Book 3: Chapter 39 - Everyone’s Tattoo

Arsenal and I traded glances, feeling helpless. I wanted to help He Lei and I could tell that Arsenal felt the same. We wanted to do something for the Revolutionary Army.

However, He Lei hadn’t given us a chance to help. So, Arsenal and I could only continue to move forward.

“As long as I install this, mm, I can change it to a condenser tube. Oh yeah, I would need some circuit here…” Raffles mumbled next to us as he stared into empty air in front of him. He walked while gesturing to the left and right, as though there was a running design plan that moved along with him. He really gained a lot today.

I felt that there was hope for the air-conditioner I’d wanted.

The sunset poured over the entire Blue Shield City. We met the fat guy’s group on the way back. Xiao Ying and the other girls were carrying a few bags too, wearing wide grins across their faces.

It was a simple market yet there were still things that had caught their eyes.

Xiao Ying had traded a can of sardines for an exquisite classic music box.

Xue Gie had exchanged a vacuum-packed biscuit for a silver mask embellished with blue crystals, which was well-befitting of her character. 

Ming You had bartered for a gleaming first aid kit box, using a big bag of sanitary pads. She had also exchanged for a mysterious present on Xiao Jing’s behalf that she refused to show me.

Actually, everyone had gotten something for someone else. The fat guy was carrying three bags by himself, all of which were theirs.

We chatted and laughed on our way back, completely unlike the other people who held their heads low and walked around in a hurry. Then again, neither those people nor He Lei and the fat guy knew that the bunch of guys walking with them, were actually girls who were a rare existence at the end of the world.

We had totally forgotten Harry’s warning as well, because the fat guy really liked to joke and was such a cheerful man.

We were happy being around him.

“I am a big fat guy and you are a small fat guy. Put us together and you’ll get a snowman like in winter. Hahahaha…” The fat guy’s joke made all of us laugh.

But Xiao Ying didn’t find it funny at all. She puffed up her cheeks and got angry.

“I mean, little fat guy, it isn’t easy to raise a fat guy at the end of the world. Your folks must have treated you really well, they’d rather be skinny themselves so they could raise you to be fat.”

“I am not fat!” Xiao Ying was angry. “You’re the one who’s a big fat guy! You must have eaten other people’s shares of food!”

“Mine is a superpower!” The fat guy patted his round tummy.

“What superpower?! To produce oil for cooking?!” Xiao Ying finally found a chance to get back at him.

The fat guy was stunned speechless in an instant. 

“Hahaha…” Everyone burst out into laughter again.

He Lei chuckled lightly and shook his head. Under the sunset, everyone’s smile was tinted with the color of orange sunlight.

When we reached our stall, we could hear laughter coming from the inside too. It was easy to recognize the laughter as Sis Cannon’s.

“Hahaha… Grandpa Ba, don’t even think about it. Unless you have the superpower to grow young,” Sis Cannon teased.

We walked in and saw Sis Cannon patting Grandpa Ba’s shoulders.

Grandpa Ba smiled at her. “Don’t get too carried away. You will grow old too.”

“What are you talking about?” Xiao Ying asked curiously.

Sis Cannon beamed with joy. “Let me tell you! There were so many guys who came down from Honeycomb in the afternoon! They were so beautiful!” She was so excited that her saliva was flying all around.

Some happened to land on Raffles’ face as he walked past, startling Raffles back to reality from his calculations. Wiping his face and shaking his head, he walked into the room with a look of disdain to put away his treasures. By now, Sis Cannon should have been the one he was afraid of.

“Really?!” Xiao Ying got excited too. Xue Gie’s eyes opened wide out of curiosity as well.

“That’s enough.” Ming You shook her head helplessly while Arsenal looked down and smiled faintly.

Ming You looked left and right. “Where’s Harry?”

Sis Cannon pointed at the room casually and replied, “He’s looking at his tattoo.”

“He got his tattoo?” Curious, I wanted to take a look.

“You have to look at mine first!” Sis Cannon rolled up her sleeve and showed us a brilliant tattoo on her snow-white arm.

All of us turned embarrassed at once. Sis Cannon had tattooed a 3D naked man on her arm!

On her snow-white arm lay a naked man, who reclined while supporting his head with a hand. He’d crossed his legs and happened to cover the private area in between his thighs. But since it was a 3D tattoo, that part was in shadow. The indescribable black hair was vaguely visible and there was a pink mushroom popping out from within the dark shadow.

"I can’t take you any more!” Ming You roared impatiently.


“Everyone else tattooed a naked woman, why did you tattoo a naked man?” The fat guy laughed confusedly.

Sis Cannon stopped laughing all of a sudden. Everyone exchanged glances and the atmosphere grew strange.

“He likes men,” I replied calmly. Then, I walked past Sis Cannon without bothering to look at the fat guy’s stiff expression.

He Lei glanced at the fat guy and hid a chuckle.

As I walked into the room, I heard Arsenal invite them, “Why not have dinner with us?”

“That’d be great!” Grandpa Ba agreed at once. He should be looking forward to our dinner.

Harry really was checking out his tattoo in front of the window, making use of the glass’ vague reflection of his appearance.

Raffles moved closer to take a look. “What did you tattoo?”

Harry was startled, but when he saw that it was Raffles, he turned around proudly and spread his shirt open to reveal his toned chest. I spotted a teardrop tattoo near his chest.

Raffles had yet to get a clear look before Harry saw me. He immediately pulled his clothes tight and blushed hard. “Why didn’t you make any sound when you entered?” He gripped his clothes tightly as though he was worried that someone would take advantage of him.

Raffles grabbed his collar. “I didn’t see it yet. What did you tattoo?”

“Don’t pull! Luo Bing is here!” Harry was blushing as he pushed Raffles.

Raffles rolled his eyes at him while still pulling at Harry’s collar. “So what if Luo Bing is here? Physiologically speaking, you are a guy. Psychologically speaking, you are still a guy. So what if you take off your clothes?!”

Harry was being teased by Raffles.

“Yeah, so what if I take a look?” I went forward to tug Harry’s collar too. “Show me. What did you tattoo?”

Harry was stunned. “Hey! Forget about Raffles pulling my shirt. Why did you come over too? Can you…” he glanced outside with his ears red and lowered his voice, “be more like a girl?!” 

Stunned, I let go of his collar.

Raffles couldn’t help but laugh. He hid a glance at me as he sniggered.

“Don’t touch me!” Harry extended his hand to block in front of us. “I’ll show you.” He quickly smoothened out his shirt and pulled his collar open to show us.

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