Book 3: Chapter 25 - A Spark

I glanced at Harry. I knew he was worried about me and was just protecting me. I nudged his arm and said, “He Lei says that you are very amazing. He admires you and wants to befriend you.”

At my words, Harry’s amber eyes shot wide open. The murderous vibe in his gaze vanished. He turned to look at me and I nodded at him with a smile. He raised his eyebrows and looked at He Lei. He Lei really was looking at Harry in admiration. “Bro, your superpower is amazing.” He pointed at his eye. “I am He Lei. Can we be friends?” He Lei extended his hand to Harry.

Harry looked at He Lei for a while. Then, he looked up and smiled. “Your superpower is not bad too. I’m Harry.” Harry extended his hand and shook He Lei’s hand. The two of them got up together and sized up one another as fellow warriors.

I knew Harry very well. He appreciated warriors too. I just had to flatter him first for him to lower his hostility towards He Lei.

At the end of the day, he had only been hostile to He Lei out of worry about me. From his viewpoint, He Lei and I had met only once. Hence, it was reasonable that he’d thought He Lei couldn’t be trusted yet.

I stood up. Both of them opened their hands to present the stones they held to me at the same time. Stunned, they looked at each other. I quickly grabbed the stones from their hands and they broke their gazes.

He Lei smiled at Harry. “You really care for Luo Bing.”

“Of course.” Harry draped his hand over my shoulder. “She is my most important brother."

He Lei’s gaze fell on Harry’s hand over my shoulder, deep in thought.

I cast a sideways glance at Harry. How long do you plan to leave your hand there?!

Harry blinked and slowly retracted his hand. Rubbing the back of his head sheepishly, he averted his gaze. “Cough.

We continued to walk forward. I put the stones they had given me in my pocket, leaving only one pink neon cobblestone in my hand. It looked like a heart. How interesting.

“I heard about you from Luo Bing.” Harry walked in between He Lei and me. He continued, “She brought you up often. She said that you killed a troop of Ghost Eclipsers alone. Is that true?” He crossed his arms and studied He Lei seriously.

“Heh,” He Lei chuckled. He looked at me and then at Harry. “Without Luo Bing, we definitely wouldn’t be able to escape. Luo Bing is very powerful, which is why I wanted him to come with me.”

“Go with you?! Where to?!” Harry asked in distress and he narrowed his eyes again.

“Don’t worry. He is reluctant to leave all of you,” He Lei assured him.

Stunned, Harry turned to me. “You actually didn’t go with him?!”

I put away the heart-shaped cobblestone and looked at Harry. “You want me to go with him?” Since he had first seen He Lei, he had been on high alert and continuously hostile towards He Lei.

“Now that you’ve found out that your most important brother is reluctant to leave all of you and not willing to leave with me, are you still going to be hostile to me?” He Lei joked. As expected, he had seen through Harry right from the beginning.

In front of He Lei, Harry was like an immature younger brother.

Harry smiled and looked at He Lei. Without hesitation, he pulled down his mask to reveal his face. “I believe in you now. I think we should get to know each other afresh.”

He Lei was shocked when he saw Harry. It might have been because he was actually good looking. He glanced at me and then back at Harry. Then, he pulled down his mask too. He looked at Harry gratefully. “Thank you. Thank you for saving Luo Bing.”

Harry got a shock too when He Lei had pulled down his mask. Now, they were really sizing up one another as warriors.

“It was all because I trusted Xing Chuan…” He Lei furrowed his eyebrows, full of self blame. “I didn’t take care of Luo Bing. Now that I see he is with so many reliable people like you all, I am at ease. Please continue to take care of him.” He Lei patted Harry’s arm.

Harry smiled. “Don’t worry. She’s our treasure now. We won’t let anything happen to her.”

He Lei smiled and nodded. Both of them looked at each other under the moonlight, their eyes shimmering brightly. It was like a promise between two men.

“Oh yeah,” I spoke up and both of them looked at me simultaneously. I looked at Harry excitedly and said, “Harry! Do you know what He Lei asked me to go with him for?”

Harry looked at me confusedly. I grabbed his arms emotionally. “To join the Revolutionary Army! To fight against Ghost Eclipsers!”

Harry’s amber eyes widened. He turned to look at He Lei. “Really?!” He was thrilled with excitement too. I knew it. I knew that he would definitely be excited if he’d found out He Lei’s purpose in bringing me with him.

He Lei’s smile gradually faded, and he nodded gravely.

“Can I join too?” Harry’s reply shook He Lei. When he glanced at me, I glimpsed hesitation in his eyes. He has always acted resolutely, why did he hesitate? Is he not satisfied with Harry?

He Lei regarded Harry solemnly and held his shoulders. “We really need a strong metahuman like you. But who will protect Luo Bing after you leave?”

Harry turned back and looked at me. His excitement was replaced with calmness now. Looking down, he furrowed his eyebrows. His expression looked extremely serious and composed when he asked, “When do you start?”

He Lei frowned too and replied, “There are still many preparations to make.”

“That’s why you need gemstones!” Harry seemed to understand something.

I understood too. How could they start a revolution with no weapons? He Lei needed gemstones to make weapons!

“Take these!” Harry took out the bag of gemstones and placed it in He Lei’s hand.

He Lei looked at him in shock. “But we have nothing to exchange for these.”

“Take them!” Harry cut He Lei off and shoved the bag of gemstones into his hand. He Lei stared at He Lei in shock and glanced at me. I nodded at him. “Take them.”

He Lei looked at us gratefully.

“Tell me when everything is ready.” Harry looked at He Lei. “At the moment, I have my duty. I have to protect my city. But when the war starts, I will come for sure!” Harry said solemnly, his gaze full of determination as he faced He Lei.

He Lei looked grateful. He held Harry’s arm tightly and nodded heavily. “Good brother! You are the kind of person that we need! I’ve already told Luo Bing how to find me. The thing is with Luo Bing.”

“Alright! Let us wipe out Ghost Eclipsers in order to protect the people who are important to us!” Harry and He Lei looked at each other enthusiastically. One spark from He Lei’s eyes had started a prairie fire in Harry’s.

“As for Luo Bing.” Harry turned to look at me and smiled. He then looked at He Lei. “Luo Bing’s ability on the battlefield is too weak. I don’t want to lie to you.”

“Harry!” I glared at Harry. Harry and He Lei glanced at me at the same time. Right then, they were on the same side as if they had reached mutual agreement.

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