Book 3: Chapter 34 - Happy International Women’s Day

“Hit me when this succeeds,” he muttered. His hot breath blew against my ear. It felt like an intimate whispering between a couple, which made my heart race. He held my shoulders tightly and placed his cheek right against mine. Then, a blue starlight appeared before my eyes. I quickly pushed him away anxiously. “Be careful!” Since I was flustered, my heart raced even faster!

However, it was too late. There were already blisters on his face.

“Harry!” Ming You exclaimed. She wanted to run over but Arsenal held her back at once. “It’s dangerous!”

Harry chuckled and looked at me. He stepped back and I saw that his face was covered with blisters. “The oven is on!” he said triumphantly.

My heart clenched. I felt as if there was a heavy rock pressing down on my heart.

If he were to hug me like that before, I would have kicked him long ago. But now, I was angry out of worry and upset. I glared at him. “Do not do that again!" 

“Do not do what again?” He smiled wickedly at me. “You don’t want me to hug you or you do not let me hug you?” He still had the mood to joke around with his distorted face.

He seemed to be saying the same thing but the two carried different meanings.

The first meant I was upset that he’d hugged me suddenly and the latter meant I was upset he’d gotten injured because he’d hugged me.

“Of course both! Do not hug me all of a sudden! Do not get injured because you hugged me!” I said angrily. I was really furious. How could he take such a risk just to activate the blue crystal energy in my body? He knows that activating the blue crystal energy in my body could harm someone but he still did that! That’s just reckless!

What if?! What if I’d killed him because I couldn’t control it?!

My head buzzed as I was terrified by the sudden thought. Harry had always been like that. He’d never considered the consequences. To put it in a nice way, he would stop at nothing to help. To put it in an unpleasant way, he had zero conscious planning and made everyone worry about him.

I had yet to master my superpower and I didn’t know how great the damage it could cause.

The starlights had rotted Harry’s hand previously and then his face. Before I could familiarize myself with the superpower, I tried not to use it. Because I was terrified of the unknown danger it could cause.

Ming You looked at Harry with concern while Arsenal smiled faintly.

Harry continued to smirk maliciously and rubbed his face that was already recovering. “Of course, I have to pay a price to hug  you!” he joked and winked at me. “Don’t worry. I reckon there is only one person like me in the world. No one else would dare to hug you! Whoever hugs you would die. Hahaha,” he laughed hysterically.

I turned around and refused to look at him, but I couldn’t help but laugh. My superpower is not too shabby. Whoever dares to lay a finger on me, that person will die!

However, I’d better first research about how to control this superpower. For example, He Lei suddenly hugged me but I didn’t have the same reaction. However, it hadn’t been as sudden the day before. Harry had come so close to me without warning and I hadn’t been mentally prepared at all.

After that night we’d fought, Harry had been keeping his distance from me.

He cherished our friendship that was on the mend. Sometimes I could feel that he was carefully guarding our relationship. Sometimes, it even felt too careful. It was as if he was worried that making any mistake would ruin our friendship.

Actually, how could our relationship be that weak like fragile glass?

Harry was really terrified.


I looked at the oven in front of me. Raffles, this is a great price to pay for your cake. You’d better thank Harry.

The cake scent slowly spread. Harry was gawking like he was going to drool.

“It smells so good!” Arsenal exclaimed, although she still maintained her distance from me.

“It really does smell good!” Ming You looked like she was drooling too.

Suddenly, the room door flung open and Sis Cannon rushed out. “It smells good! What smells so good?! What smells so good?!” Sis Cannon rushed out but Xue Gie held her back. “It’s dangerous!”

Sis Cannon extended her neck and Xiao Ying snuck out under her. “It smells so good! What are you doing?”

“What are you doing?” Suddenly, we heard Raffles’s voice. Arsenal and Ming You got nervous and I quickly said, “Do not let him come out!”

Raffles was immediately pushed back into the room.

“Hurry up and help!” Xue Gie urged Sis Cannon. Sis Cannon smiled. “I like to do that the most!” Sis Cannon leaped.

Ming You told Xiao Ying softly and Xiao Ying turned around to block the door with her huge round body!

*Bang!* Harry quickly shut the door and we let out a breath of relief. However, we could still hear Raffles shouting, “What are all of you doing? Don’t, don’t-don’t come near me!”

The few of us exchanged glances. We shouldn’t have shut Sis Cannon inside but we still smiled. We quickly heated up the chocolate.

Ding! It’s done!

I opened the oven and the magical combination of egg and milk powder gave out an irresistible scent. My saliva instantly pooled.

I carefully took out the cake while Arsenal meticulously poured the melted chocolate over the cake.

Harry stared with his amber eyes while covering his mouth. As if he was worried about his drool spilling out.

“Hurry up and call Xue Gie,” I told Ming You.

Ming You let Xue Gie out.

“What are you doing exactly? Let me out!” Raffles was angry and he wanted to rush out. Sis Cannon pushed him back while Xiao Ying continued to block the door.

Xue Gie came out and I glanced at her, “Come, freeze this!”

Xue Gie stared at the chocolate cake blankly and swallowed her saliva. Then, she extended her hand and cold air flowed out from her palm. The chocolate quickly froze around the cake.

“Can we eat now?” Xue Gie asked straightforwardly.

We nodded. Only one step left.

I took out the sugar and looked at Harry, “Crush them.”

“Easy-peasy!” Harry crushed the sugar with ease. I held a handful of sugar and wrote Happy Birthday.

The few of us smiled at the cake. It wasn’t because we’d finally completed the cake but because we could finally eat it!

“Alright, let Raffles out!” Arsenal smiled and glanced at Ming You, who was guarding at the door.

We stood before the counter to hide the birthday cake with our bodies.

Ming You opened the door. Raffles was struggling as Sis Cannon grabbed his arm.

“Sis Cannon, you…you… You let go of me! Don’t hold me!” Raffles sounded more like he was avoiding a person who wanted to flirt with him. It sounded quite funny and it made the morning lively all of a sudden.

We nodded at Sis Cannon, and Sis Cannon let go of Raffles.

Raffles exited the room with his face red. He would blush when he spoke to a girl, let alone being pulled and pushed, pressed and rubbed by Sis Cannon.

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