Book 3: Chapter 27 - Fatty Likes To Mess Around

“Shut up!” Pissed off, He Lei glared at the fatty furiously. The fatty covered his mouth at once, but his eyes were still dancing around suggestively.

He Lei stood straight and looked at me. “You are on Xing Chuan’s wanted list and were nowhere to be found. I was very worried.” He looked awkward as he explained himself. He pushed the fatty’s head that had popped up behind him. “The fatty likes to blab. I hope you don’t mind.”

I smiled happily, warmly, from the bottom of my heart.

Smiling, I glanced at He Lei. “It’s okay. Harry used to call me his wife. Didn’t you, Harry?” I nudged Harry and looked at him. Don’t make He Lei feel embarrassed.

Harry stared at me.

I continued to look back at him. He was usually shameless so he wouldn’t feel embarrassed.

Harry’s body went stiff and he instantly acted light-heartedly. Extending his hand, he hugged my shoulder. I glared at him sideways and he grinned wickedly at me. “Yeah! When I picked him up back then, I thought he was a girl and he could become my wife. In the end, sigh. I was blind. I wouldn’t have picked him up if I’d known he was a guy.”

“Get lost!” I elbowed his stomach brutally and he let out a muffled groan. He took his hand back and rubbed his stomach. “He’d be fierce even if he’s a girl.”

“Hahahaha…” Sis Cannon burst out in laughter again, her laughter melting away the awkwardness in the room.

He Lei smiled at us. “You guys are really close.”

“Chief, are you envious?” The fatty continued to mess around. “Go after him! Luo Bing is prettier than other girls! Or is he actually a girl?”

“Nonsense!” Harry took a step forward to block me behind himself. “Which part of him looks like a girl?!”

Everyone exchanged glances, still wearing masks over their faces.

Raffles watched me anxiously, worried.

I didn’t care much because they would understand what was really meant by a beautiful guy once they had seen Raffles.

“Fatty!” He Lei roared, genuinely angry now. His chilliness and murderous vibe soared and the fatty instantly quivered in fear. Tensing up, his back went stiff.

The fatty stood up and smiled awkwardly at us. “I’m sorry, Brother Luo Bing. I like to talk nonsense. I hope you don’t mind. I-I’d better leave. Hehe.”

“Captain is not like a girl!” Xiao Ying told the fatty impatiently. She abruptly pulled down Raffles’ mask, who had been standing next to her. “The prettiest one is here!”

“Hahahaha…” Sis Cannon instantly burst out in laughter anew. Her laughter was as loud as thunder. Her laughter was really the best for alleviating the mood.

The fatty turned and looked. He was shocked in an instant.

Forget about the fatty, He Lei was stunned when he saw Raffles too.

Raffles instantly blushed. It was fine before he’d blushed. Now, he looked even more like a shy girl with his blushing. He pulled up his mask hurriedly and stomped back into the inner room angrily.

The fatty was left standing dumbfounded at the sight. Looking at the fatty’s expression, I could understand why so many guys in Noah City liked Raffles, especially Williams.

If it wasn’t because of Williams, there would be so many other guys who would go after Raffles.

“All of you are too much!” Arsenal looked at Xiao Ying and the other girls helplessly. She shook her head and got up to check on Raffles in the room. Even the guy Arsenal wasn’t as good looking as Raffles.

He Lei came back to reality and glanced at me. “Well, in comparison to him, you look like a man.”

Pfft.” I didn’t know if I should be angry or laugh at his remark.

The fatty had messed around and He Lei was now too embarrassed to stay any longer. He dragged the fatty out of our stall while Harry and I sent the two of them off.

“Before me, Harry had called Raffles his wife,” I joked. Harry face-palmed. “Can you stop telling people about my embarrassing affairs.”

Heh.” He Lei looked down and smiled. Ming You had already healed his eye, which was now fully recovered. His deep eyes were like the night sky, so mysterious that they could easily steal your heart.

Ugh.” The fatty blushed and glanced at me. His bashful look only made He Lei annoyed. He pulled him by his arm and spat, “Let’s head out! Don’t get into any more trouble!”

“Chief, don’t misunderstand me. I don’t want to do anything to your brother,” the fat guy explained shyly. He Lei’s eyebrows knitted tightly at once. “What do you want?”

The fatty glanced at me bashfully. “I…”

“He doesn’t like men!” Harry spurted out abruptly. He reached out and pulled me over to him. As if he was worried that someone would take me away.

Stunned, He Lei stood blankly to the side as if in a daydream.

“I wanted to ask if Raffles… Cough.

Phew. Raffles?” Harry let go of my hand. He sounded like he couldn’t care less if Raffles was taken away. “Raffles has a person that he likes.”

“Huh?!” The fatty looked disappointed. “Sigh. He is so pretty. Do you have other pretty boys where you are from?” the fatty asked. “In this world, girls are even harder to find than blue crystal energy. It’s good enough to be able to find a pretty boy as a wife.” 

“Get lost!” He Lei kicked the fatty. “Don’t embarrass me!”

The fatty walked ahead as He Lei kicked him, crestfallen.

“Oh yeah, bro.” Harry ran and caught up to He Lei. He Lei turned around to look at Harry while Harry smiled at him. “It’s Luo Bing and the others’ first time here in Blue Shield City. There are too many of them. Can you bring two of them around tomorrow? My mind would be at ease if you bring them.”

He Lei looked at Harry.

“Chief, tomorrow, aren’t we…”

He Lei raised his hand and cut the fatty off. “It’s okay. We can stay for another night.” He smiled at Harry. “Alright, see you tomorrow.”

“Thanks.” Harry patted He Lei’s arm and ran back to me. We watched as He Lei left.

He Lei looked back at me in silence, his gaze gentle. I nodded at him. He pulled his mask back up, then turned to leave with the fatty under the blurry moonlight.

“Chief, are you really not bringing him with us?” I could hear the fatty say from afar.

Their moving figures disappeared at the end of the street. I can still see him tomorrow. I was delighted. I could spend some time with He Lei for the next few days. 

“Hey, when do we do it?” Harry nudged me as he glanced into the room sneakily.

“We’ll do it tomorrow morning,” I replied.

“It seems quite time-consuming. Can you really do it?” Harry was worried.

“I can do it. I can do it very quickly.”

Harry nodded. “Alright. Let’s do it together.” Then, he looked at me while I looked at him. Somehow, we felt awkward and averted our eyes uneasily. My heart started racing and my face grew red.

Why did the conversation make me feel awkward?

Cough.” He coughed sheepishly. Looking to the side, he muttered, “I meant baking.”

“I know.” It was still fine when he hadn’t said anything. Now it became awkward because he’d tried to clarify.

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