Book 3: Chapter 10 - Ripple (Compensation)

Harry’s hand began to shrink, resuming its normal shape and size. *Phew.* He blew on his fist handsomely, and asked smugly, “Aren’t I awesome?” His amber eyes were looking extremely clear under the sunlight and shimmering from the reflection of the snow as he said that.

I nodded in shock. He kept looking at me smugly for a while.

There was a sudden awkwardness between us, and we became quiet, blinking to look elsewhere. Harry saw Raffles and offered his hand to pull him up. “Why aren’t you on your feet yet?!”

Raffles came back to reality and took Harry’s hand. Harry clearly looked strong as he pulled Raffles up.

Raffles had already resumed his composure by now. To our surprise, he suddenly lifted his arm... and *Bang!* ...A snowball hit Harry’s face.

Harry was stunned, while Raffles was laughing hysterically, “Hahahaha… Hahahaha….”

Harry wiped away the snow from his face and Raffle became nervous.

“How dare you scheme against me?!” Harry shouted.

Raffles was terrified at Harry’s reaction, so he quickly ran away. He stumbled as he climbed up the snow ramp, but soon started running in the thick snow. While he was running, his long grayish-blue hair was swaying under the sunlight.

Harry quickly caught up with him, and the chase started... Harry launched his own attack on Raffles and he started throwing snowballs at him. Harry’s brown and curly hair was looking vibrant under the sunlight as it shone over our heads.

I suddenly realized that his hairstyle had changed, when I saw that he had braided his hair.

I subconsciously touched my braid too... My hair had grown longer as well.

*Bang!* A snowball hit me in the back of my neck, and sent chills down my spine. I turned around and demanded, “Who’s courting death?!”

I saw Arsenal holding a snowball in her hand and laughing at me.

I crossed my arms and... *Bang!*  Someone threw a snowball at the back of my head from another direction. I immediately turned around. Who else wants to die?!

Sis Cannon chuckled and threw another snowball at me, “Captain, come and get me!”

Xiao Ying, Xue Gie and Ming You stood up one after another, holding a snowball each.

I rolled up my sleeves and pointed at them. “Just wait!”

And soon, a huge snowball fight had commenced!

Shortly into the snowball fight, the boys were teamed against the girls! In the end, Da Li lifted a human-sized snowball, leading to a huge win for the girls!

All glory to Da Li!

The snowfield was draped in silver linings. The ice sculptures were looking captivating under the moonlight, and the stars were shining like gemstones up in the starry night sky. It looked like the reflecting moonlight over the snow and the starlight in the sky were mirroring each other as they twinkled in the night.

The air outside was still cold, but no one was willing to leave their snow hut. They were all lying down together inside the igloo to appreciate the beautiful night sky.

Suddenly, there was an aurora!

It was like a colorful gauze floating above Noah City. It was a natural phenomena that was breathtakingly magical, and only God was capable of giving such beauty to this planet, and to us.

It was said that this magical scenery appeared only within these two days. Calamities had brought this world to its end, but at the same time, this extreme weather had also created the magical aurora.

While returning to the hostel zone, the guys and the girls were extremely quiet because we were going to part our ways the next morning—the DR team was leaving for Blue Shield City.

Bill was looking laden with anxiety, as he was worried for Xue Gie, despite the fact that Harry, their captain, was going to accompany us.

“Xiao Ying, you must be extremely careful!” Joey exhorted again, “Although Blue Shield City is a thriving city, it is very chaotic. Don’t speak to strangers and don’t leave our captain’s side, ever!” 

“Don’t worry…” Sia was very calm. “Brother Bing would be there too. *Moo*.”

“Nonsense!” Joey kicked Sia, and Sia suddenly started floating upwards, unstoppably.

Joey looked back at Xiao Ying with concern.

Xiao Ying pouted and said, “Stop it! You are so annoying!” She looked away, and started ignoring Joey.

When Sis Cannon saw Joey’s  worry for Xiao Ying, she turned to look at Khai. But Khai was looking extremely delighted and he was chatting with Moorim and Mosie cheerfully.

Sis Cannon was enraged due to this sight. She squinted her eyes and kicked Khai. “Why aren’t you worried about me?!”

Khai rubbed his butt and glared at Sis Cannon. “What’s there to be worried about when you behave like that?!”

Sis Cannon glared back at Khai and retorted, “Why? Do you want to come to my room tonight?!”

Khai’s body instantly went stiff at her question. He suddenly turned around and ran back to his room without stopping.l *Bang!* He slammed the door behind him.


Everyone burst out into a fit of laughter at his reaction.

While this was going on, Joey was still nagging at Xiao Ying anxiously.

Sis Cannon stomped to Khai’s room and kicked his door open.

Everyone crossed their arms and watched as the show went on. Williams looked at Raffles with concern, he then pulled Harry to one side and exhorted in silence, “Captain, you must take good care of Raffles.” 

Harry looked in disdain. “Go away, go away, go away!” Harry spat as he rubbed his arms.

Williams left feeling disheartened at Harry’s response. Even though he walked away, he kept turning back to look at Raffles.

As Raffles was using both of his brains to do some calculations and mumbling to himself, he failed to notice Williams’s lingering gaze. And he was lucky that he didn’t see it because Williams was looking quite pitiful.

Moorim and Mosie were worried too. They looked at us and said, “Princess Arsenal is not going, right?”

Harry couldn’t be bothered with all these worried people at that moment. “Don’t worry. Luo Bing and I are going to be there.”

After hearing Harry’s answer, Moorim and Mosie looked at me with pleading eyes and bowed at me solemnly. “Brother Bing! Princess Arsenal is in your hands. Since our captain is not reliable, you have to take good care of Princess Arsenal.” 

“What do you mean?!” Harry looked pissed as he stared at them. “How can you think that your captain is unreliable?!”

Mosie and Moorim exchanged a glance and ran away. 

“B*stards! Come back and explain yourselves!”

But Mosie and Moorim were already out of Harry’s sight.

“So annoying!” Xiao Ying was still complaining, and Joey was still following her everywhere.

“Khai, open the door for me!” Sis Cannon was roaring on the other side of this chaos.

The day before departure had suddenly turned noisy.

I looked at Harry and said, “See you tomorrow.”

“Mm, see you tomorrow.” Harry was acting shy that day, as he turned elsewhere when replying to me.

I looked at Raffles and he was still muttering to himself. “Raffles, see you tomorrow.” Somehow, my heart started racing when I spoke to Raffles, and I blushed slightly as I accidently recalled kissing him on his cheek.

That episode from the morning was suddenly making me feel embarrassed in front of him. Although, we both were pretending like nothing had happened earlier to avoid feeling awkward in front of each other, that accidental kiss had been like a comet that had zoomed across the night sky, leaving a blazing trail in our hearts; or like a breeze that had stirred ripples in our hearts.

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