Book 3: Chapter 20 - I Am Luo Bing

“You cheated!” The fat guy was angry and wanted to charge forward. Sis Cannon and Xue Gie immediately seized the fat guy by his arms while he struggled to shake off their grip.

Harry let go of He Lei. He Lei covered his right eye as he glared at Harry. Still, he raised his hand to stop the fat guy.

The fat guy held in his anger and shook off Sis Canon and Xue Gie’s hands. He stared at us angrily with his guard up.

I bent down to pick up the lens that I had stepped on to break. Smiling, I quietly put it into my pocket.

“Hey, brother, I’m sorry, I hit you hard…” Harry was talking but He Lei unexpectedly disappeared from where he stood. The next moment, he was behind Harry with a gun in his hand, with the gun aimed straight at Harry’s temple!

This scene looked familiar. Harry was always being held as a hostage.

“Harry!” Raffled exclaimed in surprise. Everyone turned anxious.

Sis Cannon, Xue Gie, Xiao Ying and Ming You quickly took out their guns and aimed at He Lei while the fat guy aimed at me!

“Don’t move!” The fat guy roared, his voice echoing.

Arsenal was the only one standing calmly by the side. Her composed self was not inferior to any man.

I looked at He Lei who stood behind Harry, and He Lei stared darkly back at me. “You finally came out. Speak! What is your purpose?”

I stared at him in silence for a while, trying very hard to suppress my excitement. I didn’t want to get too worked up and pounce at him. “He Lei,” I called out his name and his face turned surprised behind Harry!

Not just him, but Harry in front of him, Raffles by the side and everyone who had heard of He Lei’s name, were looking at He Lei and me in surprise.

“It’s me.” I pulled my mask down slowly. “Luo Bing.”

He Lei put his gun away in shock and walked past Harry who had yet to come back to his senses. He took huge strides and came before me. He measured me up and down emotionally before he finally smiled. He finally smiled widely from reuniting with me.

He looked more mature now after half a year had passed. He had begun to look like a man but not the young man I had seen back then, who had seemed like a basketball team captain.

Suddenly, he pulled down his mask and held my shoulders. His grip seemed like he wanted to break my shoulders. My face was reflected in his black eyes. His right eye had begun to swell to the point that I almost couldn’t see his eye.

Everyone put their guns away at the sight.

“Luo Bing! It’s you! Luo Bing?” he asked emotionally.

I nodded excitedly. He Lei, my brother, my comrade!

“Luo Bing! My good brother!” he said excitedly and pulled me into his embrace. I was pulled forcefully against his solid chest, his strength almost squashing me into his body.

Harry, who had been behind He Lei, came back to reality and walked over to us. He roared, “Hey! Let go of her! She hates to be touched!”

The fat guy walked forward and stopped Harry. He lowered his head and smiled maliciously at Harry.

“I’m sorry. I got too excited.” He Lei let go of me and looked at me with delight and emotion. He studied me carefully. “I didn’t know you look like this. You look like a girl!” He continued to stare at me.

I tried hard to remain composed so that I wouldn’t look guilty.

When we had first met, I had been covered in soil. So, even Xing Chuan hadn’t known what I’d looked like. Xing Chuan had recognized me through my eyes back then.

I looked past He Lei at Harry. “Harry, I’ll be fine. I have things to say to He Lei in private.”

“How could you?! That’s too dangerous!” Harry pushed the fat guy away and wanted to come forward but Raffles held his arm. “Harry, He Lei is Luo Bing’s friend. They finally reunited, we shouldn’t interrupt Luo Bing.”

“You!” Harry pointed at Raffles in dismay. For a second, his expression looked just like Sis Ceci’s had when she had regretted that Harry didn’t live up to her expectations. 

Raffles looked to the side, seemingly annoyed.

Harry pouted angrily as he couldn’t refute Raffles.

“Don’t worry. It can’t get any safer than being with my chief,” the fat guy chuckled and said.

Harry rolled his eyes at him and looked away, although he still seemed rather agitated.

Sis Cannon, Ming You and the others were still in shock. Even Xue Gie who was normally expressionless looked shocked.

Arsenal smiled and nodded at me. “Go ahead."

“Mm.” I nodded at Arsenal. “Go ahead and have dinner first. Don’t wait for me.”

“Alright.” Arsenal seemed like she was congratulating me.

I looked at He Lei and said, “Let’s take a walk.”

“Alright!” He Lei extended his hand to my face. I was stunned while Harry and Raffles instantly turned towards us too. Harry’s eyes were practically spitting flames.

Sis Cannon, Ming You and Xiao Ying stared at us with their eyes wide open.

However, He Lei only pulled up my scarf to hide my face for me. He looked at me excitedly. “I also have a lot of things to ask you.” His eyes held a complicated look; there were so many doubts entangled between us.

I knew that he definitely had a lot of things to tell me too.

He pulled up his mask and naturally held me by my shoulders. It was merely a protective gesture. Then, we walked past Harry and Raffles.

*Slap!* Harry grabbed He Lei’s hand that had been draped over my shoulders. He Lei glanced at him and Harry glared back. “You can go out but can you stop touching her.”

He Lei looked suspicious as Harry took his hand away.

I looked at Harry and said, “Harry! I am a man!” I reminded Harry that He Lei only knew me as a guy!

Harry was stunned while Raffles rushed to pull Harry away. He looked at He Lei solemnly.  “I’m sorry. We are all Luo Bing’s good friends. She actually hates others touching her but she was probably too embarrassed to tell you,” Raffles said politely to He Lei.

He Lei was stunned and he came back to his senses. “I see. Thanks for the reminder.” He Lei looked at me and said, “Luo Bing, you can tell me frankly.”

I glanced at Raffles while Raffles smiled at me. It was as if he was telling me that there was no need to thank him for reminding He Lei. However, his smile looked like how Ice Dragon would smile at me.

They made me feel awkward when they behaved like that.

He Lei and I walked out from the stall under Harry’s burning gaze. He Lei looked at me with a smile, “Your friends are nice to you.” He pointed at his right eye that couldn’t be opened. “But why did you tell them to hit me?” He was confused.

“I’m sorry.” I looked at his eye apologetically. Then, I looked to the left and to the right. “This is not a place to talk.”

“I know a great place.” He lifted his head and looked at the octopus Ferris Wheel. It was spinning slowly under the moonlight, its body shimmering as though neon liquid was flowing within.


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