Book 3: Chapter 14 - We Met But I Didn’t Dare to Greet

Just then, the fat guy that walked next to He Lei put down the linen bag and came up to us. Tall and huge, he loomed like a wall next to our cabin door.

He easily extended his arms and his hand reached under Xiao Ying’s arms.

His sudden action caught us off guard. Before Xiao Ying could resist, he had already put Xiao Ying on the ground with ease. He let out a burst of hearty laughter under his mask. “Hahahaha. Only a fat guy would help another fat guy.” 

Xiao Ying was the shortest among all of us. She was only five foot one and she had become a fat guy. In front of the huge fat guy, she looked more like a ball. She lifted her head and looked up at him blankly. He bent down and patted her head with a smile. “Fat little guy, don’t start rolling around. Hahaha.” Then, he turned around and picked up the linen bag before he caught up with He Lei who was waiting for him.

“Don’t be a busybody,” He Lei muttered with a deep voice that gave out a cold, reserved vibe.

The fat guy chuckled. “Look at them. It must be their first time here. It was just a favor that didn’t take much effort.”

He Lei looked at him but didn’t reply. He looked like he hardly talked. He Lei seemed to be different from half a year ago when I had first met him.

What happened to him during the past half a year?

In such a world, I couldn’t imagine nor did I dare to imagine what might have happened.

He Lei looked more reserved than the young man I had met half a year ago. He was much steadier too. His impatience during his youth had faded.

I hoped that He Lei did great for the past half a year.

I had so many things to tell him although the time I had spent with him was far less than what I had spend with Harry, Raffles and everyone else in Noah City.

However, the feelings that we had built after we had gone through thick and thin together was intense. That was why we had become instant friends, like brothers and comrades that we would never forget.

His back when he had killed under the crimson moon was deeply imprinted in my head.

Harry crossed his arms and leaned against Ice Dragon as he watched He Lei walking past him. He smiled. “Thanks, bro. We don’t bite.”

He Lei paused. He merely glanced at Harry before he continued to walk forward with the big linen bags without replying.

He Lei seemed to be different now. His guard seemed to be higher, he seemed to be even more alert, even colder than he had been before.

His hair had grown longer too. He had combed his hair back and wore it in a bun. The hairstyle was suitable for him and his looks. He looked like a wandering warrior in a wuxia novel.

He Lei had ignored Harry, but the fat guy walked before Harry and patted his shoulders. “Don’t mind him. Our chief doesn’t bother with strangers but he is a great guy."

“Understandable.” Harry nodded to express his gratitude. Then, he looked at the linen bag behind the fat guy. “Who knows, we might have things that you want."

The fat guy chuckled. “Hehe, you won’t have it.” The fat guy patted Harry again and walked to He Lei. His huge strides easily let him catch up with He Lei who had already gone far away.

He Lei seemed to say something to him again, but the fat guy only scratched his head with a smile. He had a great personality. It seemed like every fat guy had a lenient and tolerant heart. A lot of them were great people.

The further they walked, the more emotional I became.

I wanted to reunite with He Lei, the desire for reunion burning in me like a flame.

However, I couldn’t do that right then and there because he was wearing Xing Chuan’s eye.

I wanted to tell him that I was doing great and I also wanted to remind him that Xing Chuan was a very dangerous person.

Would I be able to see him again once he enters Blue Shield City?

I felt unsettled and couldn’t remain calm and composed.

Oh yeah, their spaceship is here. I looked at their spaceship. Another two shabby spaceships had slowly landed. There were more and more people that made me feel like I was in a thriving trading town, as I finally saw people outside of Noah City.

I felt like a person from Earth seeing aliens. It turned out that we were not alone.

Harry looked at us seriously. “Remember what I said, speak less!”

“Gesture more!” Sis Cannon and the others replied simultaneously.

Listening to Harry’s warning, I recalled that it was a normal phenomenon that He Lei hardly spoke, because Harry too exhorted us to speak less and gesture more.

Harry nodded. “It’s your first time here. I’ll bring you to familiarize yourself around. No solo movements today. You heard me?”

“Yes!” Harry was the leading captain that day.

Raffles was so excited that he was about to run to Blue Shield City. Harry grabbed the back of his collar without looking at him. “And, we are staying in Blue Shield City for a few more days. You can only leave our campsite to look around after you have familiarized yourself with the place. Understand?”

“Yes!” Everyone was thrilled with excitement and they took out their camping tents simultaneously.

Exchanging resources in Blue Shield City wouldn’t happen all year round because those with more resources would stay back longer. They would only leave after exchanging all of their resources.

Hence, Blue Shield City was actually a huge market.

There were stall spaces available on a first come first serve basis.

We carried our things as we advanced into Blue Shield City!

It was a colorful city filled with cartoons. Under the bright blue sky, an octopus Ferris Wheel was spinning slowly.

Everyone cheered as they ran to the entrance.

I looked at Ice Dragon. “If the person parked next to us returns, inform me.”

“Oh.” The lights in front of Ice Dragon blinked. “Is he your old flame?”

“Get lost!” I carried the black wheat from Noah City and turned away. I saw Harry and Raffles waiting for me.

They waved at me and I ran to them.

A huge mermaid sat on a reef-like door. I could imagine it as an ocean-themed theme park back then. Beautiful seashells that embellished the gate, creating an underwater world from a fairy tale.

The soldiers at the gate stopped us and said, “Pass.”

Harry took out his pass and the soldiers looked us over then moved aside. We followed behind Harry. Everything in front of us was new and illuminating. Paths paved with colorful cobblestones and lined with stalls extended to both sides.

We could see conches, mini palaces, fishes, pearls, and a variety of stalls. Some were taken, with their inhabitants busy showcasing their resources that were up for trading. Behind stood houses and windows.

For example, the whale-like stall had a counter in its wide open whale mouth, while its stomach was a house with windows. I looked through the window and saw a huge space inside with beds for people to sleep on.

“Let’s go! We shall pick a nice location first. There will be more people tomorrow.” Everything Harry said made us excited, especially Arsenal and the others who had never been outside of Noah City and had never seen so many people... It felt like everyone from all over the world would gather here.

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