Book 3: Chapter 40 - The Queen’s Banquet

I had to stretch my neck to see. He was so petty that he only opened his collar slightly, as if he wasn’t really willing to show us.

Seeing that I was straining to see, Harry extended his neck and looked away to the side.

Raffles and I peered together, our heads almost touching one another as well as Harry’s neck. We were like curious girls who had told a boy to open his pants to show us the legendary bird hidden within.

I saw that there really was a teardrop tattoo on his fair chest and it was right below his nipple. It was such a strange position that when I saw where he’d got tattooed, I blushed embarrassedly.

“It should have hurt to tattoo here right? According to the human anatomy, there are many sensitive nerves around here.” Raffles started studying it, which embarrassed me even more.

Immediately I stood back and turned around. “Cough. Just a teardrop?! A teardrop is not cool.”

“Why would you tattoo such a thing? It’s not even a picture.” Raffles shook his head in disdain. “It’s worse than Sis Cannon’s.”

“You don’t understand,” Harry pushed Raffles’ head away. He tidied his collar and smirked. “This is my secret.” He even seemed smug with success.

I looked at him confusedly and his smile went stiff. Then, he turned to avoid meeting my eyes.

“Oh yeah, we saw the Pink Baby you were talking about today,” Raffles said nonchalantly. Harry immediately turned around to ask, “You saw Pink Baby? The legend says that he never leaves Honeycomb!”

Pink Baby has her charm. She’s even caught Harry’s attention.

He smiled wickedly at Raffles. “Quick, tell me. How does the boy look? Is he as pretty as you?”

Raffles blushed slightly and rolled his eyes at him. “She’s a girl. Although I didn’t see clearly, Luo Bing did.”

“What? A girl?!” Harry looked at me in surprise.

I nodded. “Mm, I saw her boobs.” I subconsciously wanted to gesture a woman’s boobs like how a guy would do it, but Raffles quickly pressed my hand down.

Harry rubbed his chin. “That’s strange. Why did they say that Honeycomb has no girl then? In that case, Pink Baby is definitely not a gigolo. She should be Honeycomb’s princess, the future Queen Bee!” Harry seemed to realize something and looked at Raffles. He smiled maliciously as he hugged Raffles’ shoulders. “Then, you are still the most beautiful man on earth!”

“Go away! Go away!” Raffles was angry again. He pushed Harry away but Harry plastered himself on Raffles while Raffles struggled.

“Captain!” As Harry and Raffles were pulling and pushing, Sis Cannon popped her head in. “Someone’s inviting you over for dinner! It’s a handsome boy!” She wriggled her eyebrows and winked suggestively.

I was confused. I don’t know anyone in Blue Shield City. Who would invite me over for dinner?

“Handsome boy? Humph.” Harry licked his lips and smirked. “I’d like to see how handsome he is.” With a glum look Harry pulled his mask up before he walked past me to go through the door.

Raffles was confused too. We exchanged a glance before he pulled my mask up for me and we walked out the door together.

Everyone was standing by the side in the stall, leaving plenty of space for the person standing in the middle. The visitor was Zi Yi!

“It’s him!” Raffles exclaimed in surprise.

He Lei studied him with a reserved look while Arsenal seemed concerned.

Ever since we’d returned to the stall, the Blue Shield City guards that’d been following us had left. We’d thought nothing was going to happen but here Zi Yi was.

He stood there proudly while our people stood to the sides, either leaning against the wall or sitting on the counter as they watched him. Grandpa Ba squinted his eyes and smiled. Judging from his look, he seemed to know Zi Yi’s identity.

Zi Yi carried himself like a warrior. He stood there coldly and arrogantly, not bothering much about us.

Seeing that I’d come out, he maintained his cold look and said, “Her Highness invites you for dinner to express her gratitude for your saving Pink Baby.”

That really was Pink Baby!

Surprise flashed in He Lei’s eyes. He immediately looked at me.

I’d originally wanted to refuse but I saw He Lei’s gaze. He’d mentioned earlier that he wanted to see Queen Bee, so this would be a great opportunity.

“Pfft. Who are you?” Harry walked before him arrogantly while he measured Zi Yi up and down in disdain. “What kind of attitude is this? Our Captain is not free.”

Zi Yi didn’t bother looking at Harry but stared at me coldly. “Her Highness invited you for dinner,” He repeated everything he’d said earlier coldly, completely ignoring Harry.

“You ignored me. Heh.” Harry rubbed his face and squinted his eyes. His anger soared. “Go away! We are not going!”

“Her Highness didn’t invite you.” Zi Yi finally glanced at Harry coldly. That glance almost seemed like he’d given it to Harry as a charity. After that glance, he didn’t look at Harry anymore.

Humph.” Harry raised his fist.

“Harry.” Arsenal pulled Harry’s arm. She glanced at Zi Yi and said softly, “The decision should be Captain’s to make, whether she wants to go or not.” Arsenal glanced at He Lei before looking at me. She too seemed to have seen this as a chance for He Lei getting the information they’d wanted from the Queen Bee.

Harry glanced at Arsenal and turned to mutter to me, “It’s dangerous.”

I knew that Harry was worried that I would run into danger. Honeycomb was an entirely strange place to him.

I furrowed my eyebrows and thought. I looked at Zi Yi and replied, “I want everyone to go together.”

Harry raised his eyebrows and seemed to think that it was a great suggestion.

Everyone stared at me while Raffles measured Zi Yi up and down carefully.

“I’m sorry, Her Highness only invited you.” Zi Yi remained expressionless and didn’t bother looking at anyone.

“You are so irritating!” Harry narrowed his eyes, his anger rising again.

I stepped forward and pushed Harry behind me. I looked at Zi Yi and said, “I have two friends who have something for Her Highness in exchange for information. I’ll only bring the two of them.”

He Lei immediately looked at me and the fat guy seemed surprised. He couldn’t hide his excitement and gave me a thumbs-up.

Zi Yi stared at me coldly for a while. Then, he turned and beckoned. “Shall we?”

He’d agreed.

I nodded at He Lei. He Lei looked grateful and he beckoned the fat guy to quickly follow.

I walked forward only to stop when I felt Harry holding my arm. I turned to look at him. Raffles and him were standing side by side and they looked at me seriously. “Be careful.”

Raffles pointed at Noah City’s badge on his chest and said, “Stay in touch.”

Sis Cannon, Xiao Ying, Ming You and Xue Gie sent me off. Arsenal touched the apple badge on her chest too.

“I know,” I touched the badge on my chest too to ensure that it was still activated.

Harry let go of me and I followed Zi Yi out.

In the night sky, there was a huge shell-shaped flying vehicle with a driver in it. He Lei and the fat guy had already boarded it.

I followed Zi Yi into the flying vehicle and it ascended. 

I popped my head out to look down. Both Harry and Raffles were watching with concern under the flickering light as I left.

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