Book 3: Chapter 18 - Prepared To Reunite

Raffles looked at Harry and Harry looked at Raffles. “You explain to them. Cough.”

“M-me? I have never been here before...” Raffles glanced at the conch-looking building embarrassedly. He quickly pulled up his collar to cover his shoulder again. “How would I know what kind of place that is?” He pouted and looked away.

“Boss, why do you think that is where the gigolos stay?” Xiao Ying asked me curiously.

“Are you dumb? Honeycomb! What else can Honeycomb be?” Sis Cannon smirked cheekily while Xiao Ying was still confused. Swept along by Sis Cannon’s words, Ming You started pondering the matter too.

“There is only one Queen Bee in the honeycomb and the others are all bees,” Arsenal said with a smile.

Xue Gie stared at the Honeycomb expressionlessly. It seemed that our Ice Queen was curious about that place too.


“And, don’t bees have a sting under them?” Sis Cannon wriggled her eyebrows. She looked just like a playboy since she was still disguised as a guy.

Ming You’s back grew stiff and shook her head. “What are you thinking about?” Her tone seemed to be warning Sis Cannon to not mislead everyone else.

“Isn’t it so?” Sis Cannon smirked at Ming You. “If you were really innocent, would you react that way? Those in medicine are so naughty.” 

Ming You blushed at Sis Cannon’s teasing, and looked away. “Who knows what you are talking about?!”

I looked at Ming You. Ming You knows.

“I am saying the bee sting is very hard!” Sis Cannon deliberately explained it. She even raised a V with her left hand and put her right index finger in between the V to illustrate how a bee stings forward. “When it stings, pfft!”

Raffles suddenly blushed and looked away. Shaking his head, he sighed.

She made another guy blush with her description!

Harry put his hand against his forehead and said, “Really have to give it to you...”

“Hurry up and put down your hands!” Ming You pressed Sis Cannon’s hands down. Arsenal and Xiao Ying laughed hysterically while Ming You glared at her impatiently, “You are so lustful! Everything you say must be related to that topic!” 

Sis Cannon flipped her hair. “If we didn’t have to hide our identity, I’d like to check out the Honeycomb. The old man said that the men there are beautiful!” She licked her lips like an animal in heat.

If she were to become an Emperor, she’d definitely fill her harem with three thousand concubines.

“That’s enough.” Harry threw his hands in the air and walked away. Sis Cannon laughed at him. “Harry! You’ve never been there?!”

Harry nearly stumbled again and immediately quickened his footsteps.

Sis Cannon narrowed her eyes at him. “He’s definitely been there before. What do you think?” She looked at us.

We sighed and walked past her in unison. She really did say things that made all of us blushed.

Harry led us to familiarize ourselves around Blue Shield City but we avoided the direction towards Honeycomb. Even when we did go near the Honeycomb, he brought us away very quickly.

It really was a hotel. A manmade lake separated it from the rest of the theme-park city. A transparent nine-turn bridge spanned across the lake. Although it was transparent, we could see stars inlaid in the material. The bridge would definitely look beautiful at night. The people who had once been here were so romantic.

Harry brought us back to our stall and we started operating officially.

Our items were eye-catching, especially our medicine. There were many places without healers. Even if they could heal, the degree of their superpowers varied. Some could only heal the flu. Some could only heal the external wounds, like Ming You. Some could heal breast cancer, but then girls were rare here.

In a short while, we had sold half of our items. We traded for a large amount of rice, wheat, flour, eggs and precious paddy seeds! 

Then, lights lit up around us. Nighttime had fallen.

The lights in the mermaid stall lit up. The dim lighting lit up one after another. They were either hidden in the animal’s eyes, or in the mushrooms by the side of the walkway, or in the exquisite street lamps. Blue Shield City lit up like a beautiful fairy-tale.

Arsenal and I looked out from behind the counter at the lights in the opposite stall. The stall opposite us was a huge transparent fish bubble. When the light lit up, the fish bubble looked like it was floating, a sight that made one’s heart melt.

Suddenly, I saw two familiar figures approaching through the fish bubble. It was He Lei and his comrade!

I immediately turned around, my heart racing.

Xiao Ying and the other girls were preparing for dinner inside the inner room, while Raffles was busy examining the seeds that we had traded for.

“What’s the matter?” Arsenal looked at me.

Harry was standing by the side. At Arsenal’s words, he looked at me out of the corner of his eyes, his expression serious.

I angled my face slightly to the side, glancing behind me. They really were walking in our direction. Quickly I turned back, feeling unsettled as I turned my back to the counter.

Arsenal looked at me suspiciously and Harry reached for my arm. Just then, the fat guy exclaimed in surprise, “It’s you?”

Harry stole a glance at me then faced He Lei. “It’s you? How’s business?”

“Such a coincidence, isn’t it? Chief?” The fat guy asked He Lei.

“I heard that you have what we want,” He Lei’s deep voice resounded behind me. He wants gemstones? I quickly walked into the inner room. Harry glanced at me but I continued to walk forward without looking at him.

“I see. It’s you,” Harry replied as I entered the room. I hid behind the door and peeked outside. Arsenal turned slightly to steal a concerned glance at me, before she reined back her gaze and turned back to He Lei and the fat guy.

Harry turned back to steal a glance at me too, before facing forward and smiling. “Like I said, we might have what you want. But we are only trading them with seeds. Do you have any?”

“Of course!” The fat guy placed a small bag on the counter while He Lei looked in my direction, his guard up. He was definitely on high alert due to Harry and Arsenal’s gazes.

I carefully peeked at his eyes through the door gap. The light brushed past his bright eyes. As expected! There is a flash of weird light. He is still wearing it.

Just then, I caught a glimpse of Raffles who was busy examining the seeds.

Sigh. It’s a pity that this is dead but we have so many more.” He looked at the seeds like he was gazing at his treasure.

“Raffles,” I shouted. He looked up and I waved at him. He looked at me suspiciously as he walked to me.

As he stopped before me, I grabbed his collar and pulled him close to me since he was taller than me. Raffles instantly tensed up and his grayish-blue eyes looked into mine. He blushed hard.

Shh! Boss! Don’t do that!” Sis Cannon immediately jeered, “We are all here! Do you want us to go out first?”

Xiao Ying and Xue Gie stared at me, Xiao Ying smiling bashfully.

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