Book 3: Chapter 26 - He Lei Looked Around For Me

After giving it some thought, He Lei nodded. “Luo Bing, Harry is right. The battlefield is not suitable for you. Although you are courageous and shrewd, you are still only an ordinary person on a battlefield filled with metahumans.”

I crossed my arms and rolled my eyes at Harry. Don’t forget that you, who are a metahuman, lost to me!

However, it was useless for me to say anything now. Whatever I said, the both of them wouldn’t agree for me to join the Revolutionary Army.

Humph.” I turned and left. I knew that they were just protecting me.

Harry knew that I was a girl so he wouldn’t wish for me to go on a battlefield. He cared a lot about me as his sister.

He Lei, on the other hand, had just changed his mind out of the blue. Was it because I didn’t look manly enough? So he thought I would be best suited to stay home and plant the sunflowers for him? He had even been in awe of me earlier and had wanted me to leave with him.

“He’s angry,” He Lei muttered softly. His and Harry’s shadows stretched to either side of me.

“Don’t worry. She knows that we are doing this for her own good. She won’t be angry for too long.” Harry was confident. 

“It seems like you know him very well.”

“Because we are a family.” Harry sounded gentle, his voice tinged with warmth.

Yeah, we are a family. If he and He Lei joined the Revolutionary Army, I’d be worried too.

I would be worried about Harry’s safety. He was always so worrying.

Similarly, I would be worried about He Lei too even though he looked much more reliable compared to Harry.

But that was a battlefield. Who knew what kind of strange metahumans the other party would have.

Therefore, I made up my mind. I must join the Revolutionary Army so that I wouldn’t be worried! Even if I have to do it secretly!

Having made up my mind, I smiled.

Just then, I saw a cake bakery.

There wasn’t any room behind the cake bakery. Hence, no one had put up their stalls there.

The cake bakery looked like it had been left vacant for very long. Although it was covered in dust, the oven seemed to be working!

I spun around, frightening the two of them who had been talking behind me.

He Lei immediately said, “Luo Bing, Harry is right. We don’t know the strength of the metahumans from our enemy. Hence, taking your safety into consideration…”

“Harry!”  I looked at Harry and He Lei shut up.

Harry looked at me nervously and he shifted behind He Lei slightly. He was obviously afraid that I would beat him up.

He Lei was suspicious when he saw that Harry was afraid of me. He should be thinking to himself why Harry would be afraid of me if he’d truly thought that I was weak.

“Get something for me.”

Harry was stunned.

I opened the cake bakery and walked in. Since there was no lighting in the cake bakery, it was dim.

However, the clear moonlight made everything visible.

The tools were neatly organized in one of the cupboards. It didn’t feel like the end of the world had come and sent the owners into a panic to leave. Everything here was still organized as though someone had still been using them during the day. It was exactly as if at the end of the day, they had cleaned up and put their tools back in the cupboard.

I took out a bowl and mixer from the cupboard and put them on the counter. 

Harry looked at me confusedly while He Lei glanced at me, before looking around on high alert.

Then, I saw a confectionery oven on a shelf. A huge space gaped empty under the shelf. It seemed that there had used to be a huge industrial oven there but someone had moved it away.

The confectionery oven operated on electricity. Now that there was no electricity, it had been left on the shelf.

I carried the oven and put it on the counter.

I found some tools for cake making too. Cooking utensils were considered rubbish in Blue Shield City and no one wanted them. However, besides such utensils, don’t even think about finding anything else that was related to eating.

“Take these with us,” I told Harry.

Harry looked blankly at the things that I found. I punched him lightly. “Tomorrow’s Raffles’ birthday. Let’s make him a birthday cake!”

Harry was stunned and he came back to reality. He looked surprised and suspicious. “You know how to bake a cake?”

“Stop your nonsense. Hurry up and take these back.” I ran out of the bakery. Although no one had cared about the confectionery oven, I wasn’t sure if no one would investigate when it was really gone.

Harry obediently picked up the oven while He Lei put all the smaller tools into a big bowl. The three of us looked to the left and right, then ran back to our stall swiftly. It felt just like we had stolen something.

I think we could consider ourselves as having stolen from Blue Shield City.  

We laughed as we ran. Stealing had a fun thrill to it. 

When we arrived at our stall, I told Harry to hide the oven so that Raffles wouldn’t see it.

When we opened the door, we could hear chit-chatting.

“Are you telling the truth? How many Ghost Eclipsers did you fight against?” Sis Cannon exclaimed in surprise and envy.

Everyone sat in a circle behind the counter and on the carpet spread on the ground as they listened to the fatty tell stories. In the middle, there was a miniature luminouser.

Don’t even think about counting on Blue Shield City to provide you with electricity. All the stalls closed after the sky grew dark, because there was neither electricity nor light provided.

The street lamps went off on the dot as though they were reminding you that it was time for bed.

“I can’t recall. Where we are from is much messier than here. Oh yeah, there was once we ran into a troop of Ghost Eclipsers. There were about a dozen of them and one of them had a similar superpower to our chief!” The fatty was telling a lively story with an animated expression, “But he was slower than our chief! Our chief is as fast as light! No one can catch him!”

“Fatty, stop talking big,” He Lei cut in.

The fatty turned around and smiled when he saw He Lei. When he saw Harry and me, his eyes widened in shock. Then, his gaze fixed on me.

Everyone who had been paying full attention to the fatty earlier looked at us too. When they saw He Lei’s looks, they were shocked by his handsomeness.

Raffles looked at He Lei’s handsome face and the manly vibe he gave out, just like a ruling warrior.

“Oh my!” The fatty stood up and exclaimed in surprise. He stared at me. “Chief, your brother looks so much prettier than Sayee! No wonder you kept talking about him and asking around to find out his whereabouts. He can definitely be your wife!”

At the end of the world where girls were extremely rare, many guys got married to other guys. They referred to each other as husbands and wives too. Hence, the fatty’s words weren’t strange. It was just like how He Lei hadn’t suspected anything when I’d lied that Xing Chuan wanted to force me to marry him.

Cough. Cough, cough!” He Lei coughed and his cheeks turned red. He took huge strides forward and grabbed the fatty by his collar. He glared at him and scolded, “What nonsense are you talking about?!”

“Hahahaha…” Sis Cannon burst out into laughter and He Lei felt even more embarrassed.

Arsenal looked down and chuckled, Xiao Ying smiled maliciously at Raffles next to her, Raffles looked to the side in agitation, Ming You glanced at Harry, and Harry narrowed his eyes at He Lei.

The atmosphere instantly became awkward as the girls looked at me coyly.

I looked at He Lei happily. “You looked around for me?”

“Of course. Chief kept thinking about you!” The fatty spoke in an emphatic tone as if he wasn’t willing to stop until he’d caused a misunderstanding.

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