Book 3: Chapter 41 - Date

Arsenal, Xue Gie, Xiao Ying, Ming You and Sis Cannon came out too. They looked up and watched us as we left.

Suddenly, Harry broke into a run and Raffles couldn’t hold him back. He chased after the shadow of the shell-shaped flying vehicle on the colorful pebble stone pathway that was lighting up gradually. As we ascended higher, his body gradually disappeared among the beautiful houses of the ocean world.

I reined back my gaze; I knew that this was Harry’s way of telling me that he would not be far from me and would keep right by my side.

“He’s still worried about you,” He Lei said softly next to me. I glanced at him and there was a meaningful smile in his eyes. “I can tell that you are not just his bro in his heart.”

“Yes, because we are family,” I replied.

He chuckled lightly with an unfathomable expression, glancing at me and then back to the front. His clear and dark eyes were like the serene night sky. “Yeah, you are a family." 

Somehow, I felt that there was another meaning behind what he’d said.

“Why?” I asked. “Is there anything wrong?”

He looked down and smiled. Shaking his head, he replied, “Nothing.” He blinked, then smiled up at me.

The fat guy next to him smiled maliciously at us. After a while, he abruptly said, “Our chief is jealous.”

*Bang!* He Lei directly elbowed the fat guy right in the chest, still wearing a smile with his eyes narrowed.

*Cough. Cough. Cough.* It was a forceful blow, causing the fat guy to be out of breath with one hit.

He Lei continued to look at me with a smile. “This fat guy likes to joke around. Don’t mind him.”

“It’s okay.” I smiled. “He’s a nice guy.”

“You have great insight!” The fat guy said through gritted teeth, his chest obviously still hurting.

He Lei turned to look at the front. Honeycomb was right before us.

As we watched from afar, it looked like a huge conch yet also like a hornet’s nest that had fallen on the ground.

When we got closer, the rooms became clearly visible. The round balconies were delicate as flower petals, while the railing seemed to contain the shimmer of water with occasional gleams of glowing fishes swimming past, similar to the seats in the Ferris Wheel.

The entire Blue Shield City was designed according to the oceanic theme, everywhere was like an underwater crystal palace.

The light blue ombre curtain fluttered in the wind, reminiscent of waves lapping gently under the moonlight, or of an ocean goddess’ long hair swaying in the wind.

The flying vehicle climbed to the highest spot as I looked down curiously. There was a huge swimming pool filled with young men having fun in the water. They were either swimming in their mermaid outfits, or lying by the pool casually to watch the starry sky.

They were all beautiful looking young men. Their long hair in various colors were so beautiful that I couldn’t tell if they were men or women.

Their leisurely lifestyle made you forget that we were at the end of the world. They should be the guys in Honeycomb. 

The outside world was exhausted and filled with danger. One would starve and might even be eaten in the outside world, whereas in here they could eat and dress warmly as long as they sold their bodies.

At the end of the world, this became an easy choice.

They saw our flying vehicle too and looked up at us simultaneously. Their beautiful faces made people confused about their genders.

We saw that there was an open balcony on the tip of Honeycomb. The balcony was like a palace. There were three-meters-tall light pillars on both sides while colorful jellyfishes floated high and low.

Delicate looking adult men stood on both sides of the balcony in white formal suits, their hair braided neatly behind their heads and tied with gold ribbons.

On the balcony lay a gold-edged carpet, which looked luxurious and solemn.

After the flying vehicle had landed, Zi Yi got off and opened the door on my side. The three of us got off the flying vehicle and the men on both sides bowed to us.

“This way.” Zi Yi was still arrogant and cold. He continued to walk forward without looking at us, his right hand resting on his exquisite sword.

His back was handsome and arrogant, yet fueled with chilliness.

I could faintly feel his hostility towards me. He seemed to feel a strong antipathy toward me.

Music resounded from behind the two exquisite blue glass doors in front of us. The moment the doors opened, a spacious brightly-lit room came into sight.

An exquisite crystal chandelier hung in a luxuriously renovated room, just like in a palace.

At the end of the world, this should be the most intact historical site. There were hardly any historical sites located in a livable zone at the end of the world. This place had fortunately dodged the disaster and perfectly preserved the civilization from before.

In the palace, there was a long white marble table. Covered with a beautiful table cloth, there were even beautiful fresh flowers placed on the table.

The people in this world had been interesting and enjoyed life. I could tell from the chocolate flower and flower-shaped shower soap in Kro. Hence, the fresh flowers on the table had actually been made and processed using high technology based on fresh flowers from the past. It was as though they had frozen the time for the fresh flowers so that they wouldn’t wither. However, the scent had to be manually sprayed on as the fragrance couldn’t remain.

When Zi Yi led us to the long table, I saw the pink girl. She was too eye-catching; her pink long hair was easily spotted under the crystal light. No matter where she was, she would catch everyone’s attention.

She had changed into a different dress, a light gold evening gown. The gold threads had been sewed into the material in a way that wouldn’t be overpowering, yet still allowing the luxurious gold to shimmer under the lighting.

It was a V-collared strap dress. Under the V-collar, the slight rise of her chest was vaguely visible. The small delicate boobs were like a young woman’s that had yet to fully develop. They were neither big nor small, which looked extremely seductive.

Spotting me at a glance, Pink Baby began to eye me up and down with a passionate gaze. Her gaze had a tinge of unrestrained manner like a loose woman, yet there was a debauched attitude that belonged to a man.

Her gaze was too strange. It wasn’t like how a woman looked at a man but it looked like how a man looked at a woman.

The fat guy’s eyes went blank. He stared at Pink Baby. “Oh my. This is killing me.”

“Hey!” He Lei roared at him in a low voice.

Zi Yi stopped and looked to the side. His murderous gaze was like a sharp sword that stabbed at the fat guy.

“Welcome, welcome!” Suddenly, there was a middle-aged woman’s voice that came from next to Pink Baby. Only now did I notice something huge sitting next to Pink Baby.

She was a fat lady in a black lace dress. Maybe because she was too fat and too huge, or maybe because the fresh flowers on the table had blocked my view, or maybe because Pink Baby was too attractive and caught my attention, I hadn’t noticed the fat lady next to her at all.

She smiled and looked at me. “Oh, you are the young man that saved our baby. You really do look heroic, you must be a handsome child.” She measured me up and down with great favor. She’s the Queen? There really are women in Honeycomb.

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