Book 3: Chapter 30 - A Young Girl’s Heart

“His Highness Xing Chuan only did what he did to protect his city, to safeguard the people on Silver Moon City. He has to be responsible for them. He already apologized to you,” Arsenal muttered into my ear.

I let out a sigh and turned to look at the bedsheet that blocked the moonlight. The bright and clear moonlight distinctly outlined Raffles’ shadow.

“There are many times when people would make a wrong decision that is unforgivable in order to protect more people. Because if they didn’t, they might cause harm to more people,” Arsenal hugged my body gently as she whispered in my ear. Her hair was tickling my neck. “Their selfishness is for the sake of protecting the people that they have to protect. Luo Bing, you will come to understand him.”

Understand Xing Chuan?


I don’t even like him. Why do I have to understand him?

Whether Xing Chuan is good or bad has nothing to do with me.

Even if he is a saint, I wouldn’t take another look at him.

Come to understand him? That would make it seem like I was yearning for him.

I won’t comment much about Arsenal liking Xing Chuan in the future. I respect Arsenal’s choice.

But wanting me to understand Xing Chuan like Arsenal does? Forget it.

Arsenal is a great girl. She’s the kindest among all the girls I know. She always considers the big picture.

Maybe it’s because of her environment growing up. Maybe it’s because she is a Princess and she is going to take over from Elder Alufa in the near future, to carry the responsibility of protecting Noah City.

Maybe only a person of that position, like Arsenal, would understand Xing Chuan’s doings.

Would she invite Xing Chuan to her coming-of-age ceremony? Would Xing Chuan come?

If he does, I might need to hide the entire day during Arsenal’s coming-of-age ceremony.

I wonder if it was because of what Arsenal had said or if it was because I had reunited with He Lei. I couldn’t sleep at all.

I tossed and turned, but still couldn’t sleep.

I moved away Arsenal’s hand that was hugging me and got up. Ming You, Xue Gie, Sis Cannon and Xiao Ying were sleeping soundly.

Xiao Ying’s huge tummy was huge. Looking at her from the side, I couldn’t see her face at all. She slept in the middle of all of us, looking like a ball. It was a cute sight.

“Khai! Let me see down there!” Sis Cannon spoke in her dreams. My body went stiff. What does Sis Cannon want to see? What’s down there?

“D*ng! It really does turn hard!”

My body became even stiffer. Sis Cannon, you’re lucky that Raffles and Harry are already asleep.

I got up and tiptoed past the bedsheet. Behind it, I saw Raffles and Harry sleeping soundly under the moonlight.

Raffles and Harry were sleeping while facing each other. Raffles really was asleep. His eyes were closed, his breathing was steady while his grayish-blue long hair was scattered on the side of his face. His hair glided to the corner of his orange lips. Gently lifted by his steady breathing, the silver light on his hair looked like moonlight that was slowly flowing.

I watched him in silence with a faint smile. Raffles, Happy International Women’s Day.

Why is Raffles’ birthday on the eighth of March? It is my world’s International Women’s Day.

I walked past his sleeping bag quietly and saw Harry sleeping in front of Raffles. His brown hair was curlier and had gained more shine, the luster reminiscent of a freshly groomed horse. Its natural shine under the sunlight was attractive.

The young horse was wild, aggressive and charming. It let its brown mane fly under the sunlight. Muscular and sexy, it was filled with attractive vibes and seduction. The surrounding tamed horses were tempted to get close to it and let out a roar of unbridled wildness.

The evolved metahumans seemed to follow the natural law whereby the male would be more beautiful than the female.

For the past half a year, I had looked at Harry every day without noticing his changes. I’d only heard the girls and boys in Noah City who liked Harry talk about him in secret. They said that Harry was becoming sexier and more handsome.

Now, I studied him quietly and recalled how Harry had watched me while drooling back then. He really had grown much more mature. The outline of his features was growing more similar to Sis Ceci. His nose was higher and his lips were redder. He was just like the handsome brown horse that flaunted its mating charm.

As Harry and Raffles grow better looking, will Arsenal choose them?

Somehow, the word ‘like’ kept lingering in my heart this night. I felt like I was simply asking for trouble.

In the past, I had never thought about these questions.

I walked out the door and saw that the stall was dark without light. Only moonlight shone through the window.

I couldn’t head out. Harry said that the guards in Blue Shield City would treat you as a suspect and capture you if you were to wander around after ten.

I took out the oven from a corner and looked at it blankly. It was too early to bake. I felt a heavy weight on my heart. I wasn’t feeling suffocated because of the air, but because I was disturbed by the question about what liking someone meant.

“Hey!” Someone called by the side of my ear out of the blue. Frightened, I nearly shouted. He immediately covered my mouth with one hand and held my shoulder with the other.

My back was against his chest, which instantly grew tense.

“It’s me,” he muttered by the side of my ear as his hands began to turn warm.

I nodded. It’s Harry.

He quickly let go of my mouth and my shoulders. His stiff chest left my back as he walked next to me. He looked away instead of at me. “What’s wrong with you today? You looked so distracted.” He supported himself against the counter in front of us as he continued to avert his gaze. The darkness happened to hide his expression. 

Even Harry could tell something was up. I actually didn’t know the answer either. “I’m only thinking about who Arsenal would choose to be with in the future.”

Harry looked back at me. I turned to lean against the counter and then sat down. We had yet to put away the carpet on the ground.

Harry sat down next to me and leaned against the counter too. We placed our hands on our bent knees. He didn’t have his hairband on, so his curly hair had spread and curled away from the sides of his face.

“Her? I’m guessing she would be with Brother Qian Li,” Harry said. “She’s a princess. She can be with whoever she wants. That’s why if you really like anyone, hurry up and mark them. Otherwise, he might end up as Arsenal’s.” He turned and flashed a wicked smile at me.

I glanced at him. “Why aren’t you sleeping yet? I thought you were asleep.”

He blinked his amber eyes and there was a flash of guilt. “I couldn’t sleep. I was afraid that I’d wake Raffles up. Oh yeah, you kept staring at me earlier, are you…” he moved his face closer to mine and said, “Are you into me now?”

My face darkened and I raised my fist. “Has it been too long since I last beat you up?” He hadn’t joked around with me for quite a while.

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