Book 3: Chapter 21 - He Lei Was Easy To Fool

Xue Gie caught up with us and gave me a big bag that felt cold to the touch. I opened it and saw that it held ice cubes that she had made. She nodded at me and returned to the stall.

Xue Gie was so thoughtful. Although she didn’t speak much, she saw everything with her eyes.

“Let’s go,” He Lei muttered to me. Walking out, he immediately went into a highly guarded state. He once again extended his hand and put it behind me. But this time, he didn’t touch my body and instead left a thin gap in between. Even so, I could feel that I was within his protection range and I was safe.

He didn’t speak to anyone on the way nor did he look at anyone. The two of us were like shuttling pedestrians. We held our heads low and did not have eye contact with anyone. Others acted like they couldn’t see us as well.

The fairytale-like ocean city lit up, colored light bulbs bobbing in the dimness like colorful bubbles that filled the city with a beautiful, romantic vibe.

This beautiful city had a charm that made you reluctant to leave. It was a huge attraction.

When we reached the huge octopus, He Lei took out a piece of chocolate from his pocket and stuffed it into the hand of a guard who was keeping watch on the octopus.

The guard looked around then nodded at us. He let us in and put the piece of chocolate into his mouth.

I could faintly see people through the translucent walls of the bubble-like cabins but there weren’t many of them. Most of the cabins were occupied by two people each.

When we entered, the guard who was chewing his chocolate stole a glance at us. I looked back at him suspiciously but He Lei immediately pushed me forward and didn’t allow me to meet anyone’s eyes.

“Be careful when you are out. Blue Shield City isn’t as safe as you imagine it to be,” He Lei muttered into my ear.

I nodded and hurried into one of the bubbles passing by. He Lei closed the door behind us and we gradually rose.

In the cabin, there were seats opposite each other that looked like bubbles too. There seemed to be neon liquid flowing within them as well, in which small fishes were swimming around. They looked magical and dreamy.

Everything here was beautiful. The theme-park city’s master back then must have been filled with childlike innocence. He had wanted to give the children the most beautiful things.

He Lei finally relaxed. At once, he pulled down his mask and looked at me excitedly. “Where have you been the past half a year? Why are you on Silver Moon City’s wanted list? Didn’t you go to Silver Moon City with Xing Chuan? What did you steal from them?!” His barrage of questions rendered me speechless.

He saw that I didn’t reply and he got worried. “Luo Bing, don’t worry! If it’s you against Silver Moon City, I’d definitely trust you over Silver Moon City. Humph.” The light in He Lei’s eyes darkened.

I looked at his swollen right eye. Then, I lifted the ice bag and pressed it against his eye. He gasped in pain. “Psst!

“Why did you tell your friend to hit me?” He pressed on my hand that was holding the ice bag and was surprised, “Why is your hand so cold?” He held my hand, making me blush as I hurriedly retracted my hand. “I was holding the ice bag.”

He was embarrassed. “Oh yeah, I forgot that you don’t like people touching you.” He smiled and let go of my hand to hold the ice bag by himself.

I felt slightly embarrassed then too. I sat down and realized that the seat was as soft as water.

He Lei glanced at me and took the seat opposite mine.

I didn’t speak and he didn’t ask any more questions but watched me with a worried gaze. He seemed like he was holding back some heavy sorrow as his chest was heaving up and down as if he couldn’t steady his breathing. His handsome face wasn’t covered in dust this time, so the outline of his face was distinct. His pair of black eyes set in deep sockets looked like stars in the universe.

His nose was tall and straight, setting off his deep-seated gaze. He looked like a Prince from the mysterious East.

His guard being always up, his solemn and constantly worried expression, his bearing that seemed like he was carrying a heavy load on his shoulders - all these things made him look reserved.

He was no longer the basketball team captain under the sunlight, but a warrior who was carrying great responsibility.

He held the ice bag as he furrowed his eyebrows and pursed his lips. Silence filled the air. Although he seemed worried, he didn’t speak.

Finally, he faintly asked me in a soft voice, “You can’t tell me?” His gentle timber made it hard to believe that a heavily guarded person like him had such a caring side.

I shook my head and took out the shattered lens from my pocket. “Because of this.”

“The miniature pseudo eye that Xing Chuan gave me?”

I see. That’s its name.

I nodded. “I suspect that this thing is connected to Silver Moon City’s server. Hence, whatever you see, Xing Chuan could see it too. Everything that you had seen would be transmitted back to Silver Moon City as their data.”

He Lei’s gaze immediately fixed upon the shattered lens in my hand, his meaningful gaze quickly replaced with churning flame. He narrowed his eyes angrily and grabbed the lens from my hand to throw out of the window. His chest was heaving up and down in outrage. He held his head as he took deep breaths as if he was working hard to calm himself down.

He didn’t suspect what I had said at all. As he had mentioned, he would only trust in me if it was my word against Silver Moon City.

I was moved, and I felt warm.

I had come to this world and I had met two guys. This one, and the other guy.

One had suspected me and had thrown me down from the sky. He had dealt with me using his phony self and he had only smiled at me when I had been useful to him.

And he, on the other hand, trusted me without needing any proof. He believed in everything I said. Although he was always angry and he didn’t smile, he was treating me, a total stranger, with his most sincere heart.

Phew.” He Lei let out a long sigh and shook his head. “I was fooled by the people in Silver Moon City. Thank you, Luo Bing.” He looked at me and nodded. “Your doubts are important to me and the people following me. We won’t be monitored by Silver Moon City anymore.”

I nodded with a faint smile.

He looked worried again. “How about you? Why did they order for your arrest as a wanted criminal? What did you steal from Xing Chuan?”

His question took me down memory lane. I furrowed my eyebrows as I recalled the infuriating memory. Trying hard to suppress my anger towards Xing Chuan, I took a deep breath and looked at He Lei. “I stole his heart.”

He Lei was stunned.

I continued to say with a stern look, “He was into me and he wanted to force me to marry him. I ran away and he put me on the wanted list all over the world!”

He Lei heard what I said and his expression went stiff. The corner of his lips had no idea what expression to make.

I held in my urge to laugh and he looked away awkwardly. He coughed slightly, “Cough. I can’t blame him. You look like a girl and you are so beautiful. There are hardly any girls now…” He seemed to turn more awkward the more he spoke. He tugged his scarf as if his body temperature was rising due to the awkwardness. He even started panting.


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