Book 3: Chapter 9 - Kissed Him By Accident

“And, Luo Bing,” Elder Alufa suddenly called me.

“I’m still young,” I exclaimed as I was afraid. I was worried that Elder Alufa was going to tell me to make babies. “I am not an adult yet!” I tried to make an excuse.

Elder Alufa looked at me in distress. “I am not asking you to make babies. I was going to tell you that…” His expression turned gentle, and he smiled as he looked at me. “You can head to Blue Shield City.”

“What?!” I looked at Elder Alufa in surprise, while Harry and Raffles looked at me excitedly.

Elder Alufa nodded. “Yes, take your DR team to Blue Shield City. Harry, you go along as well. Let the children from the scouting troop guard Noah City this time.”


Essentially, all the metahumans couldn’t leave the city at once. Therefore, the DR team had stayed behind to protect Noah City during the last mission.

“Raffles, I know that you have been yearning to go out, therefore, you have my permission to follow them during this mission.” Elder Alufa smiled and looked at Raffles. Finally, he was once again behaving like our dearest grandpa!

Raffles was excited and lost for words and was gawking for a long time.

“Go and have fun! Hahaha…” Elder Alufa waved at us and raised his staff like a rock star. To compliment his action, he was also humming some inaudible tune as he left the meeting room.

“You are not an adult yet?” Harry supported himself against the meeting table and flashed a cheeky smile at me. “Girls can bear children more or less around fourteen years of age. You have already contributed a lot to Noah City. Therefore,instead of heading out this year, you should stay home and work hard to make a baby with Raffles. Not to mention, Elder Alufa will let you off the hook once you have a baby.”

“Harry!” Raffles pushed Harry as he blushed. “Stop your nonsense!”

“Brother Bing... or do you like Arsenal?” Harry continued teasing me. “Elder Alufa will cry if you are into women. Hahaha!”

“Go away!” I hushed Harry away. If guys are usually as unreliable as him, I’d rather like Arsenal.

Everyone had started playing in the snow, even before the sun was at the horizon. On one side, they were running, rolling and throwing snowballs at one another. On the other side, some were building a snowman and the others were digging a snow tunnel. Regardless of their age, all the adults and children were playing like the eight year old kids.

Everyone’s love for playing in the snow was understandable, as they had been trapped inside Noah city for three long months.

Xue Gie had already built four sets of ramps and steps near the exit. She had simply put her hands on the ground to freeze the snow into icy ramps and stairs. Naturally these icy ramps had become the favorite slides for the children!

There was also a snow castle, and everyone was overjoyed to play in its windy snow tunnels’ maze.

The temperatures were being predicted to rise quickly after the winter. Hence, everyone was grasping their chance to appreciate this winter wonderland, as the snow was going to melt in the next few days!

This abundant snowfall was going to bring Noah City an ample supply of water.

Up until now, Noah City had a limited number of water storage facilities due to shortage of energy. But since we have more energy now, we can build reservoirs with bigger water storage capacity! 

A month ago, everyone had dug a huge reservoir next to Noah City, and they had been waiting for spring to push the snow inside it.

As I walked outside of Noah City with Harry and Raffles, we were greeted with a whiff of refreshing air.

The place was filled with children and adults’ laughter.


“Brother Bing!”


Everyone was waving at us from above the heap of accumulated snow. The three of us exchanged glances with a smile and immediately ran up the stairs to playing in the snow.

The stairs were narrow and could only fit one person at a time. As we were running upstairs, I was following closely behind Raffles. When he reached the top of the stairs, he leaped onto the mound of snow, and suddenly disappeared as he fell out of our sight. Before I could retract my footing, I too stepped into the air and instinctively turned around to grab Harry. In the end, Harry fell with me and the three of us fell right into the snow!

D*mn it!

It’s a trap!






Raffles broke my fall as I fell on top of him. My body and legs pressed against his, and I was very close to his face.


Harry slammed onto my back heavily, and my face moved towards Raffles’s. I closed my eyes as my lips glided against his cold face and stopped next to his ears.

Harry had landed heavily on us, sandwiching me between him and Raffles. I could feel both of their intense heartbeats as we lay there. *Lub-Dub. Lub-Dub.* The heartbeats were echoing with one another.

Although it had happened suddenly and lasted only for an instant, I could feel them tensing up their bodies while holding their breaths.

They had made my heart race too.

“Are you courting death?!” Harry immediately got off my back and pulled me up. Harry and I stood in the pit while Raffles was still lying on the ground dumbfounded.

We looked up and saw Khai, Joey, Sis Cannon, Xiao Ying, and the others. The guys and girls popped their heads above us and laughed maliciously from around the pit. 

“Hahahaha…” They were laughing hysterically.

I immediately turned to look at Raffles. He was already sitting up with his hair hanging low over his face, but his exposed skin was looking extremely red.

“Raffles, are you okay?” I blushed and asked. I had kissed him accidently… and although it was an accident…

He shook his head, but did not look at me.

Harry angrily put his hands on his waist as he looked at Raffles. “I must teach them a lesson!” He rolled up his sleeves, and raised his fist. To my surprise, his right arm suddenly bulged; it was as if someone had pumped up his arm with a high-pressure gun, and his fist was extremely huge too, like a gorilla’s! 

I had never seen Harry like that. Is that his superpower? A superpower that I wasn’t aware of up until now!

“Sh*t! Hurry up and run!” Khai shouted urgently, and everyone around the pit got up to run.

However, it was too late... Harry punched his huge fist against the snow by the side. *Ah!*

*Hong.* There was a loud bang and the surrounding snow exploded like there was an avalanche. The fine snowflakes flying around me burst upwards. Khai and the others flew up into the sky from this impact, without even getting a chance to steady themselves. And just like that, they had vanished from my sight.



*Ah!* They screamed one after another as they landed on the snowy ground.

The surrounding snow pit collapsed, forming a slope.

I looked at Harry’s out-of-proportion arm and fist—that was the power of the strongest metahuman in Noah City.

Harry was living up to his reputation.

He had obviously displayed only ten percent of his power to teach Khai and the others a lesson for pranking us.

Therefore, Harry definitely deserved the honor of being the strongest metahuman in Noah City!

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