Book 3: Chapter 15 - Birthday

The total population of Noah City numbered barely more than two hundred people. In contrast, Blue Shield City was an assembly point of people from all the cities in various livable zones. The world had suddenly become so big, once you realized that Noah City and Silver Moon City weren’t the only cities that survived on this planet.

Although I hated Xing Chuan and Silver Moon City, I had to give credit to Silver Moon City. All these cities’ people could gather in and use Blue Shield City as a trading hub for resources because of them.

They had found these cities and determined if they were evil or good, before they provided them with a map and told them that there was a market where people could trade with their resources. 

Silver Moon City would also provide spaceships to places without one. Although it was a shabby model, it was no doubt a timely help to those cities. With a spaceship, they could leave their living zone and come here to trade.

It was Silver Moon City that had enabled the survivors to communicate. They had opened up routes for trading.

This was how Silver Moon City had earned its reputation in this world. Some backward areas almost worshipped Silver Moon City like it was their God.

“How about that?” Arsenal found a mermaid-shaped stall. There wasn’t anyone there yet and it was more spacious than the typical stall. It also happened to be situated at the juncture of three roads, which was an eye-catching location.

There were many of us and we would need a bigger stall because we would stay here for a few days.

“Nice choice.” Harry smiled and quickly led everyone to take over the stall.

We never called each other by name when we were out.

Everyone began to hustle.

Xiao Ying took out our specialty, black wheat seeds, from the backpack with great difficulty.

Ming You put her medicines in the display.

Sis Cannon roughly threw a huge bag on the counter and poured out its contents. Cans rolled out from the bag and some fell on the ground.

Xue Gie picked the things up one by one. Then, she expressionlessly took out the sex toys from her pack. Only she could take out the self-pleasuring items so calmly as if she was handling ordinary sticks and balloons.

I had heard Harry and the guys making jokes in Kro the other night but I hadn’t paid much attention to what they’d said. Now, I recalled that Raffles had been saying these things sell very well among the gigolos in Blue Shield City. There are gigolos in Blue Shield City!

In any country, any era, there would be gigolos.

In my country back in my world, I had heard that a city in the South had the most gigolos. That was what my perverted cousin had told me. Because she was perverted, she had been very curious about the occupation. Hence, she had done detailed research. She had said that the occupation dated back to the Yellow Emperor’s time!

However, this occupation was more humiliating than regular female prostitution. Hence, there were very few records. People of the current era would be surprised to hear about gigolos too. In actual fact, a gigolo would not be inferior to a female prostitute during its most flourishing times. It might even surpass the popularity of female prostitution.

I couldn’t help but look at Raffles. How does he know? Raffles’s two brains contain these kinds of things too?

Raffles was busy cleaning up. He had mild mysophobia. Hence, we wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning up with him around.

Noticing that I was looking at him, Raffles turned to look at me. “Luo Bing, what’s wrong?”

Ming You, who was next to me, heard Raffles too and she subconsciously looked at us.

I blinked as I looked at Raffles. “Raffles, how did you know that there are gigolos in Blue Shield City? Have you seen them?”

The moment I brought up gigolos, Sis Cannon, Xiao Ying and Xue Gie looked over.

“Gigolos?!” Sis Cannon was excited. “Where? Are they pretty? Are they good looking?”

“I want to see too!” Xiao Ying put her fists together under her chin. However, her round body made it difficult for her fists to meet although they could reach the sides of her face.

Stunned, Raffles pointed at Harry. “Harry and the guys told me.” Then, he rushed into the inner room swiftly so that the question would be redirected to Harry.

Harry was stunned. He watched as Raffles disappeared. Then, he looked elsewhere awkwardly and coughed, “Cough. What gigolo?! Get to work!” Harry said and carried a huge camping bag into the room. Then, *Bang!* He closed the door behind him, shutting Raffles and himself in the room.

However, that made us even more curious. We looked at one another and sniggered. We looked at Xue Gie who was putting the items in the display. Since Raffles had said that these things sell well, there must be people who would come and buy them. It wouldn’t be too late to hang around and watch then.

Suddenly, we realized that Arsenal wasn’t with us. We looked outside and saw her white figure among the bustling crowd.

Arsenal stood outside our stall to admire the blonde mermaid in delight. Her curly long hair looked like Arsenal’s. Just that right now, Arsenal had tied her long hair into a bun under her white bandana.

Actually, there were many men who kept their hair long. For example, Sis Cannon, Xue Gie and I didn’t tie our hair using a bandana but only draped a scarf over it and covered our faces with the scarf.

However, Arsenal’s hair was too long and it wasn’t convenient to move around. Hence she had worn her hair in a bun on top of her head ever since she had joined the DR team.

Although she had disguised herself as a guy, she looked like a quiet prince who would catch plenty of people’s attention.

She admired the mermaid for a while, smiling like a dreamy girl. Then, she walked in and saw the items we had put in the display. Furrowing her eyebrows at the sight, she started arranging the items on the counter.

Arsenal was born in September. She was a Virgo.

That was why she had never had any loose threads sticking out of her clothes. When she had made me a pair of shoes, the stitches had all been evenly spaced! 

She categorized the things accordingly, arranging them from small to big in size. 

All of us watched her by the side. When Arsenal was working, she didn’t like others to touch her things.

“The room is done!” Raffles opened the door and looked at us with a smile. “Everyone can put their things in here.” Then, he turned back to enter the room again. We could see a spacious and brightly lit room through the door. The carpets that we had brought were spread on the ground.

Everyone brought their own belongings into the room together.

Ming You suddenly tugged my sleeve softly. I looked at her and she pulled me to the side before she asked softly, “Tomorrow is Raffles’ birthday. Have you prepared any gift?”

I was stunned. It’s Raffles’ birthday tomorrow! Raffles’ birthday is actually on the eighth of March! International Women’s Day!

Ming You looked at my expression and she understood what happened. She sighed. “Captain, you really are like a man.”

I recalled something and asked closely, “What about Harry’s?”

Ming You was stunned. She seemed surprised that I would care about Harry’s birthday.

She looked down and answered, “First of June.” Then, she lowered her head and walked past me to enter the room.

Harry’s birthday is on the first of June, Children’s Day!

That’s interesting. Harry and Raffles’ birthdays are easy to remember.

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