Book 3: Chapter 33 - Racing Heartbeat Can Generate Electricity

“How about Sis Cannon and Xiao Ying?” I asked. I didn’t see the two cheerful girls. 

Ming You smiled and pointed behind her. “They are sleeping even more soundly than Raffles.”

We chuckled at the reply. In the refreshing morning, we started secretly making Raffles a cake.

Xue Gie stood at the door to the inner room to keep watch on Raffles. She would inform everyone if Raffles woke up. 

Ming You and Arsenal started baking with me.

After we’d gotten Arsenal’s permission, we could use the flour and eggs as we wished. Raffles’ contribution to Noah City was far beyond ten eggs. Therefore, no one would say no to using the ten eggs for Raffles.

The sky was gradually growing bright. We had to seize the time we had left.

Blue Shield City was surrounded by water.

Blue Shield City had a precious water source but there was no soil. Outside Blue Shield City was all sand, which was not suitable for planting.

God liked to fool around with people. He was definitely a naughty boy that liked to prank others.

He gave you soil but He didn’t give you water. He gave you water but He didn’t give you soil. He gave you water and soil but both were polluted.

It was just like how He had given those people a hen but He hadn’t given them a rooster.

I poured the flour into the mixing bowl, Arsenal was taking the yolk from the egg, Harry was crushing all the remaining chocolate, Ming You was bringing out the milk powder. There wasn’t any milk so we used milk powder instead.

“Does human milk work?” Ming You asked me. Arsenal, Harry and I were all stunned as we stared at Ming You in shock.

Ming You blushed and explained, “Yesterday, there was a person who said that his superpower is to produce milk. So, I was thinking…”

A man’s milk!

The three of us shook our heads together. If we hadn’t known in the beginning, it wouldn’t have mattered. But how could we eat it now that we knew?

Especially Harry, who was a man himself. He was waving his hand. “Sis Ming You, let’s jsut use milk powder.”

“Alright.” Ming You lowered her head embarrassedly and started making milk with the powder.

I passed the egg white to Harry. “Beat it,” Harry had better strength. He would be able to beat the eggs until it was light and frothy.

Harry looked at me curiously. “What do you mean by beating the eggs?” 

I picked up a pair of chopsticks; there hadn’t been any mixer in the bakery. “Like this.” Then, I beat the egg white to demonstrate. “You are stronger and faster. Beat it until it is frothy.”

“I understand now, I’ll take care of this.” Then, his chopsticks clanged and he beat the eggs. He was so fast that I couldn’t see his hand move. Very soon, froth appeared in the bowl. *Pak.* A heap of bubbles splashed onto my face. Harry hurriedly stopped. “Sorry.” He quickly picked up a cloth to wipe for me.

I extended my hand to scrape the bubble off my face and put it into my mouth. Not bad.

Harry held the cloth and looked at me blankly. I licked my lips and said, “Done.”

Harry continued to stare at me blankly. I took the beaten egg white from his hand. Arsenal took a dab of bubbles from the bowl and put it on the tip of Harry’s nose. “Who tell you to daydream?”

“Pfft.” Ming You laughed as Harry came back to reality and saw the egg white on the tip of his nose.

Arsenal smiled at him. He smiled too. He scraped off the bubbles and placed it into his mouth. Enjoying it with his eyes closed, he said, “Mm, this is the taste of an egg.” Then, he opened his eyes and splashed a handful of flour on Arsenal. The flour showered like snow and covered Arsenal’s hair. It was as if he’d coated her hair with a layer of sugar frosting.

“Hahahaha…” Harry laughed hysterically.

I shook my head. Sigh. I knew it. Baking would always turn into a food fight. 

Then, Arsenal and Harry started a chase while Ming You and I continued to bake calmly. Xue Gie closed the door too so that we wouldn’t wake Raffles up with our noise.

Finally, we were going to bake it.

The few of us stood before the oven. Blue Shield City had no electricity.

The octopus had been designed back then using wind energy and hydraulic energy, while the lights in Blue Shield City were powered using solar energy too. Hence, those were self-sufficient.

The limited electricity was said to be provided to Honeycomb only, whereas all stalls had no electricity.

I rubbed my hands and decided to generate electricity on my own.

“Stand further. The radiation would be stronger.” I gestured at them to back away.

Harry, who had experienced it firsthand, immediately dragged Arsenal and Ming You further back.

I blew air into my hands. This was my first time generating electricity for an electronic appliance. I wondered if it would actually work

Extending my hand, I held the socket. I breathed calmly. However, there was no response from my hand. I turned to look at Harry and the rest behind me. They watched me anxiously in anticipation.

D*mn it. At such a crucial moment!

I became anxious and held the socket tightly in my hand. Why can’t I generate electricity now?

In Kro, I could generate electricity for multifunctional platforms and I could generate electricity for the robot from Silver Moon City too. I’d activated them then but I can’t do it now?

I became anxious. If the oven couldn’t be activated, we could only let Raffles eat a bowl of raw egg mixed with flour.

Desperately, I started recalling the scene back then. There must be a requirement for me to generate electricity.

I remembered that I had been anxious back then too. I’d been anxious to activate the multifunctional platform. However, I didn’t think the requirement to generate electricity was to hit it, since I’d gotten a shock when I’d met the robot from Silver Moon City then as well.

Finally, I recalled that my heartbeat had been fast then. It’d become faster because I’d been nervous, anxious, flustered and frightened.

Does it mean that my heart needs to beat faster?

How do I make my heartbeat faster now?

Arsenal, Ming You and Harry were looking at me. I furrowed my eyebrows and decided to be frank with them. Holding the socket, I turned around and told them, “I might need to make my heart race to generate electricity.”

They were stunned at my words, as if I wasn’t making sense.

Harry was staring at me and his amber eyes quivered. He seemed to understand.

“Oh, I understand now. You mean your superpower is triggered by your racing heartbeat?” Ming You realized.

I nodded. “Maybe because I couldn’t perform any superpower till recently.”

Arsenal became anxious as she looked at the sky that was growing bright. “What should we do? The sky is turning bright. How do we suddenly make your heart race?”

“Why don't you run?” Ming You suggested. “Vigorous exercise can make one’s heart race.”

Taking a deep breath, I agreed, “Alright! I’ll try!” I started running on the spot until I was panting. My heartbeat became faster but there was no response from my hand at all.

I panted as I looked at the socket in my hand. There were no blue starlights at all. What’s going on? Did I get this wrong?

Suddenly, I felt a breeze. The next moment, I was pulled into an embrace by the person in front of me. His face leaned in next to mine and I was abruptly pulled against his chest. His sunflower scent filled the air and I was engulfed in a manly scent. My heart instantly raced and blood flowed all through my limbs and bones!

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