Book 3: Chapter 42 - Exchange

“Your Highness,” I nodded. I had to express my manners and gratitude to her.

“Hurry up and take a seat.” She chuckled as she measured us up and down with her gaze. “Such a great child.”

A man in a white formal suit pulled out chairs by the table for us to sit on Queen Bee’s left. However, there was still an empty spot next to me.

A man came forward to pull out the chair and Pink Baby took the seat. After she sat down, she continued to stare at me fondly while resting her head on one hand. Her passionate gaze was making me uncomfortable.

Queen Bee glanced at me smilingly then at her baby. She chuckled. “My baby likes you very much! Look at her, she isn’t willing to take her eyes off you.”

I was feeling uncomfortable all over. I looked down and saw delicious food placed before me. It was fish.

The beautiful man poured us red wine.

Pink Baby pushed the red wine before me. “Try this. This is from sixty years ago.” Supporting her head with one hand, she looked extremely sweet and enchanting.

“Take down your mask. Otherwise, how are you going to drink it?” The Queen fiddled with her red wine glass.

I looked at He Lei but He Lei didn’t reply.

“Thank you, Your Highness.” The fat guy held no scruples. He pulled down his mask, raised the glass and drank. As if he was helping us to test if there was any poison.

“Besides the people from Silver Moon City, it is a rare sight to see such well-mannered children. Eat up. This fish is delicious,” Her Highness invited.

I looked up at her. “Thank you, Your Highness, for your kind offer. I am grateful enough that you are willing to see my friends.” I looked at He Lei, avoiding Pink Baby’s burning gaze. Her gaze made me feel like she found me to be far more delicious than the dishes in front of her.

The Queen looked at He Lei next to me, a tinge of adult suggestiveness in her smile. “I heard that you have things that I’d like to exchange for. That means you must have asked around about my rules here. Can you satisfy me?” The fat Queen Bee started eyeing He Lei up and down in disdain.

He Lei’s face darkened. Glancing at the fat guy next to him, he called, “Fat guy!”

At that, the fat guy looked solemn. As he stood up, his brawny body shoved the chair away from him, giving him sufficient space to stand. Smiling, he said, “Come and check the goods!” Then, he opened his pants and wanted to take something out.

Terrified, I immediately looked away. My head buzzed. *Buzz!* What’s going on?!

The world of men is so hard to understand!

I turned around and saw Pink Baby leaning her head sideways as she looked at me. She glanced behind me shamelessly. Queen Bee’s eyes shot open in surprise while Pink Baby smirked. “Your Highness, it seems that the goods are satisfactory."

“Mm.” Her Highness nodded. She stood up and the beautiful man behind her pulled her chair for her. She smiled and looked at He Lei next to me. “It depends on how long he could last. However long he lasts is how long you can watch the information for. Someone, bring him to the archive room.” The Queen looked smilingly in a further direction. She should be looking at the fat guy. “Follow me!” She lifted her fingers and beckoned the fat guy coquettishly. Then, she twisted her fat bum and walked to a door at the side.

My head was still buzzing. When the fat guy chuckled and followed the Queen, I muttered to He Lei, “How could you let the fat guy make such a sacrifice?!”  

He Lei was stunned. He turned to look at me with a confused look in his eyes. “Sacrifice? Heh,” he smiled, “To the fat guy, it is an enjoyment. He has been waiting for this for half a year.” Then, a handsome man told him politely, “Please, follow me.”

He Lei chuckled and got up. He had a meaningful look in his eyes again. “You, hurry up and leave."

I intended to do so without him reminding me anyway. The place was filled with a suffocating obscene vibe because of what’d happened earlier.

Turned around, I felt mad. I didn’t know why I was mad either. Maybe men thought it was an enjoyment but to me, it was simply unacceptable.

If Harry were to trade for information using such a method, I was sure that I would beat him to death.

He Lei followed the man and left. Right after he’d gone, I stood up and said, “Thank you for your hospitality. I shall return first.”

Pink Baby was shocked and she immediately stood up. She finally stopped staring at me with that weird gaze to look at me in confusion. As if no one had ever been unwilling to stay longer in Honeycomb and no one had ever wanted to leave her side as soon as possible.

“Alright.” Zi Yi came forward at once and looked like he was ready to send me back. He really couldn’t wait for me to leave..

“Wait,” Pink Baby spoke and smiled at me. “Don’t you want to tour around Honeycomb?”

“No.” I turned and left my seat.

“Honeycomb not only has Honeycomb boys, but there are also many antiques and history. Won’t you like to see the stories here?” she said slowly. Her tender voice was seductive. 

I was shocked. She seemed to be able to tell that I didn’t like the mood and the Honeycomb guys.

I turned to look at her and she smiled sweetly at me before she turned to walk to the door that Queen Bee had left through.

A handsome man opened the door and a long beautiful corridor was in sight. She walked down the corridor, and I followed her after a short moment of hesitation.

The moment I walked out of the room, I heard a loud and clear shout from behind another exquisite door.

“Ah! Ah! Right there! Oh, you’re great!”

I furrowed my eyebrows impatiently and sped up my pace to get further away from the unrestrained moans.

Pink Baby turned around to look at me. She smiled and continued to walk forward.

Then, we left the shameless moans behind. Now, there were pictures hanging on both sides of the corridor, the first of which was a family portrait.

There were many people in the portrait. There were people in uniform, people in performing suits, and people in formal suits. They were standing in front of the theme park entrance. It looked like a photo of the people who had used to work here.

Everyone was wearing a happy smile and they looked just like a big family.

“These were the people that used to work here,” Pink Baby said. As expected. “Ever since this ocean city began operations, they would take a picture every year. Look at them. They were so adorable.” Pink Baby extended her slender fair finger towards the photo, her pink nails as tempting as pink crystal.

She brushed her finger gently over everyone’s faces in the photo. Her gentle movement made it hard to resist the temptation to grab her hand.

Zi Yi followed closely next to me. His chilliness chased away the disgusting mood in Honeycomb perfectly well.


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