Book 3: Chapter 12 - Isn’t That He Lei?

The second morning, I stood in front of the mirror in my room as I prepared myself to set out.

I tied my shoulder-length hair back in a ponytail behind my neck. Some hair at the side of my face wasn’t long enough to be tied back, so I let it hang next to my face. 

Then, I put on the voice converter that Raffles had made and tested my voice, “Ah, ah!” Very good, I have a boy’s voice now.

Next was a disguiser gel mask that was thinner than a face mask. Once I put it on my face, it subtly reshaped my facial features into a young man’s.

The disguiser mask that Raffles had made wouldn’t change your features but only amend them slightly. For example, it would thicken a girl’s fine eyebrows and add defined edges to my nose, lips and jawlines. I looked like how my twin brother would look if I had one. The others could still tell it was me, just that I looked more manly.

I put on my comfortable hiking suit and battle uniform. Then, I pinned on the communicator that Raffles had just made, the bitten apple badge. The old communicator that looked like a walkie-talkie was going to be eliminated.

Suddenly, I realized that there was nothing Raffles couldn’t do, as long as he had the right resources and energy sources.

Everyone in the DR team has to dress up like how I did, but what about Xiao Ying?

I checked myself out again one last time. Mm, very good. I wore my scarf around my neck. Harry said that we wouldn’t see anyone when we were outside. The people who go to Blue Shield City would cover their face too so that no one could see who they were.

When I opened my door, I heard knocking noises from downstairs.

“Sis Ming You, Sis Ming You.” Hearing that voice, I could tell it was Xiao Jing.

Leaning out over the railing, I caught a glimpse of Xiao Jing’s back.

I heard the door open and saw Xiao Jing take a step back. Ming You walked out in men’s clothing, her long hair was bunned up in a white bandana. The end of the bandana draped over her shoulders so that she could use it as her face mask. 

“Xiao Jing, what’s the matter?” Ming You had yet to put on her voice converter.

Xiao Jing blushed and took out a box of chocolate biscuits. It had been distributed to her but she hadn’t eaten it.

It was impossible for us to distribute all the resources that we had brought back from Kro, because Elder Alufa and the rest wanted to save some for their future generation. Everyone wanted to be prepared in the time of peace and not use up our resources in idle times. Hence, they had distributed accordingly while taking future planning into consideration.

There wouldn’t be a second box of biscuits distributed, hence this should be precious to Xiao Jing. Why did she come to pass Ming You biscuits so early in the morning?

“Sis Ming You, Brother Harry’s birthday is coming up. Can you use this box of biscuits to exchange for a present in Blue Shield City?” Xiao Jing pushed the biscuit into Ming You’s arm.

Ming You was stunned. She looked down and said, “Yeah, it’ll almost be Harry's birthday when we return. What do you want to exchange this for? There’s nothing suitable among the things from Kro?”

Harry’s birthday is coming?

Guilt washed over me at once. All this while, I had never asked about everyone’s birthdays. I only knew that Arsenal’s birthday was in September but I had never asked her for the actual date.

I didn’t bother much about my own birthday either, but I was looking forward to my seventeenth birthday. The seventeenth birthday was special and important to every girl.

When are Harry, Raffles, Arsenal and Sis Cannon’s birthdays? All of a sudden, I didn’t know how to ask them about it.

Xiao Jing shook her head and explained, “Everyone has those things. The other girls would give similar things to Brother Harry. Brother Harry definitely wouldn’t be interested. Sis Ming You, you know Harry the best and you have better taste in gifts than me. Help me with this, please!”

“Alright.” Ming You took Xiao Jing’s box of biscuits. Xiao Jing bowed delightedly. “Thank you, Sis Ming You!”

“But Xiao Jing… Never mind. Forget it.” Ming You wanted to say something but she held herself back in the end.

“Thank you! Sis Ming You, goodbye!” Xiao Jing ran downstairs happily.

I leaned against the railing as I watched. Xiao Jing really likes Harry.

When I lifted my face, I saw Harry down the corridor. I didn’t know how long he had been standing there, but he shouldn’t have been able to hear the conversation between Ming You and Xiao Jing from that distance.

