Book 1: Chapter 16 - Underground City

*Drip.* Another large drop of water dripped on me.

I slowly woke up. The water droplet that had dripped on my face was warm and smelled weird. I saw a pair of amber eyes in front of me. That very moment, the eyes were looking at me with excitement.

“Hehe, waifu. You woke up.”

Because I had just woken up and I was still dizzy, it took a while for my vision to gradually become clear. I then saw a silly face. He was smiling foolishly as he said, “Waifu, you look so cute. Hehe.”

I was startled. I had yet to see his face, but I grabbed his collar and tugged. Then, I hit his forehead, “Ah!” He groaned and leaned backward. I went ahead and kicked his stomach.

“Ah!” He screamed in pain again. *Thud!* He fell off the bed and I rolled down to sit on him. I saw that he had a knife at his hip so I drew it out and placed it on his neck, “Don’t touch me!”

I was stunned. I have strength!

“Ah. Pain, pain…” He held his forehead as he groaned in pain. He looked distressed, “Why are you so much like my mom?”

The entire room was dim and there was only one hanging lamp wavering on the roof. It lit up the small room to reveal simple furnishings. The room had almost no furniture, but only a bed and a metal table with a wooden stool. On the wall, there was only a wooden block with nails on it. The nails were for hanging clothing.

The surrounding walls didn’t look like the common cement wall, but… they were made of stainless steel instead. The entire room was small and it looked more like a cabin that we would stay in on a cruise or in a hostel room of a camp base.

“Ah!” There was another exclamation. It was the uncle’s voice. I immediately seized control of the guy’s neck and looked in front of me anxiously. Every single nerve of mine was tense. Any single movement would trigger my sensitive nerves.

“Calm down! Calm down!” The uncle was a European. He had deep-set eyes and a sharp nose. His skin was very fair too.  He kept a stubble, which emphasized his ‘mature man’ vibe and also ‘wildness of a true man’ vibe. Just like the main male characters in the American spy movies—romantic yet affectionate.

He extended one hand to the front while he held a plate in his other. There were weird-looking black things that looked like mantou (chinese buns) on the plate. He looked nervous but his eyes were filled with calmness. He had the distinguished characteristics of a soldier. I could feel that he was a soldier or a warrior because he carried a unique temperament that only a soldier would have.

Behind him… was a door! That very moment, the door opened!

“Don’t come here!” I shouted. If the uncle is a warrior, he will be very good at fighting. Therefore, I can’t act recklessly. I need this hostage.

The uncle nodded continuously, “Okay, alright.” Then, he looked under my body, “Son, are you okay?”

“I’m fine, dad,” the guy on whom I was sitting, still had the mood to greet his dad. It was obvious that he was at ease. He wasn’t nervous at all.

It turned out that they were father and son. Then, I would need him even more. Oh yeah, I remembered that uncle had called him Harry.

I grabbed Harry by his collar and tried to stand up, but my injured leg was weak. I stumbled and Harry immediately said, “Be careful of your wound!”

“Walk!” I pushed him forward while I held the knife to his neck. Whoever shows that they care about me are just fake and pretending to do so!

He lifted both his hands high in the air and looked sadly at the uncle who didn’t move, not even an inch, “Dad, everyone is going to see my wife…”

His dad made eye contact with him and there was distress in his eyes, “Why are you so ridiculous!”

“Hurry up and go!” It was too dangerous as both of them were exchanging glances!

I watched the uncle, while I threatened Harry to lead me out through the door, the door that could bring me hope. Just as I walked out through the door, I was hit by another surprise.

A view of an underground city entered my vision!

Rows of old houses were built along the precipices. At the entrance of every level, there was a narrow steel corridor with railing, similar to the one where I was standing.

There wasn’t any sunlight there, as a huge steel plate was covering the entire underground city to hide it. On the rooftops, there were fluorescent lamps in even spacing. The dim lighting barely helped to light up the underground city. There seemed to be cableways for people to strop.

I was standing on a very big square and there seemed to be what looked like a ditch by its side. Under the dim light, I could still tell that it was a ditch. On the other side of the square, there were two huge battleships. There were some people walking around on the battleships, but they didn’t look like soldiers. Washed laundry was hanging on the deck.

Where am I?

Ghost Eclipse Tribe who eats humans.

Various metahumans.

A Flying motorcycle.

Silver Moon City was as merciless as the moon was hanging high up in the sky.

Then… There is an underground city!

The underground city was huge. Both ends were winding roads that stretched further out of sight and should be connected to other areas too. The underground city was too big for me to see all of it from where I stood.

I was on the third floor and the opposite building had about seven to eight floors. That very moment, people were gathering there. They were wearing clothes with patches, but they looked much better than He Lei’s tribe. They wore shoes and not straw sandals.

They wore friendly smiles on their faces, just like the neighborhood aunties who usually come to join the crowd, as if they had come for a show.

*Clang Clang Clang Clang Clang!* There were people walking over hastily. There were loud clanging noises on the steel corridor. I looked to where the noises were coming from and saw… three women!

The moment I saw them, I somehow felt relaxed. It was as though only women could make me feel secure in this world.

The one leading in the front had an extremely hot body. She was a charming redhead military instructor. Her facial features were very delicate, she was a European too. Her almond-like eyes were amber in color. Her curly red hair made her look even sexier and to top it off, her army uniform set off her red hair even more.

The army uniform hugged her curves, and made her chest pop out. It was as though every time she inhaled, the button on her uniform would explode, making it a very seductive uniform.

There were two young maidens who followed behind her. The maiden on the left was about the same age as me. She was also in a body hugging army uniform. Her short bob hair was white in color. But she had an Asian face just like me. However, her eye color wasn’t black or brown like the people from the East. She had a pair of grey eyes.


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