Book 3: Chapter 8 - Baby-Making Mobilization

“Lil Bunny, are you envious of me living right across from Luo Bing? Why don’t you move here as well? You can see her when you open your eyes in the morning!” People would think that Harry and Raffles were extremely close, since Harry was referring to Raffles as a ‘little bunny.’ 

“Come with Luo Bing,” Raffles muttered and cut Harry off. When Raffles had spoken to me earlier, he had sounded excited, but it had taken only one sentence from Harry to kill his good mood.

As I walked outside, I saw that Harry was smiling maliciously at the communicator. “You still don’t want to admit that he is envious?”

“Let’s go!” I patted him and started walking.

“Coming!” He caught up and walked next to me.

It had already become quiet downstairs, as everyone had gone outside.

The scent of spring was already invading Noah City at lightning speed, and the air was filled with pollen.

It was hard to believe that the outside world had been uninhabitable just yesterday, and one would have frozen in an instant due to the harsh weather conditions.

However, the temperatures outside had increased by a dozen degrees overnight. It had risen to negative eight-degree celsius and was constantly on the rise.

During the snowstorms in the winter, the outside world had been covered in a thick layer of snow, and could easily have buried a person standing.

The radiation contained in the snow would diminish gradually according to the area. Likewise, the snow in Noah City was safer as it was unpolluted. It was merely thicker and one would need to dig a hole to go outside this underground city.

However, the snow in front of the hangar was cleared out, since we had been transporting resources throughout the winter. This had made way for the children to run out from the hangar area, and build their own snow castles. The children had been very happy because of this.

“Attention everyone! No morning jog this morning. Go ahead and play in the snow!” When I arrived at the meeting room, I sent a short message to all members in the DR team, while Harry informed his team members of the same thing.

The door to the meeting room opened in front of us, *swoosh*. I was shocked as Elder Alufa was wearing a black leather jacket, black shades and a white wig!

Harry and I stood at the door dumbfounded. Is this the same steady and serious Elder Alufa?! 

“Dear children! You are finally here!” Elder Alufa waved his staff, just like a rock and roll singer holding his microphone. Spring is really coming, and even Elder Alufa is feeling the spring.

Harry and I entered the room awkwardly. Harry whispered into my ear, “Did Elder Alufa forget to take his medicine?”

How would I dare to respond to him?

Elder Alufa chuckled and looked at us. “Spring is here. What are your plans?”

Harry instantly blushed. “Elder Alufa, don’t make fun of me and Captain Luo Bing!”

Elder Alufa smiled and supported himself on the meeting table. “I am old and I don’t have a chance anymore. Harry, you youngsters better grasp this chance. Youth passes in the blink of an eye, just like the comet zooming across the sky. This beautiful age of seventeen will pass very soon.”

Harry turned away bashfully and said impatiently, “Hurry up and tell us the actual reason for calling us here... Don’t make fun of me and Luo Bing.”

“Hahahaha…” Elder Alufa laughed heartily. The door opened once again. Raffles asked for permission to enter the room. “Elder Alufa!” He paused at the door and gawked at Elder Alufa. 

“What’s wrong? Raffles, you think my outfit is terrifying too? Why do all of you look terrified when you come in?” Elder Alufa chuckled at Raffles like a naughty little boy!

Raffles shook his head stiffly. “No, it’s nothing. I brought the thing you requested from me earlier.” Raffles took out a silver badge. The shape of the badge resembled the exact shape of the apple from which I had taken a bite out in the past.

I looked at the apple logo with a stern look. I wonder how Mr. Jobs would feel when he sees this from heaven.

“Very good. Very beautiful.” Elder Alufa checked out the apple logo badge with its silver luster. He complimented, “Raffles, you have lived up to your reputation. Our Noah’s Brain has done this beautifully.”

I was suspicious, as it was a waste to get Raffles to make just a badge.

Uncle Rudy had shown great workmanship when he had been in charge of my statue.

“This is our Noah City’s new communicator,” Elder Alufa said as he looked at us seriously through his pair of shades. We were stunned. He pressed on the apple logo, and revealed Noah’s holographic image!

The miniature Noah stood on the apple, petite and magical.

“Luo Bing, Harry!” Noah bowed at us elegantly.

I was astonished by the sight in front of me. Now, that looks more like what Raffles does!

“That’s awesome! Is this mine?” Harry couldn’t wait to get his badge.

“Don’t be in a hurry.” Elder Alufa withheld the badge from Harry, and looked at us with a smile. “Both of your badges are custom made because you are the captains.”

Harry and I were thrilled with excitement. We exchanged a glance and looked at Raffles. “Thank you, Raffles!”

“Raffles, come here and stand next to them.” Elder Alufa waved at Raffles. He was being friendly with us, as if he was our grandfather.

Raffles rushed inside to stand next to me.

Elder Alufa stared at us. He looked at Harry, me, and then at Raffles, his gaze moving from left to right. Then, he nodded solemnly as his gaze steadied on Raffles. Raffles became serious instantly, and it seemed like he was also anticipating Elder Alufa to make an important announcement, just like Harry and I!

Elder Alufa looked at Raffles solemnly and spoke, “Raffles, spring is here. What is your plan?”

Raffles’ face suddenly turned red. We had understood very well the exact meaning of Elder Alufa’s question.

I immediately whispered into Raffles’ ear, “Did Elder Alufa forget to take his medicine today?” I unknowingly breathed some air into his ear as I spoke, and he instantly blushed and became tense.

Harry glared at me sideways, and I stared back at him. What are you looking at? You are the one who said that Elder Alufa didn’t take his medicine.

“Okay… Work better, teach the kids how to read, install air-conditioners in the spaceships, make more robots…” Raffles started making a list of his spring plans, but he was interrupted by Elder Alufa.

“Who wants you to make more robots?!” Elder Alufa knocked the ground with his staff like a child throwing tantrums. “Make more humans!”

Raffles lowered his blushing face to shield it with his long hair.

*Pfft!* Harry and I started laughing.

“What are you two laughing at?” Elder Alufa suddenly pointed at us with a stern look. “The three of you are the strongest metahumans in Noah City. You have to pass down your genes! Go back and think about it. Think about what you need to do when spring comes?!”

Harry and I lowered our heads and put our hands behind our backs. I had never thought that I would get called to the meeting room to talk about baby-making!

I reckoned that this unique phenomena only happened at the end of the world.

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