I looked down again. Ming You had seen Harry too and was looking up at him.

Harry smiled and waved at her, before he raised his face and our gazes met. He was stunned for a moment. I waved at him with a smile too. Today, I am a guy again.

Turning back, I saw Ming You walk out. She followed Harry’s gaze and looked up to see me. I waved at her with a smile too.

She only stood there, lost in her own thoughts.

“Ming You, hurry up and dress up. We are departing soon,” I reminded her.

Just as Ming You came back to reality, there was suddenly a shrill scream from Xiao Ying’s room. “Ah, I don’t want to look like this!”

In an instant, doors around us opened. Xue Gie, Sis Cannon and the guys living across her room all opened their doors.

We immediately ran to Xiao Ying’s room. Xue Gie and Sis Cannon had completed their disguise and were in their guy looks.

Xue Gie became so cool after she turned into a guy. Her originally merciless gaze on her new manly face made her look like a cold prince!

When Sis Cannon disguised herself as a guy, she carried a similar vibe to Harry. She looked like a playboy.

We knocked on Xiao Ying’s door. She would have the most difficulty disguising herself as a man. It was hard for her to hide her watermelons.

We had originally wanted her to stay back in Noah City.

But she had wept sadly. 

Hence, everyone came together to figure out a way, which was for her to disguise herself as a fat guy. Then, she could hide her boobs with her big tummy.

“Xiao Ying! Xiao Ying! Open the door!”

Xiao Ying’s door opened up a crack, revealing her eyes that were welled up with tears.

I extended my hand to push open the door, only to come face to face with a short, fat, doughy guy!

Her face was covered in freckles and her boobs and stomach bulged like a round ball. She wouldn’t even be able to see her feet when she looked down.

She looked super out of shape. Any girl who liked to be pretty wouldn’t want to disguise herself in this way.

I was filled with pity the moment I saw her. “Why don’t you stay back?” I spoke with my guy voice.

“No way!” Xiao Ying was stubborn. She wiped her tears away and put her voice converter on her neck. Xiao Ying had the most disguise tools. “I want to go to Blue Shield City even if I have to look ugly!” she cried with her hoarse man voice. She then put on an extremely ugly hat to cover her long hair.

“Let’s go!” She wiped her tears away and walked out. Sis Cannon complimented Xiao Ying as she watched her back, “You are brave!”

“PFFT! HAHAHAHA!” The guys burst out in laughter.

Xue Gie glared at them with her cold gaze, which instantly froze the guys’ laughter. They didn’t dare to laugh anymore.

I chuckled. Let’s go!

We met up with Raffles in Ice Dragon. Raffles looked astonished when he saw Xiao Ying.

Ice Dragon was already loaded with cargo. We intended to exchange for seeds using the resources we brought on this visit because we were lacking seeds.

Ice Dragon took off and we started our journey to Blue Shield City.

As Ice Dragon swiftly flew past the pure white snowfield, the scenery moved behind us quickly as if we were moving through a succession of the seasons. It was just as though we were chasing after spring.

Blue Shield City was located in a hotter region. As we neared, we saw green fields. Ice Dragon was traveling so quickly.

We saw Blue Shield City not long after! It was a theme park city built above water!

Just as we descended, another spaceship landed too. The spaceship looked as shabby as Noah City’s old spaceship.

Our Ice Dragon was in disguise too, because it was unwise to expose one’s wealth. Silver Moon City’s technology had a great disguise system too, and could even go invisible. Using that, Ice Dragon currently looked like a shabby spaceship from the outside too.

We landed next to the other spaceship and I leaped out of Ice Dragon. Coincidentally, the cabin door of the other spaceship opened and a person leaped down to the ground. He had covered his face with his bandana just like us. I couldn’t see his face at all but judging from his build, he should be a young man like Harry and the other guys.

Just then, the sunlight shone on something that reflected a gold luster. Glancing at his chest, I was stunned on the spot. My heart started racing too!

He was wearing my Youth League badge on his chest!

Is that you?!

He Lei!

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