Book 3: Chapter 32 - Baking

“You hate Xing Chuan and I hate Silver Moon City. Although my friend is grateful for Silver Moon City for providing him with hope, I don’t think that Silver Moon City brought them happiness.” There was a tinge of anger in Harry’s voice. “Do they even know that they’d sent him into a place like Honeycomb?” Harry’s breathing became heavier in the dark.

Sigh.” He let out a long sigh. After this long sigh, came a long silence.

“The people from Silver Moon City will arrive in two days. I want to leave before they arrive,” he said. “But don’t worry. The person you hate won’t be here.”

Xing Chuan should be His Royal Highness in Silver Moon City. I also thought that he wouldn’t simply appear for all kinds of affairs.

“In the past, it has always been two of the seven knights that follow him."

“Seven knights?!” My eyelids were becoming heavy; I wasn’t interested in learning more about Xing Chuan at all.

“Mm, they are named according to the North Star. However, there are only six now. Xing Chuan is assembling the strongest knight group in this world. He won’t recruit any metahuman that isn’t the strongest into his knight group.”

“No wonder he wanted He Lei.”

“He Lei’s superpower is really great. In a war, speed is the number one important factor.”

“Mm, let’s leave after we celebrate Raffles’ birthday.”

“Heh, he is definitely going to be thrilled! You are celebrating his birthday for him. Luo Bing? Are you asleep?”


“We guys do not view birthdays as importantly as you girls. Raffles and I haven’t been celebrating our birthdays for years.”

“I know your birthday is on the first of June,” I muttered.

“You know?!” He sounded surprised. That too was followed by a long silence.

“Luo Bing? Luo Bing?” He called me softly. “Go back if you want to sleep.”

“What do you think is the happiest thing?” My head grew heavy and kept falling.

Finally, I landed on a soft pillow and didn’t want to leave.

I wanted to know when Harry was the happiest. I wanted to celebrate his birthday for him too because he seemed to be envious about us helping Raffles to celebrate his birthday.

I seemed to hear Harry reply vaguely, “I’m the happiest when I get to talk to you alone and not be repelled like right now."

In my dream, I was greeted with a refreshing sunflower scent. The rays of sunshine were like bubbles in the air. The brilliant sunlight showered over the beautiful sunflower and its color blossomed under the sunlight.

I saw sunflowers not far away from me. The golden sunflowers were a light gold ocean under the blue sky. A young man was standing under the sunflowers, his blue hairband swaying in the wind. He turned around and I saw that it was He Lei. He smiled at me, making my heart race.

He extended his hand to me and called, “Luo Bing, come with me.”

I looked at him and slowly extended my hand towards him.

“Luo Bing.” There was a familiar voice. I turned and looked. It was Harry. He ran to me through the ocean of sunflowers, the sunflowers dancing around him like butterflies. He waved at me as he called, “Luo Bing! Luo Bing! Let’s bake a cake!”



Raffles’ birthday cake!

I woke up with a start. Since I’d just woken up, verything before my eyes was still blurry. I heard Harry calling for me softly, “Luo Bing, wake up! Luo Bing, it’s almost morning!”

I realized that my vision was sideways. No, my head was lying sideways. I blinked and my body stiffened. I seemed to be leaning my head on Harry’s shoulder. Quickly I sat up straight and blushed. Scratching my head to cover up my embarrassment, I said, “Sorry, I fell asleep.”

“What’s there to be sorry about? What do you need to bake a cake?” Harry was as excited as a child.

I rubbed my face and took a deep breath before I turned to look at Harry. His amber eyes were shining in the dark. He was really excited and happy. As if he was celebrating his own birthday.

“Bring out the oven first,” I instructed.

“Okay!” Harry immediately took out the oven that we’d hidden.

I stood up, still yet to gain full consciousness. The steps to baking a cake! Take a mixing bowl first!

I pushed everything on the counter aside while Harry placed everything that we’d stolen the night before onto the counter. *Clang!* I swiftly grabbed his wrist and his body went stiff. I stared at him. “Be gentle!”

He opened his mouth and nodded. Then, he started taking things out gently.

“Eggs, flour, and water.”

“Okay!” Harry went to get eggs, flour and water.

We’d traded for eggs and flour the day before. The person who had given us the eggs was pitiful too. They had only found a hen but they couldn’t find a rooster. Hence, the hen still couldn’t produce chicks. However, there was hope. Since there was a hen, there should be a rooster somewhere nearby. They were working hard to look for it. Otherwise, where would the hen have come from?

In the end, Xiao Ying said that it must have come from an egg. Then, Raffles spent half a day thinking about the major question of whether the chicken or the egg came first.

There were a total of ten eggs. Not many, but enough for us to spend them on Raffles’ birthday.

Harry picked up an egg, measuring it up and down as it was a rare sight. He swallowed his saliva as he stared. I took the egg from his hands and *crack!* Harry’s expression looked as heartbroken as if I had broken his eggs. He put his hand over his chest and stared at me. “Use it wisely.”

I looked at him and smiled. Embarrassed, he blushed. He looked to the side and covered his face.

Hold on. Why does breaking his eggs sound so weird?

I blushed too as my heart started racing. I quickly lowered my head too. Why do I always blush recently? And why do I think of strange things? I would never have done that in the past.

I furrowed my eyebrows and went to crack the second egg.

“Wait!” It was Harry’s turn to grab my wrist then. I looked at him and he stared at the egg in my hands. “These things belong to Noah City. We’d better tell Arsenal.”

“What?” Arsenal’s voice abruptly resounded behind us. Harry and I were frightened. *Pak!* The whole egg dropped into the bowl, mixing with the cracked egg.

We quickly spun around. Harry and I stood closely together to cover the evidence of our crime. Actually, why were we guilty? It’s not like we’d been eating behind their backs.

Arsenal gave us a distressed look. Harry and I leaned in closer to each other as he stared at Arsenal anxiously. Sh*t! Arsenal must be furious that we cracked the eggs without her permission.

Then, Arsenal smiled at me. “Why didn’t you call me? You said that you would call me last night.” She looked at me cheekily. Then, Ming You and Xue Gie walked out from behind her. They’d woken up too.

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