Book 1: Chapter 18 - Face the Reality

“No, no,” Uncle Mason shouted tragically with fear.

I stiffened as I saw the little girl who was only five or six years old dragging a five feet nine inches tall adult man past me. She licked the lollipop that was as huge as her face as she marched forward. She was at ease, as though she was only pulling a doll.

Uncle Mason tried to hold onto the steel corridor, which made a squeaking noise. He looked extremely tragic.

That scene shocked me.

“Wife, it is really a misunderstanding. We didn’t want to hide her. You can’t just take another girl away from us again.” Da Li pulled Uncle Mason far away and there were repeated thuds that sounded like someone’s head hitting the stairs again and again. It was like a kid playing basketball as he went down the stairs.

I looked nervously at the corridor because of the sight that had just unfolded in front of my eyes. I was the one who had taken a hostage, and this hostage was none other than Military Instructor Ceci’s son. I totally had sufficient advantage, but my hostage was suddenly taken away. Not to mention, the hostage’s father was pulled away by a five-year-old girl. What was the use of holding a knife then?!

“Don’t worry,” Ceci took one step closer to me and said gently. I realized that I had no idea what to do next! I was just like an actress who had forgotten the next line but still kept standing on the stage with a blank mind. My mind was occupied with that unusually strong little girl, who could drag an adult. The two maidens next to Military Instructor Ceci ought to be experts as well, because they were staying close by her side; infact, they should be experts among the experts!

“Let Ming You heal you,” Ceci extended her hand towards me gently. I held the knife up instinctually. Her red eyes revealed a tinge of sympathy, “If you are afraid, you can keep the knife.” Her gentle face didn’t have the strict expression anymore, which she had used when she was reprimanding Uncle Mason and Harry. It was now replaced with a mother’s heartache instead, as if she was looking at her injured daughter.

She looked at me with a worried expression and said gently, “You can just stand here.” She didn’t take away the knife from my hand, nor did she ask me to go anywhere else. She looked to the side, “Xiao You, take a look at her wound.” Military Instructor Ceci looked at my trouser leg that was drenched in blood. By now, the blood had dried up and the red patch on my trouser’s leg had already turned dark brown.

“Yes,” The beautiful looking maiden, named Ming You, walked in front of me and squatted down. I kept looking at her as she carefully folded up my trouser leg to examine my wounded knee. She lifted her head and smiled gently, “Don’t be scared. It’s not going to hurt.” Then, she lifted her hand and it seemed as if green leaves had gathered on her palm. She put her hands on the front and back of my knee. The green luster became a fine tentacle and entered my wound. I felt warmth and a little itch, but it really… didn’t hurt.

The warmth relaxed my tension. She must be a healer like He Lei was talking about. I let go of the knife in my hand. I had nothing and what was there to pretend? One of these little girls was more than enough to take me down.

If they really intended to capture me, they didn’t need to respect me or calm me down.

I absent-mindedly looked downwards. When I looked down, there was a troop of soldiers that ran over from the end of the underground city. They were fit and marching in unison. I became anxious again. Why were they here? Where would they take me? However, they stayed downstairs. Then, they seized Harry and Uncle Mason before they headed to the east of the square. Everyone who was enjoying the show followed behind them.

It turned out that… they hadn’t come for me, but for Harry and Uncle Mason instead.

“I would like to apologize on behalf of my son’s rude behavior,” Military Instructor Ceci said, embarrassed. I looked at her and saw her distressed face with anger in her eyes, “I never knew Harry would do such a thing to you!”

I wanted to explain, but I couldn’t speak. After all, I had lost my ability to converse, as I had been extremely tense.

Ming You retrieved the green luster and stood up slowly. Her forehead was covered in sweat. It was obvious that it hadn’t been easy for her to heal me. I wanted to say thank you but I couldn’t speak.

“I believe there must be a misunderstanding,” Ming You smiled at me and looked towards Military Instructor Ceci, “Sis Ceci, Harry doesn’t have the guts to do that. Plus, he is always nice to girls.”

Yeah, he hadn’t actually flirted with me, but drooling was way too disgusting. But I didn’t know why I couldn’t speak.

“Ming You, don’t beg for mercy for that boy,” Military Instructor Ceci was so angry that her chest was heaving up and down, “I am so pissed off! He is so embarrassing! No way! I have to execute the punishment personally!” Then, she looked at me and her gaze turned gentle, “If you’d like to return to Silver Moon City, we can help you to contact them.”

I immediately shook my head as a chill ran down my spine.

Military Instructor Ceci looked confused. “You…”

I became anxious again and I couldn’t help but grip the knife tightly. She looked at me as I gripped the knife once again, and then she frowned. Her gaze became gentle once again, “Alright, I will not ask any more questions. I’ll bring you back to your room.”

I immediately shook my head. At that very moment, I didn’t want to go anywhere. I felt that nowhere was safer than where I stood because I could see outside from there!

Ming You looked at me with a confused expression, then she looked at Military Instructor Ceci. Military Instructor Ceci looked like she took pity on me, “Poor child, I wonder what she has been through. Alright. You can stay here. You can also go to Harry’s room to rest if you’re tired…” She then pointed at the room next to her, “Don’t worry. Harry would be tied up at the East Square today. Do you need me to assign a person to keep you company?”

I shook my head again. Assign someone? To keep a watch on me?

Military Instructor Ceci nodded, “Alright. I’ll leave you alone and I’ll ask everyone not to disturb you. When you calm down, come and see me,” Military Instructor Ceci said and nodded at Ming You. They turned to leave.

Xue Gie turned expressionlessly and followed behind Ming You and Military Instructor Ceci. Ming You took a few steps and turned back to look at me in confusion. Her eyes seemed to be puzzled.

I watched them leave, watched them walk down the stairs, watched them walk past the route downstairs. Ming You would lift her head to look at me from time to time; she was very curious about me.

Once they were out of my sight, I gradually leaned against the railing and fell to the ground. I sat on the cold corridor, and all I wanted to do was cry. But I couldn’t cry. Something seemed to be on my chest that sealed off all my emotions. I sat on the rusty corridor while I daydreamed.

It was true… No one walked through the corridor at all.


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