Book 3: Chapter 3 - The Guys Grew Up

I had once promised them that I would return.

I did go back. In fact, I went back many times. I wanted to know their wishes. I wanted to know what they wanted from me. However, they kept avoiding me.

Almost half a year ago, when I had visited Kro, the stacked shelves had made me thrilled with excitement. I had grabbed all the food and drinks, leaving Kro an empty city.

Presently, I stood there looking at the emptiness. Harry and the guys were disassembling the shelves in order to use the materials for building something useful.

In the beginning, it had felt like I’d been looking at robbers.

But now in the end, they merely looked like people who were collecting recyclable items.

They picked up pieces of paper, glass, plastic, and even a button from the ground. Then they tallied all the things they had collected from all the levels.

During my second trip, I had brought the robot back to Noah City. It was the same robot that Harry had been using. I had also taken back Silver Moon City’s spaceship and two pilot robots.

Xing Chuan had issued a warrant for my arrest back in those days. Following that, I had actually become a thief who had specialized in stealing from Silver Moon City.

Raffles had modified the Silver Moon City’s robots in addition to the robots built by Noah City. Harry, his scouting troop, and the girls from the DR team had controlled these robots using their nervous systems to enter Kro for carrying out the final phase of the project.

I believed Raffles and the others would definitely disassemble the entire building if they could. It wasn’t easy to find materials like those reinforced steel bars outside of Kro.

I definitely won’t return here until everything ends.

“My cute little master, I think you’d like to see this,” the cunning Ice Dragon said teasingly. Then, he plugged in the view of the robots that Harry and the guys were controlling on the monocle before my left eye. They were standing in front of the shelves where I had once found the sex toys! They had yet to move things from the shelves.

“Captain, what are these for?” Joey asked.

“Don’t ask me! I don’t know!”

“Captain, you sure as h*ll know what these are. You are just pretending ignorance! Hahaha!” Williams made fun of Harry.

“I think we can ask Raffles!” Harry said playfully, “Raffles, what are these things?”

“Stop asking. Bring them back. These things would sell really well in the gigolo area in Blue Shield City!” Raffles sounded awkward.

“As expected, Bunny knows the most!” Harry was screwing around again.

“Harry!” Raffles shouted angrily.

“I know, I know. Brothers, let’s move them!” Harry commanded and everyone wiped out the items from the shelves in front of them. Harry picked up a box and started reading the text on its side. The cunning Ice Dragon plugged in Harry’s view for me to see the text! Isn’t that just a box of condoms! Luckily, Ice Dragon was only a program. If he was a real person, he would have been a perverted and licentious person.

“Khai, you might be able to use it!” Harry threw the box of condoms to Khai. Khai caught it and asked Harry, “What’s it used for?”

“Read the instructions, Idiot!” Harry laughed and started moving the remaining items.

Khai read carefully as though he was reading a book. Then, he suddenly jumped in shock. “Oh my!” The box nearly fell on the ground, but he caught it hastily and placed it carefully with other items.

“Hahaha.” The guys roared with laughter at his reaction.

I can’t stand these guys.They are so immature. Their brains will be full of these things all the way from the age of sixteen to forty-six! As long as they can move, they absolutely won’t stop.


“Don’t show me this kind of thing in the future!”

“Oh, I thought you would like it.”

“You can like it, but I don’t!”

“I really like it. I am far more honest compared to you humans,” Ice Dragon said softly. He made an expression demonstrating that he was very honest and noble, while we humans were simply hypocrites.

I didn’t want to look at him anymore, so I flipped up the monocle attached to my helmet.

In the quiet world around me, there were orchids blooming in silence.

I looked at the surrounding darkness and whispered, “I know you are here. After today, I might never return again.” My voice echoed in the empty mall. “You gave us everything, but we never got an opportunity to return your favor. So tell me, what can I do for you?”

I looked around me and it felt like I was simply talking to the air, since I didn’t receive any reply.

They were still avoiding me. They were still not willing to tell me their wishes. Instead, they continued wearing their sorrowful expressions filled with suffering. I had things that they wanted, but they never extended their hands to me again.

Just how noble is this world?

Just how civilized are they?

In my own world, how many people would use others’ possessions as their own?

From using the roommates’ cosmetics without permission to imitating and plagiarizing ideas, the world I used to live in was filled with people who thought they deserved to be honored just for giving things to others, when they were simply petty for not sharing unconditionally.

How could such a city of selfless people even exist? 

I can’t take everything and leave just like that. I must give them what they want, so that they can shake off their agony and sorrow.

“Harry!” I called Harry.

“What is it, Captain Luo Bing?”

“Come and take me to the core.”

He paused and then replied, “Yes.”

The core was the place where I had found the simulated blue crystal. Raffles had told me that most of the blue crystal energy had accumulated there, hence, it was called the ‘core.’

Since my last visit, I had decided not to enter the core.

I had made this decision because I had assumed that it was their home, and I wanted to avoid appropriating their home as well. I wanted to save them a quiet and undisturbed place for a while, at least until it was time for us to leave Kro for real. 

I ran to a place where there was originally a glass window. When I looked down, I realized I was in a towering building that was tens of thousands of zhang tall. In the dim lighting, I saw a robot with a patch on its chest flying in front of me.

When I looked at it, the robot reminded me of the day when I had met Xing Chuan. We had always run into one another in times of danger and had given one another assistance. It was such a strange encounter, where we mutually hated each other.

Harry extended his hand to me from the air. I held his hand, while he pulled me up and carried me as we dove down. The extreme speed made my short hair flutter in the air. I held the robot’s neck as though I was holding onto Harry.

Harry was quiet, and it didn’t feel like him since he always blabbered. However, he didn’t utter a word at all, but simply carried me and flew across the buildings in silence.

After a while, he started descending gently, and placed me carefully at the entrance of the core. The blue flowers were twinkling like the fairy lights around a Christmas tree.


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