want to thank them for selling me to the Queen though. In this world, there is no one else who treats me better than the Queen!” Her gentle timber was like the morning fog. “She calls me baby. She calls me sweetheart. She feeds me delicious food, dresses me up like a human and lets me live like a human.”

I watched her unrestrained back in silence. She said that the Queen let her live like a human and I felt bitter. Harry was right. These boys that grew up in Honeycomb had never thought that it was a shameful thing to be f*cked. They enjoyed their lives and they loved their job.

Oh yeah, Pink Baby was not even a boy. Her position here was even higher. She lived like a Princess.

I became quiet. I followed her finger and looked through the pictures again.

There were more and more people in the photos. The survivors had begun to reproduce and there were now metahumans too.

Then, the faces on the next picture were entirely different. The founder was gone too. I could still see him in the previous photo but he wasn’t in the next one.

“He died?” I stopped in between two photos and stared. I sighed. Did he die of sickness or was it just because his time was up?

However, there were many other people in the previous photos who had also disappeared. What happened?

Pfft,” Pink Baby laughed. She glanced at me amusedly. “You are so innocent. They were killed, silly!” She uttered the word ‘silly’ so lightly that it sounded more like an intimate nickname than her teasing me.

I stood in between the two pictures in shock. Suddenly, I realized that she spoke the truth, which was clear to see!

It turned out that they’d been killed! All of them had been killed!

The radiationers that they had taken in during the end of the world had killed all of them but kept their terrified children.

“After the end of the world, the amount of fishes in the water became less. The food wasn’t enough. The people from the outside world weren’t as innocent and kind as them. Humph. Idiots. If it was me, I absolutely wouldn’t have taken in anyone from outside,” Pink Baby teased. Then, she turned back and continued to walk forward.

I felt guilty. I didn’t want to admit it but I suddenly understood why Xing Chuan had done what he did to me.

Further down the corridor, the pictures were more similar to the current Blue Shield City. The metahumans had built a new Kingdom that belonged to them. Their children had begun to reproduce and the faces in the pictures began to be innocent again. The children would never know that the place that they had lived in had been taken over by their parents through brutal measures.

“As the radiation zone stabilized, there were more fishes in the surrounding water. Then, there was enough food,” Pink Baby said casually. “Those fishes should have been eating the dead bodies of the previous owner and staff. That was why they got so fat. Humph.

The history continued to advance. Everything in the past was buried deep and no one knew.

Then, girls started to appear in the pictures. They were obviously the descendants of the metahumans. Behind them, there were beautiful boys. Back then, the boys were still young. Then, I saw a boy with pink short hair. He stood in the middle among all the boys. He was rather eye-catching and it was obvious that his position was higher than the other boys.

Then, the boys and girls slowly grew up. I saw Zi Yi and the boy with pink short hair in the middle slowly grow up too.

In the end, I stopped before the last picture. The picture was filled with beautiful Honeycomb boys and there was a young man with pink long hair standing in the middle. I was stunned because he looked like Pink Baby. I couldn’t help but look at her. But she looked different from the guy in the picture.

The one in the picture was obviously a guy. He was wearing a body-hugging silver-edged suit. There was a goldfish tail-like white scarf around his collar. He looked like a doll in a display cabinet. From his features and outlines, he was obviously a young man. He wasn’t like Raffles, who was ambiguously androgynous, but more like Harry who had a handsome manly face.

As I was confused, I saw the girls who had grown up. Their smiles were still as innocent and sweet. They were like beautiful elegant swans, standing tall and proud.

“There really are girls here?” I was surprised.

“Yes,” Pink Baby replied gently. I looked at her and she extended her slender arm and leaned against the wall coquettishly. She was like a rare beauty lying on a vertical bed.

“But you can’t see them anymore.” She smiled enchantingly. “They went to Silver Moon City.”

I was surprised. Then, I looked at her confusedly. “Why didn’t you go?”

She lifted the corners of her lips and smiled. “You are so cute.” She looked at me, her eyes filled with a maturity far beyond ours.

Pushing herself off the wall, she turned to continue walking forward. Then, she turned and extended her hand. She seemed to have opened a door and turned back to smile at me. Then, she walked inside. Her petite figure slowly disappeared before me like a mysterious and eerie ghost who had suddenly vanished from the corridor of time.



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