Book 3: Chapter 37 - Pink Baby

The two people got nervous. Their eyes kept flickering left and right, which made them look the very picture of people on the run from something.

Suddenly, the man that had been covering his mouth grabbed the person next to him by the wrist. “Retch. I-I can’t hold it in anymore! He-he is coming out! Retch!!” He abruptly threw up.

The surrounding people looked as terrified as if he’d been a dead body turning into a zombie.

In this world, there was an incomplete version of zombieism, which was highly contagious.

The completed version was actually the flying corpse and the water monster. They’d partially recovered of their consciousness after they had evolved to adapt to a different environment. Thus they had become a mutant in between a human and a corpse.

When the guy retched, the perfume scent grew more intense. That scent was coming from his mouth. Would his superpower be puking perfume?

There were so many strange superpowers in this world. I wouldn’t have found it strange even if he could puke perfume.

Just as I got suspicious, I saw a lock of pink hair appearing between his lips. The eerie sight made me shiver!

Ugh.” Everyone let out a nauseated groan and moved further away from him.

Then, the pink hair grew even longer, dripping saliva as it flowed out of his mouth. Oh no, it looks like human hair!

Retch!!!!!!” As he threw up, he puked out a small human from his mouth. The person fell on the ground and quickly enlarged as it came in contact with the air.

The sight shocked everyone!

In an instant, a girl with long pink hair in a white mini dress was left lying on the ground.

Her long pink hair fell into curls at her waist. The silk-like white dress tightly hugged her body, revealing her attractive waistline and shapely butt. Her dress was hemmed with lace and ended above her knees. Below the lace stretched her fair smooth thighs.

Her skin glowed like white jade, glistening and clear. Set off by her long pink hair, her complexion was tinted a faint pink like blossoming peaches.

I looked at her in surprise. At the end of the world, there is such a beautiful girl?

Gradually, she supported herself up, the movement causing her collar to slide lower. For a second, the sexy cleavage formed by the vague rise of her boobs was revealed, before being covered up by the sweep of her long pink hair that fell from her shoulders.

She slowly lifted her head and her gaze met mine below her pink fringe. Behind her fringe, I saw an extremely beautiful pair of differently colored eyes! It was as if she was wearing cosmetic lenses!

It wasn’t the eerie third eyes but differently colored eyes. Just like a cat that had one yellow and one blue eye!

This girl had a pair of differently colored eyes. Her right eye was ocean blue while her left was bright yellow. Her yellow looked even shinier than Harry’s amber eyes, clear and charming.

She looked at me as I stared at her suspiciously. There was actually such a beautiful girl! The perfumed scent was hers.

“Quick, get her!” The black-haired man said hastily.

The strange man with puffed up cheeks wanted to grab the pink-haired girl. Now that he had puked out the girl, his cheeks were hanging sideways like fish gills.

She turned back and looked at them. Instead of letting out a shrill scream or shout, she merely turned to look at them in disdain.

Immediately I went forward, lifted my leg and kicked the guy with fish gills.

*Bang!* He was sent flying by my kick. I stood straight in front of the girl and glared at them coldly.

“You go!” The man with fish gills pushed the other man and glared angrily at me. “Busybody!” He moved fast to seize hold of me.

“His superpower is to shrink people! Don’t let him touch you!” The girl behind me quickly told me.

I swiftly drew my laser sword, activated it and pointed it at the man’s hand. Frightened, he immediately stopped. His hand was merely a millimeter away from my sword. If he came any closer, his hand would be pierced by my light sword.

He stared at me in shock while I stood tall with the light sword in my hand. My braid flew along with the wind as I glared at him coldly. “I’ll chop off your hand if you come any closer!”

He extended his hand towards me. He moved to the left and I stepped to the left. Then, he moved to the right and I followed to step right as well.

He Lei watched for a while by the side and started looking over the pink-haired girl behind me.

Without warning, the man with fish gills took out his gun and aimed at me. By then I’d already whipped out my gun with my other hand and shot.

*Bang!* His gun shattered with one shot.

“Good!” Arsenal cheered excitedly by the side.

I aimed at one man with my gun in one hand and held off the other in front of me with my sword, preventing him from coming any closer. The fringe before my forehead fluttered in the wind and vaguely shielded my cold gaze.

He Lei looked at me, surprised. It seemed that my speed of shooting had surprised him. It had given him almost no chance to save the beauty like a hero.

Aren’t you surprised, He Lei? The me half a year later is no longer the me you met half a year ago.

I stood squarely in front of the girl. I am not going to let anyone in this world bully girls in front of me!

Suddenly, someone descended from above. His eye-catching purple hair flew before me as he landed like a silver light. *Poof!* Then, blood started flowing out from the black-haired man’s wrist!

Ah!” The man instantly groaned in pain. His hand fell onto the ground and rolled before my foot. It instantly sent shivers down my spine!

The hand was still twitching.

A flash of cold light flew past me. The purple man held a slender yet exquisite sword., the kind that people used for fencing.

There seemed to be a rosacea print on the body of the sword. The sword hilt was embellished with pink crystal and wrapped with golden material, and was crafted in a hollow design as well.

From the top of the crystal sword hilt, entangled golden flower vines spiraled down to the end of the pommel, forming an exquisite finger guard hilt. A fine silver chain hung down and fell against his fingers, setting off the slenderness and smoothness of his fingers.

*Swoosh!* A silver light pierced the air and the beautiful sword was sheathed in an equally exquisite white sword sheath embellished with gold patterns.

I stared at him as he stood straight and tall in front of me. His dark purple hair was streaked with light purple, and curled outwards in waves without being messy.

“Get lost!” He uttered. The two men immediately fled in a hurry.

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