Book 3: Chapter 29 - Stop Fooling Around, Sleep!

Seeing me a mere inch away from him, Raffles stumbled backward anxiously. He supported himself with his hands behind his back, his face blushing like a blossoming rose.

In the past, Raffles would blush whenever he spoke to any girl. As he’d always blush, he hardly talked to girls. He’d also written when he’d first communicated with me. I was so close to him now so it was no wonder that he was blushing hard.

He supported himself with his hands behind him and stared at me blankly. His long grayish-blue hair hung under the moonlight like spools of blue ribbon.

“Don’t fool around with him.” Harry abruptly entered and sat next to Raffles. He hugged Raffles’ shoulders and smiled coquettishly at me. “We want to sleep now. Or do you want to sleep with us?”

“Harry!” Raffles came back to reality and glared at Harry.

Harry continued to smile wickedly as he played with Raffles’ hair.

I smiled, “I’ll go to sleep too. Raffles, you agreed to not be angry. Good night.”

Raffles nodded blushingly. Now that he was in Harry’s embrace, he looked even more like a girl with Harry as a comparison.

I blinked at Harry, who raised his hand that was hugging Raffles’ shoulder to make an OK signal behind him.

Harry’s mission was tough. He had to make sure Raffles fell asleep.

I turned around to lift the bed sheet and realized that no one had been asleep. Everyone was sitting there with their eyes fixed upon me. It gave me a shock.

They asked softly when they saw me return, “How is he?”

“He’s alright. Let’s turn in,” I said softly.

Then, everyone lay down. I lay next to Arsenal, the two of us facing each other.

“What present did you prepare?” She moved closer to my ear and whispered.

I smiled mysteriously at her and whispered back into her ear, “I’ll wake you up tomorrow morning.” I could smell the pleasant scent of Arsenal’s hair. It was the scent of a rose.

Arsenal nodded and her beautiful eyes sparkled in the dark. She looked at me for a while, then moved closer to whisper in my ear again. “Do you like He Lei?”

I blushed at once. “No!” My heart started racing and I felt confused. Why would I blush and my heart race if I didn’t like him?

If the others had asked me if I’d liked Harry or if I;d liked Raffles, I would never have replied like that.

What’s happened to me?

Ever since I’d known it was He Lei, I was full of excitement at reuniting with him. All of a sudden, I felt that I was not my usual self. I couldn’t stay calm and composed. Then again, is this not normal?

I missed him a lot and I felt an intense feeling of looking up to a warrior. His dexterous figure, his swift movement, and his reliable back reminded me of my father and the uncles that had kept me company during training. I like them. They are the real men.

They carried the bearing of a real man, a charm that women couldn’t resist.

He Lei was just like them. I’d felt extremely at ease when I had been with him. It had felt as though I was with my father and the other uncles.

“Hurry up and sleep!” Harry lowered his voice and urged.

“You go ahead and sleep first. I have things to do.” Raffles then turned on the light by the side.

“How do we sleep with your light on? The girls have to sleep too.” Harry switched off Raffles’ light. “Sleep!” The moonlight shone on the bedsheet that separated the girls and the guys. It also reflected Harry and Raffles’ shadows. We could see Harry press Raffles down.

Raffles’ long hair hung low. His shadow on the bedsheet was simply a girl’s silhouette.

Harry was pressing him down.

*Rustle.* There were faint noises behind me. I turned around to see, and got a shock again. Everyone was up on their elbows as they watched the shadows on the bedsheet with their twinkling eyes.

“Don’t press me down. I will sleep!” The girl shadow on the bedsheet pushed his hand against Harry’s chest while Harry pressed down on him. “No! How can I sleep with your eyes wide open! That’s just terrifying!”

Harry’s tone spoiled the mood.

We girls gathered to watch the shadow puppet show together.

“I know, I know. Get off of me. How can I sleep with you pressing down on me?”

“Close your eyes then!”

“I closed my eyes!”

Harry got off of Raffles, only to return again in the next moment. “You opened your eyes!”

“I really closed them!”

Harry left again and lay down. “Face me when you sleep. I want to make sure that your eyes are closed.”

Phew!” Although he was a patient man with a good temperament, there were still times when Raffles would get impatient. He turned over to face Harry.

“Tonight, both of your brains have to sleep. If I see your eyes wide open when I wake up in the middle of the night to pee, I’ll beat you up!” Harry raised his fist in the air, which started enlarging all of a sudden.

“Alright! You’re so annoying! How can I sleep when you’re so annoying!” Raffled turned over impatiently. Harry grabbed him at once. “Don’t turn around to scare Luo Bing!”

“There’s a bedsheet! How could she possibly see me?”

Raffles and I were separated by only a thin bedsheet. When he spoke, I could see the corner of the bedsheet quiver.

“I won’t bother you anymore. Turn around and face me.” I had experienced Harry’s endless pestering before so I was confident in his ability.

“I’m too upset to face you!”

“Are you turning around or not?” Harry got up and grabbed Raffles by his shoulder. He leaned down over Raffles. “If you don’t turn around, I am going to sleep on top of you.” Then, Harry really lay on top of Raffles.

The shadows on the bedsheet looked just like a guy supporting himself on top of a girl. The guy held the girl’s shoulder gently and leaned down to kiss her cheeks.

“What are you doing?!” Raffles was pissed off. “Don’t disturb me!”

“Then, turn around!” Harry grabbed Raffles’ body again.

“Alright!” Raffles couldn’t win against Harry so he turned over to face Harry again.

“Hehe, good boy!” Harry then lay down satisfactorily.

Raffles let out a few sighs and then gradually became quiet.

Raffles was finally sleeping and the girls gradually lay down too. The shadows on the bedsheet had given us much space for imagination.

I turned to face Arsenal again. She had yet to sleep but she was smiling at me.

Looking back at her, I asked softly, “Why are you looking at me?”

She smiled at me and said, “Your He Lei is good looking.”

My heart raced. “What do you mean by my He Lei?”

“But he isn’t better looking than my Xing Chuan,” she continued, smug with success.

I looked at her in silence. “Arsenal, Xing Chuan actually…”

“I know,” Arsenal cut me off, her smile becoming indistinct under the dim moonlight.

She looked down. Leaning in closer to me, she buried her head in the crook of my neck. “I know you hate him. But from what I see, he made a wise decision that a mature man would make.”

What is ‘like’? From Arsenal, I learned that you see no flaws in the person that you like.

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