Book 3: Chapter 5 - Let Me Free All Of You

My tears wet the ribbon that was covering my eyes. Harry walked behind me, and he gently lifted my hand with his robotic hand. I immediately choked with sobs, and shivered.

I hadn’t allowed myself to cry or show weakness, due to my strong character, ever since arriving into this world.

The last time I had cried was because I was worried about leading Harry to his death, and it was out of extreme guilt and self-blame. I had cried because I was afraid of facing Harry’s parents, Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci.

Now, I was crying because I was sending all of these souls to their deaths.

I was simply unable to control my tears. Despite Harry’s support, and even though my blindfolds were blocking my vision, allowing me to shield myself partially from the heartbreaking reality, I still couldn’t muster up the courage to spread out my arms.

“Luo Bing, let me support you as well,” Raffles’ voice resounded next to me. I lowered my face and the blue ribbon was soaked with the warmth of my tears.

“Let’s begin,” Harry sounded like he was also choking on his tears.

He clenched my arms tightly, to ensure I wouldn’t pull them back or let them fall limp. I slowly spread out my arms with his support.

“Luo Bing, I suddenly recalled something funny,” Harry said from behind me. He added smilingly, “When I was younger, I couldn’t differentiate a male from a female. Back then, I had called Raffles my wife since he looked beautiful. You already know this, right?”

“What?! Harry! Why would you tell that to Luo Bing?”

“What’s the matter? I was the one who made that mistake, not you. Then, Luo Bing, guess what?” Harry pretended to be at ease and asked me with a chuckle.

I didn’t speak, but I suddenly felt someone touching my hands. It was a warm touch. Previously, when they had touched me, I hadn’t felt anything. It might be because I was frightened or nervous.

Since my eyes were covered with a ribbon, my senses were focused on my hands. Therefore, I was able to feel the warmth and tell the sizes of their hands. It had really begun.

“We even pretended to get married. Hahaha. Raffles, are we married?” Harry suddenly stopped and his hands quivered.

The moment he stopped, I could clearly feel the warmth vanishing from my palms. This was a distinct feeling, similar to bidding a farewell to a close friend or a family member.

He left.

He left.

They left.

The moment they touched me, they ended their lives in my hands one after another, and turned into ashes.

Harry didn’t speak again and Raffles was quiet too, but I knew that they were still there. They were still by my side, enduring the pain with me, and sending them off to end their pain.

Music suddenly started playing in my ears. It was a passionate, and grand symphony. It muffled the shrilling screams when they ended their lives, as I immersed myself in the high-spirited music.

The music brought me to the war zone that was filled with fire and smoke. The sky was tainted in crimson because of the war flames, while the white spaceship flew across the sky like a soaring seagull. However, a light shot through its body and it slowly fell to the ground. 

The warriors who were in sacred armors, charged at the dark army while holding the light swords in their hands. They fought vigorously to protect their homeland.

They had finally won the war. However, the world was tainted in red by the warriors’ blood.

They stood quietly next to their comrades who had sacrificed themselves, and lowered their faces in a silent tribute. 

Suddenly, there was a sacred light from the dark sky and holy music lingered in the air like a gentle calling.

Little by little, translucent figures, free of blood stains and wounds, separated from the fragmented bodies. They flew upwards to the lights, where a pair of huge warm hands greeted them. The lights were shining down from a pair of large holy wings that hovered above dark clouds, showering down onto the blood-tainted land and washing away all the sins of this world... 

The light gradually disappeared from the sky, and the believers fell to their knees in great faith. They looked up with a gratified expression, and they were thankful that the light had taken the suffering souls.

A pair of small hands held mine. I smiled as I cried. She wasn’t afraid anymore. I sent her off. I sent the last child off.

In the end, I felt the Queen of the spirits’ hands. The moment she disappeared, her soft voice resounded in my head, “Thank you.”

“Goodbye.” I fell back in the darkness and landed in the cold yet safe arms. Harry carried me gently and we took off.

Wind dried the tears on my face and brought me to dreamland. Dreamland extended its hand and pulled me along. It brought me to the sky above Kro, which was once beautiful, and then we flew past the holy and pure musicians who loved music.

Goodbye, people of Kro.

Goodbye, Kro

When I woke up, I was already in Snowstorm. I sat dumbfounded on the bed as I looked outside the window. It was still snowing heavily, as though everything that had happened in Kro earlier was only a dream.

Others told me that Harry had retreated to the lounge cabin upon our return and had never come out after that.

Raffles hadn’t appeared as well. 

Snowstorm seemed extremely quiet that day.

I heard that they had found more simulated blue crystals at the core, and the layer of gemstones was brought back.

These gemstones seem useless at the end of the world; when the people were unable even satisfy their hunger, what use would these gemstones have at the end of the world?

Contrary to my belief, gemstones were essential for building advanced caustic weapons. For example, there was a gemstone in my light sword that was used for condensing rays.

Hence, gemstones had become essential for making weapons. In short, gemstones were still rare and expensive at the end of the world.

When we returned to Noah City, the snow suddenly stopped. It wasn’t Xue Gie who had stopped it, but it had stopped naturally by itself.

The snowstorm in this world was usually an abrupt phenomenon; it would start unexpectedly and stop the same way. It was like a mysterious white-haired beauty who was difficult to ascertain.

The entire Noah City was playing melodious music. This music was found in Kro, and Elder Alufa liked it a lot, and so did everyone else. They were delighted to work with music.

Everyone had fruits and vegetables, and they slept on soft bed mattresses while covering themselves with fluffy, yet warm blankets.

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