Book 1: Chapter 17 - Female Metahuman

Her big grey eyes were like that of a cat’s. There was calmness in her eyes and it seemed like nothing could make her anxious nor catch her interest. Her grey eyes looked straight in front of her. Her chubby baby face made her look cute. Her lips were not thick nor were they thin, but she looked rather cold as she tightly pursed them.

There was another maiden next to her. This maiden looked like she was in her early twenties and her facial features were more mature. They were delicate and beautiful, just like a daughter from a well-to-do family. She had a pair of beautiful emerald eyes, with a calm yet gentle expression.

She wasn’t in an army uniform, but wore an old brown robe that was stained yellow. But nevertheless, it was very clean. There was a colorful patch at her waist, which was new, and it brightened up her simple robe.

She had a colorful rope tied around her waist, and there was also a huge hood that attached on the backside of the robe. Her long hair was tied up with a simple floral handkerchief. I had not seen such a fashion for quite some time. She looked like a maiden from a village who picked fruits, and she also looked like a shepherd who stood next to a lamb, simple yet beautiful.

She was looking at us with a tinge of anxiety. But she seemed to be more worried about Harry who stood in front of me.

*Pak!* There was a whipping sound that tugged at my highly tensed nerve. I immediately looked at the female military instructor. She was holding a black calfskin whip. The whip was extraordinarily shiny. One would feel the pain of being whipped just by looking at it.

She looked at Harry who was seized by me and roared in anger, but her whip was aimed at the uncle by the door, “How dare you hide this girl!?”

“I picked her up!” Harry suddenly emphasized. He didn’t seem to be afraid that I had used him as a hostage, but he was more worried that I was discovered and would be taken away.

“Hehe…” The uncle who looked manly started chuckling foolishly like his son Harry. His originally wise and shrewd warrior-like look became cute because of his foolish smile.

The female military instructor threw a tantrum and glared at Harry who stood in front of me. She shouted, “She’s not yours even if you found her!”

“My dear wife, this is a misunderstanding, just a misunderstanding.” What!? The uncle just called this female military instructor his wife! Then, then, am I not holding her son as my hostage? I became even more vigilant. I had yet to see what Harry looked like, but I remembered that Harry shared the same amber-colored eyes like the female military instructor. 

The uncle looked at his wife and smiled as he tried to ingratiate, “I only wanted Harry to leave a good impression on this girl, but who knows… Harry!” The uncle put on a straight face and made an eye signal, “What did you do to her?! Hurry up and apologize!”

“I, I didn’t…” Harry spread his hands. He looked extremely innocent and he looked like he was wronged.

The female military instructor looked at me and her eyes were shimmering like a soldier’s, “You tell me, what did he do to you? Don’t be afraid. Although he is my son, no one bullies a girl around here!” She said it loudly and clearly in an imposing manner. The place was fueled with billowing energy.

I subconsciously answered, “He laid on top of me and drooled on me!” I was dumbfounded as I said this! ‘I answered her!’ It was simply an instinctual response when a military instructor questions a soldier! When she asked me the question, she sounded just like my dad, who had once been a soldier himself.

“Obscene!” The white-haired maiden spat in anger!

“Harry! How could you do that!” The other girl exclaimed in shock too. There was disbelief in her emerald eyes.

“I didn’t!” Harry stomped his foot. I immediately pushed the knife closer to his neck and he calmed down. He looked at the white-haired maiden and the other elder sister with an aggrieved expression, “Waifu Xue Gie, Waifu Ming Xuan, I didn’t!”

I was stunned. It turns out that he calls everyone his wife!?

“Who is your wife!?” The maiden named Xue Gie glared at Harry, “Don’t humiliate me.”

“Sigh!” Harry looked disappointed as he covered his face. He obviously ignored my knife, “Waifu Xue Gie, you have disappointed me! I… !”

“Shut up!” Suddenly, someone dragged Harry away from me! I was still holding onto the knife but my hostage was taken away!

Theoretically, I was defeated right then because I had lost my hostage, and the other party could totally arrest me at any time. However… The scenario before me was entirely different!

I saw that the female military instructor was the one who had seized Harry and she was raising her eyebrows at him, “How dare you flirt with girls!?”

“Mom! I didn’t! I really didn’t!” Harry said quickly.

“No, actually he didn’t…” I had yet to explain but the female military instructor threw Harry over the railing!

“Go and think about what you have done.” As the female military instructor reprimanded. Harry… was thrown… over the railing… from… the third floor…

I was dumbfounded.


Bang! There was a loud thud. I closed my eyes and stole a glance downstairs. Harry fell straight into the crowd. He… Is he really the female military instructor’s son?

“Hahahaha…” The people who surrounded him burst into laughter.

“Harry, you have guts! You dared to hide a girl from the princess.”

“Harry, that’s a girl from Silver Moon City. How dare you keep her to yourself?”

“Harry, you’re doomed!”

I looked at Harry as he held his hands up. He didn’t die!?

“Harry!” The uncle ran to the railing and waved, “Are you okay?”

Harry waved as he lay prostrate on the ground.

The uncle clenched his fist and his expression was pretentious. He turned to glare at the female military instructor, “Ceci! Harry is your son!”

The female military instructor whom the uncle had called Ceci, raised her eyebrows as she cracked the whip in her hand, “There is a saying, if the upper beam is not straight, the lower ones will go aslant. You are responsible for your son’s misbehavior! Da Li! Bring Officer Mason down and flog him along with Harry; thirty times for both of them, separately!”

What? Flogging!?

Who was Da Li? I didn’t see anyone else behind Military Instructor Ceci.

“Yes!” I heard a child’s tender voice. Then, a girl who was about five to six years old walked out from behind Military Instructor Ceci.

“Don’t, don’t, Da Li. Be nice.” Uncle Mason looked terrified as he took a few steps backwards. “Uncle Mason found you a lollipop!” Then, he took out a huge colorful lollipop from his pocket and offered it to her! It was as though he was asking for compliments when he offered it to the little girl named Da Li.

The girl’s eyes opened wide. She took the lollipop from Uncle Mason happily, while he let out a sigh of relief. But the next moment, the little girl grabbed his calf and frowned, “I hate those men who bully girls the most!” Then, she turned and lifted a foot and took a huge stride forward. *Bang!* Uncle Mason fell from her pull!

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