Book 3: Chapter 19 - The Battle Between Two Leopards

I glared at them, then whispered into Raffles’s ear, “Go and tell Harry. Get him to figure out a way to punch the right eye of the guy next to the fatty. It must be his right eye!”

I let go of Raffles, who looked confused. I grabbed him by his scarf and pushed him out. Then, I recalled something and pulled him back again. Staring into his grayish-blue eyes above his mask, I added, “He is a metahuman! Don’t let him use his superpower.”

Raffles stared at me in shock. It was obviously a tough mission.

I pushed him out again. He walked out, surprised and bewildered, and he kept turning back to look at me. Then, he whispered into Harry’s ears, his eyes carefully measuring He Lei up and down.

Harry’s amber eyes popped. He first turned to look in my direction, surprised that I had assigned him such a strange task.

I knew that it was difficult to find a reason to fight someone, and he even had to restrain the other party to not use their superpower.

Harry gave me a strange look. Then, he began to think after taking back his gaze.

Arsenal began to feel suspicious too and she glanced at me.

He Lei narrowed his eyes at Raffles’ whispering to Harry. All of a sudden, he grabbed the seeds on the table and said, “We are not trading anymore.” Then, he turned and left.

I became anxious but I knew that I couldn’t rush out.

“Hold on.” Harry stopped him and smiled. “Brother, let’s fight a battle."

He Lei glanced at Harry and continued to leave.

I furrowed my eyebrows. He Lei is on high alert. From what happened today, he might not speak to us again next time. He must be heavily guarded against us now.

Harry was quick in response and composed. When He Lei continued to walk away, Harry said, “I’ll give it to you for free if you win.”

He Lei stopped and the fat guy immediately held him by his shoulder. “Chief, that sounds great.”

He Lei narrowed his eyes and glanced at Harry, then exhorted, “Be careful.”

The fat guy immediately turned back to us. “How do I compete with you?”

Harry smiled and shook his head. He lifted his hand to point at He Lei. “I’m interested in him. Brother, you look like you are very powerful. What do you think? Let’s compete. I’ll give you these for free if I lose. Or are you afraid of me?” Harry threw the bag of gemstones onto the table. 

Arsenal looked at the bag of gemstones.

“What’s going on?” Sis Cannon, Xiao Ying and Ming You, who had been busy, now walked to the side of the door and glanced at me who was hiding behind the door. Then, they looked outside.

Xue Gie watched me calmly. She had been sitting in the room the whole time so she had seen everything.

He Lei looked at the bag of gemstones, while Harry held him in contempt.

“Chief! Don’t make them think that you are really scared of them!” The fat guy told He Lei.

He Lei thought and came back. I let out a breath of relief when I saw them return. However, He Lei’s gaze was fixed in my direction. He should have noticed something by now.

He walked back to the counter and looked at the bag of gemstones. Harry opened the bag and He Lei’s eyes popped with surprise. He could tell that they were genuine gemstones.

“Can’t use superpower.” Harry raised his fist. “I am afraid that I might kill you if I use my superpower.”

“Hahaha. You are good at boasting.” The fat guy laughed and he looked confident. “No one has ever defeated our chief up till now.”

“Oh? That makes me even more eager to compete with your chief. Raffles, close the stall,” Harry commanded Raffles to close the door that led into our stall.

He Lei looked at him with a meaningful gaze. Then, he entered with the fat guy following behind. Raffles closed the door behind them.

*Click.* The entrance of the stall was closed, sealing off the outside world. The people outside wouldn’t be able to see whatever happened inside.

“Yo, fat boy!” The fat guy chuckled when he saw Xiao Ying.

Xiao Ying blushed and puffed up her cheeks. She turned away, Humph!

The fat guy chuckled again. Then, he moved to the side to stand with the others there, making space for Harry and He Lei.

Raffles kept the gemstones on the table and stood to the side.

Arsenal retreated to the side of the door in silence, giving me another probing look. I furrowed my eyebrows and looked down. I will explain it to everyone later.

Xue Gie stood up to watch outside the stall.

Harry started rolling up his sleeves while He Lei watched Harry in silence, like a black leopard lying in ambush as it watched its enemy closely. He was waiting for an opportunity to launch an attack.

Harry narrowed his amber eyes like a leopard that had found its prey and was prepared to attack.

He Lei and Harry were like hunting leopards. They could pounce at their enemies quickly, accurately and brutally after they had locked onto their targets. Then, they would hit their vital points so that the prey couldn’t struggle.

Suddenly, Harry threw a punch very quickly, surprising even He Lei who was well known for his speed. He immediately raised his hand to block. The fact that he couldn’t use his superpower had restrained him greatly.

I wasn’t sure if Harry could win against him even if He Lei hadn’t been allowed to use his superpower. Ever since I had met He Lei for the first time, I could deeply feel that his qualities greatly differed from ordinary people. He had great battle experience as if he had been on the battlefield for very long.

Harry was obviously inexperienced in battle.

I was worried if Harry could even hit He Lei.

As expected, my concern was proven in their exchange of blows. He Lei’s movement was clean and smooth, just like when he had been hunting Ghost Eclipsers back then. I didn’t know which area He Lei was from but it must have been chaotic there. Or the place he had once lived in had been chaotic.

Every punch and kick of Harry’s was blocked by He Lei. However, his movement wasn’t weaker than He Lei. Every single punch and kick of his packed a lot of power.  He Lei would step back from the impact if he blocked Harry’s hit forcefully and Harry’s foot thundered when he stepped on the ground!

He Lei looked surprised and his expression actually started to turn passionate. As if he had started to feel excited because he had found a match. He was getting more and more pumped up.

Under the lighting, both young men were evenly matched. Harry’s punches and kicks cut swiftly through the air fast enough to make sound, while He Lei’s cape whipped as he spun to dodge.

Their punches and kicks resounded as they collided.

“Awesome!” The fat guy couldn’t help but cheer. The battle was really exciting!

“Your chief is pretty skillful!” The fat guy was smug with success. He lifted his chin up, “Our chief isn’t using his superpower. If he is, he would give you a shock!”

“Try to scare me then. Hahaha.” Harry laughed hysterically.

Arsenal looked at me as they chatted. “Do you know them?”

I didn’t speak, only continuing to watch the battle outside closely.

Without warning, Harry grabbed He Lei by his arm and grasped the best timing to punch He Lie’s right eye. He Lei instantly raised his hand to block. At that second, Harry’s fist enlarged at lightning speed. Just as He Lei was surprised, *Bang!* Harry’s fist hit He Lei’s right eye. Instantly, a strange light flew away from He Lei’s right eye and fell next to the door. I immediately came out and stepped on the lens! 

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