Book 3: Chapter 4 - Repay The Spirits

I walked forward while Harry stood quietly on the spot.

I turned around and looked at him. “I’ll head in for a while.”

“Okay.” His reply was short while he looked on silently. He looked silly in the form of a robot.  Earlier he was joking around with his brothers, but now he had become completely quiet in my company. Is he afraid of getting beaten up if he were to say something wrong?

I turned back and ran through the opening among the huge trees. Silver Moon City’s spaceship had been entangled there in the past, but now only a huge opening remained in its place since we had taken down the spaceship.

I walked inside, and the blue flowers were still twinkling in the darkness. I could hear the familiar sound of seeds popping in the surrounding silence.

The blue light spots were floating around me. I came here so you can’t avoid me anymore.

I walked to where I had found the simulated blue crystals. The huge tree vines looked like they were wrapped around the arteries of a heart. I touched the tree vines and whispered, “I have returned. Please tell me what you mean by the word ‘relief’.” All I heard was silence, but I didn’t give up. I continued, “I am prepared. I am willing to relieve you of  the agony you mentioned earlier. From today onwards, I might not return anymore. So, please don’t hide from me anymore.”

I stared determinedly at the tree vines in front of me. Blue lights started reflecting behind the tree vines gradually. I took a step back and the tree vines slowly spread open. The female spirit emerged and her glowing blue hair swayed behind her. She was the Queen of the spirits there.

One spirit appeared after another. They appeared on the branches next to me, and they stood there in silence. There were old people, men, women and children.

The view was so clear. Even though their faces were blurry, I could identify their relationship with one another.

There was a pair of a man and a woman holding hands who looked like a couple.

A man was hugging another woman. They must be married. They were holding a child in front of them.

I took off my helmet and placed it on the ground. I looked at the Queen of the spirits solemnly. “I am ready.”

She looked at me with a sad expression and slowly shook her head.

“You don’t believe me?” She definitely did not believe that I was prepared. I extended my hand. “Tell me, what do you want? What kind of pain is it? If you don’t tell me and let me try to help you, then how would you know if I am ready or not, or if I can endure it?”

She looked at me for a while, and finally nodded her head with a heavy heart.

I smiled. She is willing to try.

She turned and looked to the side. A man immediately plunged out. He looked excited and gratified. He bowed at his Queen, as though he was expressing his gratitude for giving him such a precious opportunity.

He got up and flew towards me. He then extended his hands in front of me, similar to the way the Queen of the spirits had done the other day. Then, he looked at my hand, as though he wanted me to imitate his actions.

I extended my hands without hesitation. I imitated him and held my palm up.

He smiled excitedly—I could definitely see a smile through his blurry features. The very next moment, he placed his hands over mine.

“Don’t touch me!” I didn’t manage to retract my hands in time, and he had already pressed his hands onto mine. The blue light burst out from his body and was absorbed by my hands. I was so frightened that my hands were shivering and it sent chills down my spine.

“Ah!” He let out a shrilling and agonizing scream. He then instantly turned into ashes, that fell into a pile at my feet.

My hands were shivering and my heart was trembling. There is a pile of ashes at my feet.

Tears started flowing down my cheeks. I looked at the Queen of the spirits and she nodded at me sorrowfully. I suddenly understood what she had meant by the word ‘relief’.

“No, no,” I stepped back and tears flowed down my cheeks. I stumbled and fell to the ground. My heart ached so much that I couldn’t breathe. “No, No!!” I shouted in agony. “Don’t touch me. No!” I hugged myself tightly and started crying.

They wanted relief from me.

They wanted me to end their lives completely.

They would vanish before my eyes one by one. The world became quiet once again, except for my heavy sobbing. She was right, I couldn’t endure such pain and sorrow. How could I? How could I kill all the people in this city? How could I take away so many people’s lives?

“Luo Bing,” Raffles spoke to me softly. I lifted my face from my knees. I saw the lights shining from the helmet. A dozen centimeter tall holographic image of Raffles was standing in front of me solemnly. “Luo Bing, don’t force yourself,” he said with a heavy heart.  

I wiped my tears and looked at him. “Are they in pain?” I asked him.

Raffles became quiet. He looked down and explained to me, “They are a unique type of mutant. Since these souls really exist in this world, then I guess they are suffering because they are trapped here instead of going to heaven.”

My tears blurred my vision and I wiped them away. I looked at Raffles as he spoke with a heavy heart, “They are not like the flying corpses. They have their human memories. You and I are human too, and if we were to suddenly turn into a monster one day, we would be in pain too. In fact, we would be in great pain. If I was in their shoes, I would have liked to free myself too.” He took a deep breath and lifted his face to look at me. “However, it shouldn’t be done through you. There must be other ways.”

“Raffles, I’d like to be alone.” I hugged my knees tight.

He looked at me worriedly, but soon after, he lowered his head and disappeared leaving me alone.

I hugged my knees as I sat in this serene and tranquil world. There were blue light spots floating next to me that were gradually absorbed into my body through my skin.

My superpower had always been helpful; I could cleanse the radiation and charge the equipment with it, but I had never expected my superpower to end one’s life.

I wouldn’t return to Kro ever again. They had let me take happiness and the future back with me, while they had continued suffering in this place all by themselves.

A sky blue ribbon suddenly fluttered down in front of my eyes. I blinked and slowly looked up. It was from Harry.

Harry was holding a sky blue ribbon in his hand while bending down on one knee in front of me. My sad face was reflected in the robot’s mask.

“I know that you have made a choice in your heart. Let me bear this with you.” He leaned towards me slowly and blind-folded my eyes with the sky blue ribbon, shielding the world from vision.

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