Book 3: Chapter 35 - Hug, Everyone!

When Raffles lifted his head to look at me, he seemed embarrassed. His ears were red and his eyes flickered around. He was annoyed and angry.

“Raffles,” I called. He kept blinking nervously, his long eyelashes constantly quivering.

We moved away, and Raffles was immediately stunned on the spot as he gazed blankly upon what we’d revealed.

A ray of clear morning light shone through the small window by the side. It happened to light on the chocolate birthday cake. The surface of the cake was glistening.

Harry and I walked towards Raffles and grabbed him by the arms to pull him to the cake, while he stared at the cake blankly.

“Finally, we can eat it!” Sis Cannon and Xiao Ying rushed over to the counter. Ming You and Xue Gie immediately held them back. Otherwise, they would have fallen right onto the cake.

“Happy Birthday, Raffles!” I exclaimed.

Harry held Raffles’ shoulder enviously. “I envy you. Luo Bing made you a cake.”

“Luo Bing made this?” Raffles came back to reality. He turned to look at me and I smiled at him. His grayish-blue eyes glistened. Suddenly, he pounced at us, catching all of us off guard!

I had been standing right next to him and Arsenal and Ming You were right behind me. I didn’t manage to dodge in time nor did I have anywhere to dodge to.

He hugged me all of a sudden and I stood stunned in Raffles’ embrace. Everyone was surprised at Raffles’ sudden hug.

Harry, who stood on his other side, was dumbfounded. It was obvious that Raffles’ sudden embrace had been beyond everyone’s expectation.

If it was Harry, everyone wouldn’t have been surprised.

However, it was Raffles. The same Raffles who didn’t really talk to any girls at all and would even blush from a girl’s touch. Even though I was considered close to him, he didn’t dare to look at me when he talked sometimes. If there were to be any skin contact, he would still silently move away too.

But now...

Is it because I was disguised as a man? Was it my manly voice? That’s why it made Raffles more at ease?

“Thank you!” Raffles said excitedly as he hugged me.

I had yet to come back to reality from the surprise. I had yet to even blush and my heart had yet to race as I stood dumbfounded in his arms.

“This is not fair!” Harry roared.. “Why is it okay if Raffles hugs you?” Harry pretended to be angry. “And Raffles, you wouldn’t really think of Luo Bing as a guy now, would you?”

Raffles quickly let go of me. He seemed to realize that he’d been hugging a girl then and he blushed hard. He didn’t dare to look at me. “So-sorry, I-I’m overjoyed! I’m too excited!”

At first, I didn’t feel anything because I had yet to come back to my senses. But when I saw Raffles blush, it seemed to be contagious becauseI blushed faintly too. “It’s okay. Everyone did it together. Ming You did the flour, Arsenal did the egg, Xiao Ying and Sis Cannon watched over you while Xue Gie did the last layer of chocolate.” I pointed at the layer of chocolate.

Raffles was deeply moved and he looked at everyone, who smiled widely at him.

At the end, I looked at Harry, who was chuckling at Raffles. He saw me looking at him and was stunned. Somehow, he blushed and started looking around to avoid meeting my eyes.

As I looked at the half of his face that had recovered perfectly, my heart grew heavy. “You should thank Harry. Harry nearly died making this cake for you.” Although his face had recovered, it didn’t mean that I’d forgotten the scene where his face had rotted. I was the one who’d hurt him.

Stunned, Raffles looked at me confusedly. I pointed at the oven and explained, “I needed to provide energy to the oven but I can’t master my superpower just yet. I realized that it works when my heart races. So, Harry…” I blushed even harder.

“Stop it. This is so embarrassing.” Even the shameless Harry was embarrassed too. He lifted his hand and looked away. “As long as it succeeds."

“You knew the radiation would be very strong if I generated energy but you still did that!” I glared at him angrily.

Raffles glanced at me and then at Harry. He was still confused. “Harry, what did you do exactly?”

Harry looked away embarrassedly, his ears reddening too.

“Harry hugged Captain,” Xue Gie replied calmly.

Raffles’s eyes opened wide.

“Luo Bing was frightened by Harry. Her superpower was triggered and she activated the oven successfully.” Arsenal pressed my shoulders from behind and smiled.

“That was terrifying.” Ming You was still terrified and she glared at Harry. “The half of his face that was placed against Luo Bing’s was burned by blue crystal energy. It gave me a shock.”

Raffles’ emotions became complicated when he looked at Harry but Harry waved it off. “I’m fine, aren’t I? All of you know about my superpower.”

“Thank you, Harry!” Raffles pounced at Harry and hugged him tightly. Harry’s body went stiff but in the very next moment, he relaxed and rubbed Raffles’ back. “You’re welcome. I don’t mind if you hug me but it is really dangerous to hug Luo Bing. She didn’t respond in time. Otherwise, if you’d triggered her superpower, you wouldn’t be able to recover like I did!” Harry joked as he rubbed Raffles’ back. Somehow, he looked like he was taking advantage of Raffles...

“Captain’s superpower is so magical.” Xiao Ying gazed admiringly at me. “It was our first time seeing Captain using this superpower.”

“Ugh, I only have one thing to say.” Sis Cannon raised her hand high and everyone looked at her. She stared at the cake and asked, “When can we eat this?”

“Hahahaha…” Everyone burst out in laughter, the sound reverberating under the sunlight.

Everyone had eaten cake before. We’d brought it back from Kro back then. There’d been all kinds of flavors, including strawberry, chocolate, yogurt, vanilla and so on. Those had been far more delicious than what we’d baked.

However, this cake tasted extremely delicious because we’d made it ourselves.

Then, He Lei and the fat guy came at the promised time, along with the old man that had sold us beans the day before.

They looked surprised as if they’d seen a rare treasure when they laid eyes on the cake. They had never had cake. They never even seen a cake before.

If it wasn’t because we’d brought cake back from Kro, the people in Noah City would have never eaten a cake before as well. They would have been eating only the black wheat bread, the one and only source of food.

He Lei and the others happened to have yet to eat breakfast. Or maybe, they didn’t intend to have breakfast. At the same time, they were surprised when they saw Arsenal and the other girls’ appearance. Arsenal’s clean face was like His Royal Highness in Silver Moon City.

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