Book 3: Chapter 13 - Do You Know I’m Here?

*Lub-dub. Lub-dub. Lub-dub.*

My heart was beating vigorously because of that badge. I couldn’t suppress the rising excitement in me.

It was the kind of reaction you would have when you unexpectedly saw your old friend. My heart definitely wouldn’t pound like that if I had seen Xing Chuan instead.

Judging from his build, he looked like He Lei. Could it be him? I stared at him with eager anticipation, but I didn’t dare to greet him out of the blue because he had Xing Chuan’s eye on him.

When we had parted ways back then, Xing Chuan had passed him a miniature lens. He said that it would help He Lei identify a metahuman’s type and provide information on it.

Although I wasn’t sure if Xing Chuan was monitoring him directly, I was certain that everything that He Lei saw would absolutely be transmitted to Silver Moon City’s server and provide them with information.

Xing Chuan had made He Lei his spy but He Lei didn’t even know.

Hence, I couldn’t greet He Lei yet. I couldn’t greet him before I had confirmed whether he was wearing that miniature lens.

He leaped down and squinted his eyes. His sharp gaze was steadier and calmer than the He Lei from half a year ago. He had the bearing and maturity of a leader. However, I could still feel from his gaze that he was carrying a heavy responsibility on his shoulders and wasn’t able to relax.

It turned out that what Xing Chuan had said about being able to recognize a person through their gazes was true. 

He Lei’s gaze was so special. His gaze was like a gliding eagle in the high sky, sharp and deep as he overlooked the universe! It was an unforgettable gaze. As long as one had exchanged a glance with him, they would remember him in their heart.

He glanced over and I immediately turned away. Whatever that He Lei saw, Xing Chuan definitely could see. Although Xing Chuan wouldn’t be keeping watch on He Lei at all times, everything that He Lei saw would be transmitted to and stored on Silver Moon City’s server. It was hard to say if the system would be as crazy as Xing Chuan. It might recognize me with one glance and alert Xing Chuan even though my face was covered with a mask.

Xing Chuan definitely hated me to bones now!

Forget about what he had said about killing me back then, he definitely hated me even more now after I had pushed him off the building!

As I turned around, Harry and Raffles leaped down too.

Raffles looked at the nearby entrance of Blue Shield City, his pair of eyes above his mask shimmering with excitement.

“We are finally here! This is so beautiful!” Raffles exclaimed in surprise.

Blue Shield City was really much more beautiful than Noah City.

When we had first flown over, we could see that the entire Blue Shield City was a huge theme park city. It was so huge that I reckoned it was the size of a small island. Plus, it had been kept perfectly intact.

It was obvious to the eye that the theme park city hadn’t suffered severe damage. Fortunately, it had escaped the claws of the end of the world. It also looked like someone had maintained and cleaned up the place, since the facilities and houses weren’t weathered away nor overwhelmed by plants. The colors of the theme park facilities weren’t as vibrant as it would have been originally, but were still visible.

Looking down from above, we could see trees and plants. It looked like an ideal habitat.

Three sides of the city were surrounded by water and there was only one entrance, set in the city wall next to the original cartoonish entrance of the theme park. Armed soldiers patrolled above and below the city wall. The soldiers were casually dressed in a grey military uniform or weird looking jacket, leather jacket or singlet. 

Harry had said that they were the guards of Blue Shield City. They looked more like hired mercenaries to me. They didn’t look as stern as the ones in Noah City.

“Chief, we are moving the things,” someone spoke behind He Lei. I moved sideways and peeked from the corners of my eyes. I saw a fat guy walk past us and to their spaceship’s cargo hold.

There is still a fat man in times like this?!

The fat man looked extremely huge; he should be two meters tall. He walked past me like a giant. Just like a mountain with feet, he blocked the sunlight showering on my body.

“Mm.” I heard a familiar yet foreign voice. He sounded like He Lei but at the same time he didn’t sound like him either. That confused me and made me uncertain.

If he isn’t He Lei but he has the badge that I gave to He Lei, does that mean that He Lei is in trouble?!

I held my breath anxiously.

Leaning my head to the side, I eyed the guy that walked past me.

He looked travel-worn. His dark-colored clothing was tattered and he had a linen cape like the ones Gypsies wore. It hung in a triangle in the front and back, with a fringe on the hems. The patterns on the cape had lost its vibrant colors and became dim. It was so old that I couldn’t tell its original colors.

He walked to the cargo vehicle with that fat man, and they dragged out two big linen bags each.

“Hurry up. The good things will be taken away.” the familiar voice entered my ear again. It was a complete sentence and I could almost confirm that it was He Lei. Why did I say almost? Because I realized that his voice had grown more mature, just like a guy who had gone through puberty and his voice had changed. His voice was just like him, steady with a pleasant baritone.

“Wow!” I gasped in admiration. The two glanced at me subconsciously; I immediately turned sideways so that my back faced them. However, my heart was beating hard because I was certain of his identity and was thrilled with excitement.

He Lei, it is He Lei! We finally meet again!

It has been half a year. How are you doing, He Lei?

Do you still remember me as your bro?

Do you remember that you gave me a sunflower seed?

Once the snow melts away, I will plant it at the entrance to Noah City so that it can face the sunlight and bloom. In the coming years, there will be a huge field of sunflowers at the entrance of Noah City. I will fulfill your dream.

“Wow!” It was Sis Cannon who gasped in admiration next. She leaped out excitedly and fixed her gaze upon Blue Shield City nearby as she gawked.

Xue Gie and Arsenal walked out together.

Arsenal worked hard to suppress her excitement. She looked at Blue Shield City delightedly. Even though her mask and bandana covered her face, her beautiful eyes that were filled with gentleness and kindness were still so captivating.

She was wearing a white long gown with no lining. The clean comfortable hem of her clothes fluttered in the wind. She was like a quiet Persian prince.

She had finally left Noah City. She had finally left her room that had paintings of places all over the world pasted on her walls. Although her pictures, posters, packaging boxes or paintings only showed the world in the past, it made apparent her desire towards the outside world.

“Hurry up and give me a hand!” A hoarse voice preceded by a big tummy popped out from the door. Ming You popped her head out next to Xiao Ying’s body with great difficulty and roared at Harry at the door. “Don’t just stand there. Come and help!”

Harry glanced at Xiao Ying’s tummy. He smiled maliciously and leaped further away.

Ming You glared at him in distress.

I extended my hand and supported Xiao Ying’s chubby body. I was surprised. She’s heavy! The disguise tools that Raffles prepared for her were all genuine goods!

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