Book 3: Chapter 23 - Guys Who Looks Like Girls Are Dangerous Too

He Lei smiled at me; he had always carried maturity beyond us. His right eye looked better as the swell had gone down. “It’s a revolutionary army. You can live so comfortably here because Ghost Eclipsers are on the other side of the planet and have yet to reach here. However, you don’t know that they have been expanding their power tremendously. Half a year ago, we met the Pathfinder.” He Lei’s expression grew solemn while I furrowed my eyebrows in distress.

The first batch of Pathfinders had died, and they naturally would have been followed by a second batch and a third batch. No one knew when they would appear again.

He Lei shook his head anxiously. “They sent people to explore this area and their power is growing in this direction too. They’ve become smarter. Every city they find, they no longer conduct massive killing but instead conquer the city and make it their new base. Then, they begin to expand outward. At this rate, they would gradually conquer the entire Kansas Star! Hence, we have to prepare for a counterattack!” He Lei clenched his fists tightly. His steady and determined tone was supremely uplifting.  

That’s right! Where there is oppression, there would be resistance to oppression! Where there is supremacy, there would be a revolution!

I was inspired and stirred up. We can’t wait passively for our demise, we have to fight back! We have to revolutionize!

He Lei became hot with emotion, his eyes shimmering like shooting stars. “That’s why, someone established the Revolutionary Army! In the north, whoever wants to fight against Ghost Eclipsers, no matter if they are metahumans or not, they can join our force to fight against Ghost Eclipsers together to save this planet! Luo Bing!” He faced me seriously, his gaze now deep. “Ghost Esclipsers will come here, it is just a matter of time. You and your family have to be careful! Whenever you are ready, meet me in the north.”

Then, he took out a coin-sized disk from his pocket. It was embossed by hand with a cross-like star design. Although the make was rough, it was very motivating because he had embedded his own tough spirit into the pattern. 

I knew that it was a data disk.

“This will lead you to us.” He handed me the data disk and held my hand tightly. His warm hand was filled with strength as he gazed deep into my eyes. “Although I hope that you can leave with me this time, I know you are not ready yet. I will wait for you in the north, Luo Bing.” He had flames churning in his eyes, as glaringly bright as a new star that had suddenly been birthed in the darkest corner of the universe.

I looked at his hand that was holding mine. “Then, wouldn’t Xing Chuan know about the Revolutionary Army?! Using the lens that he gave you?!” I looked at him anxiously.

As expected, his expression immediately turned distressed. He let go of my hand and looked in front of him. “Humph. Forget it. Silver Moon City knew of our existence all this while and they kept close tabs on us. From now onwards, they shouldn’t even dream about getting any information from me! Humph!

*Sigh.* I let out a heavy sigh and held the data disk that he had given me. “Actually, I should have thought about it earlier. Do you remember the girl that we saved that day?”

He spun around. “Sayee?”

I looked at him and glimpsed a tenderness in his eyes. “She’s with me now.”

I felt awkward but I didn’t know why I felt that way. I blinked and looked down. “You’ve mentioned before that Silver Moon City only takes girls and metahumans. Why didn’t Xing Chuan take Sayee to Silver Moon City back then?” I turned to glare at He Lei, as if the reason wasn’t obvious enough.

Silver Moon City only took girls and metahumans but Xing Chuan had left the girl, Sayee, behind. It was obvious that Xing Chuan had forsaken her. Although I didn’t know what, there must have been a reason why he had forsaken her and hence didn’t bring Sayee back to Silver Moon City.

He Lei became quiet and he slowly looked away. In the flickering lighting, there was pity and distress on his face. He looked at the blurry night sky outside the window. “Because she was violated by Ghost Eclipsers.”

“Violated?” I exclaimed with rage. “It turns out that Xing Chuan has forsaken her because of that! He thought she was dirty?! Xing Chuan is ridiculous! How dare he?!”

“Luo Bing!” He Lei swiftly turned around and cut me off. Upset, he explained, “Please don’t use the word ‘dirty’. Sayee belongs to my tribe now. She’s my family."

I immediately shut up. Lowering my head, I apologized, “Sorry, I’m…”

“You don’t have to apologize.” He pressed on my shoulders and his voice grew gentle. “If you were to see her someday, please forget about what happened in the past. She is a girl after all. That experience is a plain nightmare to her.” He sighed, full of heartache.

I smiled at him. “You’re gentle to girls.”

He Lei was stunned and embarrassed. He took his hand back and turned away, coughing gently and looking left then right, as though he was avoiding eye contact with me.

I grinned at having something on him now. “You are embarrassed!” 

“Stop your nonsense.”

“Do you have a girl that you like?!”

“Of course not!” He became anxious and was looking all around. He saw the ice bag on the opposite seat and quickly returned to grab it and put it against his eyes. It felt like he was forcing a topic when he pointed on his right eye and said, “Your friend sucks. I nearly went blind.”

I smiled. “Yeah, that’s his superpower. We have a healer too. Let her heal you when we return.”

“It seems that you have quite a number of metahumans.” He Lei looked surprised.

I nodded; I could feel the Ferris Wheel descending gradually. I couldn’t help but look outside to appreciate the dreamy scenery of the magical island for the last time. “This place is beautiful.” It must have been very crowded here back then.

The entire cabin fell into silence after my compliment.

I admired  the dreamy night sky in the dim lighting. I could faintly feel He Lei’s gaze on the side of my face. My face started burning under his gaze, but I didn’t dare to turn and look at him as I felt that that would be even more awkward. Hence, I pretended to not notice and continued to look outside the window. 

When two people were alone together, the atmosphere would slide into silent awkwardness.

“Luo Bing,” He Lei called me gently.

“What?” I continued to look outside but my heart started racing somehow. That’s strange. I wouldn’t have this strange feeling when I am alone with Raffles, Harry or the other guys.

“In this world, guys who look like girls are dangerous too.” His hoarse voice sounded like a dreaming mutter.

I looked at him in shock and he smiled faintly. His gaze was gentle and deep but there was a spark in his bright eyes, just like a wisp of sunlight that shone through the sunflower field. It shone on my face, shimmering and very charming.


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