Book 3: Chapter 38 - Guy or Girl?

I kept my light sword and gun. Then, I studied the guy in front of me. He should be about six feet tall.

He turned around to face me, revealing a handsome face.

His eyebrows and eyes were shaped like a Western European’s, with a pair of dark purple eyes that felt mysterious and estranged, like an earl in an ancient castle deep in the woods.

He glanced at me coldly and said, “Move.”

I moved aside and he walked up to the girl with long pink hair. He carried her and apologized, “I’m sorry. I came late.” His voice was gentle, a large contrast to when he’d spoken to me earlier. 

“It’s okay, Zi Yi,” the girl smiled and said. She measured me up and down from within his embrace. Her gaze was strange, and held a tinge of obsession. As she eyed me closely, I looked back at her confusedly. Then, she flashed me an enchanting smile.

That smile gave me an eerie feeling. An indescribable eerie feeling came over me, making my body go numb uncontrollably. Her gaze made me feel as though I was something that she liked very much, and was touching and gazing upon obsessively.

I couldn’t help but rub my arms. Why is her gaze so strange? I raised my guard instinctively.

It was my first time keeping my guard up against a girl.

The man named Zi Yi leaped and flew off with the girl in his embrace. The hem of the girl’s white dress fluttered under his arm.

The purple-haired man’s superpower was to fly!

“Those two won’t live for long.” He Lei muttered into my ear softly.

I looked at him in surprise while he gazed at the person named Zi Yi. “That is Pink Baby. The Queen Bee won’t let the two of them off the hook. They just got a temporary reprieve because it’s difficult to do it in the city.”

Pink Baby is a girl!

As expected, Zi Yi carried her and flew in the direction of the Honeycomb.

“So, they will be killed after they leave?!” I looked at him in surprise.

The surrounding people quickly looked down and dispersed as though they hadn’t seen what’d just happened. Nothing like the people in my world who would have started posting about it in social media to get likes and start strange rumors.

Then, I realized that this world had no handphones, internet, Weibo or Facebook.

But why did that feel so great?

Arsenal walked up to me and looked around. “Let’s not stop here.” She was holding the feather fan that she had been interested in earlier.

I nodded and my back grew numb. A strong sixth sense was telling me that someone was watching me.

I wanted to turn around and look but He Lei tugged my hand. I glanced at him and he threw me a glum look. “The people in Blue Shield City are watching you.”

As expected, someone was watching me.

“Their purpose is unknown. Let’s leave,” He Lei said in a deep voice.

Raffles dragged along a big bag with great effort and looked at us confused. “What happened just now? Who are the two boys?” Until then did he realize that there’d been something going on.

“That is a girl!” Arsenal said.

“A girl?” Raffles became confused. “Didn’t they say that there were only boys in Honeycomb?”

“How did you know that that was a boy from Honeycomb?” I looked at Raffles suspiciously. He Lei hadn’t told him anything about Pink Baby or whatnot.

Raffles pointed at Honeycomb afar. “They flew there. Although I didn’t see what they looked like, they seemed pretty good looking and were well dressed. Only the boys from Honeycomb would dress that well in Blue Shield City.” He thought carefully. “Plus, it should only be boys under the Queen Bee.”

Mm? Raffles was not that dumb.

I had belittled Raffles’s observation power and judgment skills. I’d always thought a scientist would be less competent in other matters, but I’d forgotten that he was a scientist after all and he had two brains. A simple logical judgment wouldn’t be difficult for him. On the contrary, I seemed to have asked an unnecessary question.

“You really saw clearly that she is a girl?” He Lei was confused too. I glanced at him. “You didn’t know?”

He Lei looked embarrassed. “I’ve never seen them before but I’ve never heard that there was a girl in Honeycomb.”

“I saw her boobs!” I did a gesture of supporting boobs before my chest with my hands, like how a guy would mimic a woman’s boobs.

At once, He Lei and Raffles’ expressions grew stiff. Raffles immediately blushed and looked away.

He Lei looked away bashfully and coughed.

Arsenal quickly pressed my hand down and glared at me in distress. Only then did I realize. Cough. I’d forgotten that I was a girl again.

The most crucial part was that Raffles knew that I was a girl yet I had still done that. Had he blushed out of shyness on my behalf?

We continued to walk around the stalls, with two Blue Shield City guards watching us from not too far away.

We pretended not to know, but Raffles really didn’t know. When it came to the sixth sense, the scientist with two brains sucked at it.

Arsenal noticed too and was worried.

However, He Lei was calm. He thought that since I’d rescued someone, Blue Shield City wouldn’t do anything to us. They’d only wanted to observe us more just to be sure.

“Do you and the fat guy have something to do?” I asked He Lei on our way back.

He Lei furrowed his eyebrows and said softly, “We wanted to trade for some information with the Queen Bee.” He raised the bag on his shoulders. He was carrying Raffles’ bag of things that looked like scrap metals to me. Raffles seemed like someone who collected scrap metals. He used the seeds to change for all kinds of tubes, circuits and metals that I didn’t recognize.

However, these things were good things in He Lei’s eyes too. It was why he began to think highly of Raffles.

Arsenal returned with a bountiful harvest as well. After we had taken care of our hunger and warmth using the resources from Kro, the people in Noah City could then exchange for other items to fulfill their desires and wants. 

Arsenal especially favored feather accessories.

“I’m sorry. We interrupted your schedule.” Arsenal looked at He Lei apologetically.

He Lei shook his head. “It’s okay. It’s hard to meet the Queen Bee. We have to go through levels of bribery to see her but we…” He Lei’s eyebrows were tightly knitted. “As long as we can see her, we’d be able to offer something that the Queen Bee wants.”

I had never expected that they would have something that the Queen Bee wanted, but they couldn’t go through the obstacles before them to get a meeting with her.

Some laws applied throughout all spacetime, regardless if it was in this world or in my world.

“Who do you have to bribe if you want to see Queen Bee? What kind of bribe?” I looked at him seriously.

Despite carrying a heavy weight in his heart, He Lei smiled faintly at me. He extended his hand and patted my shoulder. “You’ve given us too much. We will figure out a way ourselves.”

“Please accept our offer,” Arsenal replied seriously.

He Lei smiled faintly. He continued to walk forward carrying his bag without saying much. He didn’t want to cause us any more trouble.

I stared at his back. I really wanted to help him. Behind him was the Revolutionary Army. So, the information that he wanted must have been information that the Revolutionary Army wanted.


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