Book 3: Chapter 24 - One Girl and Two Guys

“Are you talking about me?!” Realizing what he meant, I pointed at myself in surprise.

His smile became wider and a little mischievous.

My face grew grave because I was supposed to be a guy. I couldn’t show that I was happy he’d said I looked like a girl, although I actually was very happy.

“Are you angry?” He Lei extended his hand to poke my knee and chuckled. “I’m complimenting you. You’re good looking.”

I shot him a distressed look. “There isn’t a man who’d be happy to be told he looks like a girl!” Even Raffles who looked so androgynous would get upset whenever others remarked that he looked like a girl. 

“But I’m serious.” His gaze turned solemn and he didn’t look like he was joking at all. “I have no intention to make fun of you. Look over there.” He nodded towards the south. 


He looked at me. “It seems like you already know what that place is. There are many pretty looking guys who are caught and placed there.”

My gaze swiveled towards Honeycomb at once. The curiosity and interest that I had felt for the place earlier vanished into thin air because of what he had said; instead I now only felt heavy-hearted.

Who would be willing to be a prostitute if they were able-bodied and could find other work?

Let alone a guy.

“Hence, at first, when you said that Xing Chuan forced you to marry him, I didn’t think that you were joking with me.” His voice grew deeper. I turned back to him and he crossed his hands under his chin. His expression grew serious. “The prettier looking guys in this world would get captured and imprisoned for trade, just like girls. Some are even given as a toy to those who own resources. That’s why you must be careful.” He looked at me with his sharp eyes. I could see that he was genuinely worried about me.

I blinked and furrowed my eyebrows slightly Lowering my head, I muttered to myself, “It looks like I’ll have to be disfigured.”

“Heh,” He Lei chuckled lightly.

“Oh yeah!” I suddenly recalled the sunflower and looked at him excitedly.

He blinked and he looked up suspiciously at me. I smiled at him. “The seed you gave me, we are going to plant it when we return after this trip!”

“Really?!” He was thrilled with excitement.

I gave him a thumbs-up. “Don’t worry. I can definitely plant it well!”

His gaze fixed upon my confident smile for very long. Our eyes met and we smiled. A complicated emotion appeared in his eyes as he stared at my face. “I am suddenly envious of you.”

“Envious of me?” I looked at him confusedly.

He looked down. “Maybe I shouldn’t bring you away.”

I continued to look at him confusedly. What’s wrong with him? Didn’t he wish for me to follow him earlier? Why did he change his mind all of a sudden?

His chest heaved up and down then he looked outside and got up. He pulled his mask up and opened the door. “Let’s go!” His actions were as resolute as before.

The cabin had returned to the ground. He leaped out of the cabin and I followed behind him after pulling up my mask. However, He Lei stopped in front of me and looked at something before him.

I looked to the front too. Before us, Harry was leaning at the entrance with his arms crossed. The guard was standing next to him and they were leaning against one another as though they were very close.

Although they didn’t speak and were looking in different directions, Harry seemed to be on good terms with him.

Harry straightened when he saw me. The guard next to him turned around and glanced at him, then at me. He smiled wickedly and patted Harry, then walked off to stand to the side.

Harry stared fixedly at me, his expression dark.

“Your friend is worried about you.” He Lei glanced at me, a faint smile in his eyes.

We walked to Harry, who came towards us as well. He looked at He Lei, then extended his hand to take mine. “It’s late. Let’s head back. Don’t make everyone worried,” he muttered. Then, he pulled me along and left.

“Hold on. We have to heal my friend’s eye.” I pulled Harry’s arm and looked at He Lei.

Harry rolled his eyes and his chest heaved exaggeratedly. He then let go of my hand and crossed his arms.

He Lei caught up and the three of us walked on under the dim lighting.

I hadn’t expected that the entire Blue Shield City would already become quiet after one round on the Ferris Wheel. There were hardly any pedestrians and the lighting strewed our shadows across the cobblestone path. Harry and He Lei were walking to each side of me.

“How did you know we were there?” I glanced at Harry.

“You followed us?” He Lei asked in a low voice, although with a teasing tone. “It seems that you care about Luo Bing a lot.” He squinted his eyes and measured Harry’s face that was covered under the mask.

Harry rolled his eyes. “Pfft. Who wants to follow you?” Harry turned to me. “Young Master found you.” He blinked at me.

“Oh, it’s Young Master.” He meant Arsenal. Arsenal’s superpower was tracking metahumans within a limited range.

“We were worried about you heading out with that guy.” Harry glared sideways at He Lei. He Lei looked down and smiled faintly but didn’t respond.

*Pak!* All the lights went off.

The three of us paused and looked up at the lightbulbs around us. Moonlight poured down brightly on us now that the lights had gone out. I looked down subconsciously and saw that the road under our feet was glowing in several different colors.

“Look!” I pointed at the ground in surprise. They both looked, but they weren’t as surprised as I was.

I squatted down alone and reached out to touch the colorful neon stones. They were beautiful.

The two guys stood by my sides and watched me under the moonlight as they waited for me.

Then, He Lei squatted down too and took out a dagger that he’d been carrying around. Immediately Harry squatted down too, putting his hand before me in protection. He watched He Lei alertly. “What are you doing?”

He Lei glanced at him and smirked under his mask. He then prised up a stone from the ground.

*Pak!* He pried up a green neon stone and placed it before me. I accepted it happily and he smiled. He continued to pry up another blue neon stone.

Harry saw and extended his hand. His fingers swelled up and he pushed on the ground. *Poof!* He stabbed his fingers into the ground. He Lei couldn’t help but look at Harry. When he saw Harry stab his fingers into the ground, he looked surprised and impressed.

*Pak!* Harry got me a stone of each color and held them in his hand. Then, he told me, “Tell me what you want. Don’t take from strangers.”

“Heh,” He Lei chuckled again.

Harry glared at him. “You only met him once. You can’t trust him,” Harry reined back his gaze and warned me solemnly.

“Because we are sizing up one another as warriors,” He Lei spoke up in a steady and mature voice.

I looked at He Lei while he looked back at me. We smiled. Yes, we are sizing up one another as warriors.

“Sizing up as warriors?” Harry inserted himself between He Lei and me. He glanced back at He Lei and spat, “Where did so many stars come from?”

“Heh,” He Lei chuckled and looked to the side.

Harry’s face instantly darkened and he narrowed his eyes at He Lei. His deep gaze carried a tinge of sharpness due to the amber color of his eyes. 


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